Revisiting Sweet Memories from Childhood


Last week, my mom and I were stuck in a traffic jam and we were talking about some pictures on the internet. Long story short, we planned to recreate some of our old photographs since there are a lot of people who do that and that seems pretty funny. As soon as we got home, we skimmed through our old photo albums and seeing all those pictures, we suddenly became nostalgic 😛

We started saying things like “remember when…” and it was fun to look back at how much we grew and how different we’ve become. Those pictures show us the time when we were all still cute and pure. So I thought I’ll share some of the pictures and attach a few stories here ♥ Besides, it’s been a while since the last time I share something personal 🙂


This is newborn me, December 24, 1994. See the cut on my right head? I was born through a c-section and during the surgery, the OB accidentally cut my head with his scalpel. I don’t remember any of it but it must hurt A LOT. Being the newborn that I was, I couldn’t handle anesthetic so the nurse had to sew my wound shut while I was fully awake and crying. True story of my birth 😛


Our little family ♥ Look at my cheeks, I was super chubby!!

My first through fourth birthday celebration! I was a BIG birthday brat 😛 My parents waited 5 years before they had me so naturally, they liked to celebrate their (by then) only child’s birthday every year ♥ Speaking of being a brat… did you notice I had two outfits for my 3rd birthday? I had no idea why my parents would bother with two different outfits like that…


Little me as a kindergarten cheerleader 😛

I was an only child for quite a while so I was really looking forward to have a younger sibling. When I was around 5, my mom was pregnant. We were all excited but then she miscarried. It was terrifying for me. Not so long after, she got pregnant again and the OB said it was a girl. We planned to name her Safira. But thennn the baby was born and surprise, surprise, it’s a boy! 😛 You see the pictures above? My little brother was sooo cute!! He’s not anymore though… but he was once a cute child LOL

See, everybody was so cute back then! ♥ The picture in the bottom is the picture of my grandparents with all their grandchildren at that time (it was a lot less than today). We were all so cute and pure and sincere 😛 I’m the one wearing purple dress.


This is the big family photograph from the next few years. The little kids have grown up and there are also some new members of the family ♥ Some people still act childish and look ridiculous, though… (like the guy in the middle). Now my grandpa and uncle have passed away, we were all in college or job hunting or already have jobs, and the by then newborns are now high school students and rapidly growing up.  It’s crazy how much time has passed!

Ahh got carried away, didn’t I? I deviate from my initial purpose, that is to recreate the pictures from the past 😛 but this is more fun, reminiscing the good old times is always fun! ♥ The pictures didn’t turn out as cute and good and funny as they were before, but we certainly had fun creating them!

Look how tiny I was compared to my mom! Now I’m taller and bigger than her! That makes sense for me but for my mom, it still feels surreal that the fragile little thing she once gave birth to is now so grown up 😛

What about you? What are your favorite, unforgettable memories from childhood? I’d love to hear an interesting piece of you ♥

Oh, anyway, I’ll be so busy working on my minor thesis this week. I’m trying to get it done before Ied and I really want to graduate in August. Sooo I’ll probably be taking a break from blogging for one of two weeks. I have some posts written and ready to be published but other than that, I may not check your posts and interact as frequently as I normally do 😦 Stay happy and see ya! ♥♥♥

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