Dear, 16 year old me…

Anita Moran, the Editor in chief of GoGirl Magazine, wrote a letter to her 14 year old self as her editor letter in this month issue. You can check it out here. I was so inspired and I really wanted to write to my younger self too! But instead of 14, I will write to my 16 year old self.

Umur 16, aku masih kelas 12. It was the best and the worst and possibly one of the most unforgettable year of my life. Banyaaaakkk bgt cerita & suka duka di SMA. Which is why I pick 16. So, here it is


Dear, 16 year old me

Stop complaining over your assignments and exams

Aku tau, sekolah di SMANTI tugasnya seabrek, ada kuis, ulangan terus, kemudian remed, dll. Kalau dibandingin sama sebagian besar sekolah lain, sekolah kita emang lebih akademisi & agak sedikit kurang refreshing. But, it’s all gonna be worth it! Percaya deh, tugas di kuliah jauh lebih lebih lebih banyak & ga ada lagi guru yg rajin ngejar-ngejar kaya waktu SMA. Di kampus semuanya serba mandiri, semuanya tanggung jawab masing-masing. Lucky for you, karena waktu SMA udah biasa banyak tugas, tugas di kuliah jadi bisa dijalanin dengan lancar!

He’s not worth 2 years of waiting and getting your heart broken repeatedly

You’re wasting too much time and energy on him. Walaupun dia emang baik dan kocak dan selalu bisa menghibur kamu (bahkan sampai sekarang #ups), he’s not gonna be in your life much longer. Patah hati sekali harusnya udah bisa jadi pelajaran buat kamu, bukannya malah ngulangin lagi… sama orang yg sama… listen to your best friends when they said it’s enough and he’s not worth it. You don’t deserve to be a plan B or even a backup plan. In a few months, you’d be with another guy who will make you feel so so so happy! You’re gonna breakup next year, though, but that’s another different story. Hehehe.

You do not need to post whatever you feel on social media, especially tumblr

It’s kind of stupid, actually. I feel stupid every time I open my tumblr and read what I wrote several years ago. It’s embarrassing. Padahal cuma masalah cowo yg sepele gitu aja, tapi curhatnya panjang lebar banget. Jadi malu sendiri hahaha I know you feel like you have to share everything, but you actually have a lot of close friends that you can talk to and will really listen to you. Instead of writing here.

Befriend with more people and make sure to stay in touch with them

Instead of just being with your circle of friend, you should try to get out of your comfort zone and get to know more people. Anak kelas lain, anak-anak akselerasi, senior, junior. It will be very, very useful terutama waktu kamu lagi praktikum & skripsi yg butuh banyak responden. Sering banget bingung mau minta tolong sama anak unpad yg sama-sama dari smanti tapi ga kenal atau cuma kenal dikit doang jadi ga enak minta tolongnya. Bukan cuma sebatas urusan tolong menolong, tapi more friends mean more connections. So start making your connections now, girl!

It’s okay to take more time to figure out your passion

I know you’re so confused with yourself right now, but so is everyone else. Ngga ada juga anak SMA yang udah bener-bener yakin mau jadi apa kedepannya. Even di tahun terakhir kuliah seperti sekarang, people are still figuring out who they want to be in the future. Galau akademik itu wajar, begitu juga ganti-ganti pilihan. But trust me, you do not want to be a doctor, engineer, or pharmacist. Back then, you don’t wanna be a psychologist either, but it’s actually a good career choice for you.

Don’t you dare to quit your extracurricular activity 

Your scores are dropping and your parents are freaking out, especially your mom. Mama akan mikir kalau nilau kamu turun karena kebanyakan ngabisin waktu di TRIPLE (which you kind of did) && mama akan nyuruh kamu untuk keluar dari triple. Ga cuma itu, mama juga akan ngomong ke wali kelas kamu & minta tolong beliau untuk nyuruh kamu keluar dari kegiatan ekskul untuk fokus belajar. DO NOT LISTEN TO THEM. I know parents want what’s best for their children, but this is an exception. I’ll tell you why.

Nilai kamu ngga anjlok, cuma turun beberapa peringkat. It’s not the end of the world, kamu masih bisa masuk Unpad lewat jalur undangan. Beside, it’s your passion. You love magazine, you love writing, and you’re good at it. Dari Triple, kamu jadi tau minat & bakat kamu. In the future, you’ll write a lot of stories, some of them are published. You even won a writing competition. So, don’t, don’t ever quit just because your scores are dropping slightly.

Instead, work hard, and study harder. Prove to your mom that you could be good in both academic and organizational activities. Prepare your self for this endless arguments, because believe it or not, you and your mom are still gonna be having this kind of argument until NOW. She tried to make me quit BEM cuma karena IPK aku kalah dari sepupu. Get over it.

Last, enjoy high school!

In a year, you will be in college and have a whole different experience. Seize the moments and cherish the memories. You will always, always miss it. So make sure that the moments are unforgettable ♥♥♥

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