Sparkling Letters Monthly Recap: July 2016

Sparkling Letters Monthly Recap July 2016

I never actually did a monthly recap on the blog before but there were so many things that happened this month and I was tempted to do one. July is definitely one of my best month ever this year ♣ lemme take you through it! 😀

Sparkling Letters Book Blog - July Life Update

  • Eid Al Fitr on July 6 ♥ You probably know already that Eid Al Fitr is my holy day as Muslim and it was glorious! After a month of fasting, we got this big family gathering where we celebrated the big day together. A lot of foods and presents and happiness!
  • Went through my minor thesis defense and (unofficially) became a bachelor of psychology. The official graduation ceremony will be held on August 2 and I’m so excited!
  • Crashed my car TWICE. Verrryyyy minor you won’t even see the impact! Not unless you look really closely, which my father obviously did. Wasn’t sure what happened though, I’m clearly not the most careful driver out there but I’m usually careful enough not to hit anything. Should never happen again or I’m dead 😦
  • Been spending a lot of time helping my mom in kindergarten. My mom is a headmistress so she enlists my help every now and then. The new students are super out of control but cute. I bonded with some of the little girls and one of them even invited me to play at her house after school. Which I declined nicely, obviously. BECAUSE. Also, my nephew finally started school in the said kindergarten!
  • I had SO MUCH FREE TIME. I basically only read, blog, and sleep all day.
  • Now that I’ve graduated, my parents are constantly telling me to get a job soon. No Mom, I don’t need any break after 4 years of studying. Not at all. Don’t worry about it. But I’m working on it, obviously. I applied to several jobs. And by several I mean 14. Relax, this is how things work in my country 😛
  • I finally started watching Game of Thrones.

Sparkling Letters Book Blog - July Books Life
By the end of last month, I forced myself to stop reading because I had to focus on my thesis defense. I ended up with reading slump. Got out of it by reading Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas.

Read this month

Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas. A bit disappointing because some of the characters are being so out of character. Also, less Dorian and Chaol which is WHAT I’M THERE FOR. I still have high hope for Empire of Storms though, we’ll see how it turns out.

A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. SchwabBRILLIANT. Easily one of the most awesome and epic thing I’ve ever read. PLOT TWISTS EVERYWHERE. A Darker Shade of Magic also has the most complex yet vivid world building I’ve ever read. This book has probably the most structured writing I’ve ever seen but I tell you IT’S NOT BORING. Uh-huh, not at all. I’m convinced that the sequels are gonna be EVEN MORE EPIC.

Broken Prince by Erin WattNot as page turning as the first book, though I’d admit it was still pretty addictive and emotional. SO MUCH more brutal than the first. A lot of secrets revealed and let’s not forget, ANOTHER CLIFFHANGER.

This Savage Song by Victoria SchwabRemember when I rambled about ADSOM? That’s two paragraphs above. I was so excited to see if this book is as good. It’s as brutal and fantastic, effortless world building, and PLOT TWISTS. Again. Kickass characters, whom unfortunately I couldn’t really connect with.

P.S. I Like You by Kasie WestThis book was EVERYTHING I love from a contemporary! It’s pleasingly adorable and cute and so lovely ♥♥♥ It was predictable, but then again, I didn’t read contemporary expecting to see some shocking plot twists. The main character reminded me so much of myself in high school. It was a very pleasant 4 hour read and I NEED MORE!

The Way to Game the Walk of Shame by Jenn P. NguyenSo so so cute! ♥ this book might be too cheesy and seriously predictable but who cares??? It’s so sweet and adorable and irresistible! Also, pretend relationship?? YES PLEASE! ♥

I’m also more excited than ever for BOOKSTAGRAM! I’ve been trying to discover my style for a while now and I think I finally did. Also, I was driven to learn how to operate DSLR manually. Here are some of my shots!

More on my instagram

Sparkling Letters Book Blog - July On the Blog
I self-taught myself on simple web design and did some extreme makeover for my blog. Also, a couple days ago, my sidebar was MISSING. I freaked out and I think things also went wrong with the post I wrote that day. It’s all good now and I hope it stays that way.


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…..WHOA! I posted A LOT this month. I just realized it, lol. It’s all courtesy to my endless free time ♣


So that’s my July recap, everybody! How about yours? Anything interesting? 😀 Link me to your own recaps or just tell me. Would love to hear your thoughts! ♥♥

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    • Thank u so much! 😀 Ahh yes it completely killed the mood to go driving around 😦 YES SO MUCH IT’S AMAZING! I realllyyy want to read A Gathering of Shadows but I’m afraid then I’ll be dying in the wait for A Conjuring of Light haha thank u for stopping by 😀


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