20 Bookish Habits I’ve Been Having Since the Old Days


Hello there! It’s been a while since I did a post about my bookish confessions and I believe now is the time for another confession ♥ today I’m gonna share with you ALL my bookish habits! These are the habits I’ve been having ever since I could remember. Basically, for forever, hence the title ‘old days’.

Hereeee we go!

1. I’m a night reader. I can read any time of the day, but I get distracted easily during the day. I always feel like there are so many other things I could do during the day but reading, so my reading time is usually over 10 at night. And I pull an all nighter all the time :’)

2. I read ebook faster than I read paperbacks. I know this isn’t supposed to be true because scientific studies show that people read twice faster on print, but I get tired easily when I read paperbacks. The book is kind of heavy and I spend a lot of time putting it down while my e-reader is so light and super portable. Also, I can’t read paperbacks while lying on my back because it’ll block the light, but e-reader has its own light so it’s a non issue.

3. I plastic wrap ALL my books. My books are my precious belongings and I treasure them so badly! I hate it when the edge of the cover crumples or gets wet and dirty so the first thing I do after purchasing books is to plastic wrap and sign them 😉

4. I NEVER dog ear my book. Dog-earing a book is a torture for me and I’ll be FURIOUS if anyone does it to my books

5. I love using and collecting bookmarks. Because of the aforementioned reason regarding dog earing and my inability to ever remember page numbers/chapters 😦 Sadly, I rarely find the bookmarks I love to buy, so I printed almost all of them. Pinterest have so many stocks of free printable bookmarks! ♥

6. and yet I lose bookmarks all the time. This is weird. Bookmarks are tools and we’re not supposed to run out of tools, aren’t we?

7. I’m so reckless about money when it comes to books. I’m clearly not the most responsible spender out there, but with clothes and shoes and makeups, I always try to spend as little as possible. I do a lot of windows shopping to compare prices and I’m okay to not buy them right away. But with books?? I’m weak! I’m willing to spend most of my spending on books #noregrets :’)

Vintage 2

8. I never take notes while reading. There was the time when I tried so I could focus on the technical aspects while writing review, but those times are over. I felt like I couldn’t completely focus on the reading if I keep trying to over analyze everything so I stopped taking notes altogether. I have my own system for reviewing now and I’m comfortable with it.

9. I write book review 10 seconds after I finish reading. It’s definitely due to my easily distracted brain and my habit of never taking notes :’) Also, I mostly review books based on how I feel so it has to be done right away! Negative side effect, my reviews are sometimes incoherent because FEELS

10. I sometimes seek out spoilers for overhyped books that I can’t get my hands on (yet).

11. but I always end up regretting it because I honestly HATE spoilers when it comes to books! Not movie though, I seek movie spoiler.

12. I never highlight my books. I know a lot of people do this but the thoughts of lining the books with color is so horrifying to me. Gahhh, just no! I highlight my college text books but not my novels. It’s the equal torture of dog-earing. I take pictures of quotes and paragraphs I love so I could put them on my review.

13. I care more about rating and reviews than I care about synopsis. Fun fact : most of the time, I don’t even read the synopsis of a book! I just look at the author, the genre and topic, and most important of all, the ratings and reviews from the people I look up to. If they say it’s good, then BRING IT 😛

14. but I definitely hate vague blurbs. There are a lot of books by local authors that don’t even have synopsis on the back covers. THEY HAVE QUOTES. I mean… WHY??! You can’t tell what the book is about just by quoting some conversations

15. I re-read books ALL THE TIME. It’s not like I don’t have a pile of books on my TBR, believe me I do 😛 It’s just… there’s something comforting about reading something you’re already familiar with and reliving those precious scenes ♥ I probably have read Isla and the Happily Ever After for over 6 times and I’m still loving it!

16. I seriously dislike translated books. I lived on translated books for years and years because it’s what available in my country. By the time I got fluent enough in English, I started reading the original version and IT WAS GLORIOUS. The difference is so vast and no matter how hard the translator tries, some things ALWAYS get lost in translation.

Green & Gold Covers 2

17. I put off reading sequels for so many times. I’m always extremely curious about what happens in the next book but I’m also afraid that the wait for the next next book would be insufferable! Or if it’s a series finale, I’m afraid of it being over

18. I warn people who borrow my books not to get them even remotely dirty. I’m extremely strict with this because PRECIOUS! Luckily, those people know me well enough to respect my wish 🙂

19. I love all my books even the ones that I dislike. It’s not uncommon for me to purchase a book ONLY to completely dislike it later. A friend of mine runs a used online bookstore and she offered me to sell some of my books. I tried. I packed them up and I listed down the price only to back down at the last seconds. I couldn’t do it because again, precious. But there are also several times I actually gave out my books.

20. I clean up and rearrange my bookshelves regularly. My family and friends know that my bedroom is ALWAYS messy because I’m lazy. I rarely even sweep the floor! But I take care of my bookshelves very, very dearly. At least one in two months, I take out all the books, dust both the books and the shelves, and put them back in place, which I thoroughly enjoy because books are my precious little treasures :’)


Alrightttt! Those are 20 of my bookish habits. Phew… it actually took some time to compose. What about yours? Does any of you share my habits when it comes to books? Or do you have any other (possibly weirder) bookish habits? Let’s hear them out! ♥♥♥

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20 thoughts on “20 Bookish Habits I’ve Been Having Since the Old Days

  1. I LOVED reading through this !! We are similar on some things and opposite on others 😂 like I’m definitely a night reader too and I HATE dog-earing my books as well as spoilers but I can’t not take notes for the life of me or I’ll have nothing so write on my reviews but AAAAHs and UUUUGHs hahahaha! And also I take a couple days before writing them to let everything settle in a have a definite opinion.
    This was such a fun post to read 😄

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Dog-earing books are are the worst. I used to do it all the time, so all my PJO books have them and it just makes me SO sad to see them like that. ;( I love rereading books as well though, there’s something so fun bout knowing what’s going to happen, but also being surprised by those small details you missed. Great post, I had fun reading it! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Who dog-ears their pages? It’s a savage thing to do and should be forbidden. I hate it when someone borrows my book and suddenly there are distinct lines on some corners of the book :/
    I also read ebooks faster than non-digital ones! And I spend so much money on books … my mum thinks I am crazy, but as long as I live at home and earn my own money, she can’t really say much about it hahaha

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I absolutely LOVED reading this post, thank you for sharing all of these little details about your bookish habits 🙂 I think that I read ebooks a bit faster as well, I don’t know why, the pages just flow way faster as well. And hm…I’m trying to be responsible when it comes to book-buying, but well… I just CAN’T stop buying books. Who buys just ONE book, let’s be honest…WHO? Haha

    Liked by 1 person

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