Hello there! 🙂 this is my very first makeup review. I always read or watch video about makeup review and tutorial and those reviews really helped me decide on what to buy and I always wanted to do my own review. So, here we go.




It was one of my most wonderful finding!

Back then, this lipstick wasn’t available on stores on my country (or at least none that I knew) so I literally never saw it before. None of my friends ever mentioned it. I have only ever heard of the brand through some MUA makeup tutorials but even then there wasn’t really much hype about it. So basically, no one recommended it to me.

At that time, lipstick was still kind of expensive. It was around 80-90k rupiah. Right now, lipsticks are sold at 30k, so yeah. I was never confident enough to wear bold lipstick, so all my lipsticks are on nude colors. And back then, I only owned like 3-4pcs at time. After watching some vampy makeup tutorials, I have this urge to wear a bold purple lipstick. I see the color on some people and they look great. So I browsed through some online makeup store to find the most affordable & good lipsticks.

I stumbled upon this blog. Cassandra Myee’s Beauty Blog

It was a revelation! I heard of mixed reviews about this lipstick but after seeing those swatches, I couldn’t help falling in love. It was awesome! There are so much shades and they’re all bold. Not to mention oh-so-pretty. But above all that, it was totally affordable! I got mine at 45k.

So as a starter, I ordered Cherry Bomb. I fell in love immediately and I thought “I never owned an orange shade, why don’t I buy one?” So I did. And after that, I kept buying more and more shades! To this day, these are all the shades I own (PS. I just ordered Red Velvet and right now it is being shipped to my house). I’ll show you the swatches.


Now let’s talk about reviews.

Colors. They come with a wide range of shades, from purple to orange. Some shades are bold, some shades are nude-ish. Basically, there’s plenty of color for everyone.

Texture. It is very matte-looking on lips, not glossy at all. I have dry lips so I always wear lip balm before and after I apply this baby. Some days, I got my lips chapped from wearing this, but some other days I’m fine. I guess that depends on my lips and body fluid.

Staying power. The ads say that this has 4-hours lasting power and it’s pretty much true. It’s kind of weird, though. The first few weeks I wear it, it lasted all day long. I wore it in the morning and it was still intact in the evening. I didn’t need to touch up. But lately, it smears easily. The colors started to fade even before I had my lunch so I had to touch up twice or three times a day. I don’t know if it’s my body that develops some anti-serum or it’s because I only wear the nude-ish color lately (wine room & cherry bomb, the others are for special occasions). We all know that bold colors have longer staying power.

Price. There’s no doubt about this one. It is super affordable! A friend told me it is even cheaper in the US, only USD $1.5.

Repurchase? Definitely!


  1. Wear lip balm before and after you apply this to prevent chapped-lips. That, if you have dry lips.
  2. Better buy them online. The stores are available in Jakarta now but the price is more expensive. It is around 80-100k on store. If you want to try first, try them on the store but buy them online. Hehehe 😉
  3. Choose your online store wisely. There are some online stores that sell this with expensive price. The normally affordable price is around 40-60k. If it goes bellow the range, check the credibility of the stores first. You don’t want fake makeups, they’re dangerous. My recommendation is TWL Cosmetics, it’s trusted and user friendly.

Well, that’s all from me. I hope this post succeed to influence you to buy this baby 😉 Let me know what you think when you get yours!


Any way, this one is my favorite. I wear it to work all the time 🙂


Wine Room




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