What Do You Think About Spoilers?


I have been meaning to write this post from a loooong time ago but I just had the time and mood to actually write it right now 😛 Spoiler is obviously not an uncommon word for us bookworm. Spoiler is EVERYWHERE and we try so hard everyday to avoid it. Or are we not? 😉 First of all, let’s define spoiler.

Urban dictionary defines spoiler as an act when someone reveals a previously unknown aspect of something which you likely would have rather learned on your own.

What I Consider Spoilers

  1. The ending of the book. Speaking about the ending of a book without warning or spoiler tag is CRUEL. It’s like ruining an entire book for me </3 I know this one should’ve been really obvious, but some people apparently still think it’s okay to talk about it in their review. Not cool, pal, not cool (sighing furiously).
  2. Character’s death. Unless it happens on the first 3 chapters of the book, character’s death is almost always a spoiler for me. A character makes of breaks a book, so knowing ahead whether someone’s gonna die or not affect my interest in reading the story. I mean, if I already knew that the character I love will die, there’s a good chance I might put it on hold. <spoiler>Unless it’s Me Before You, then it doesn’t really matter if Will dies or not because the journey itself is worth the read.</spoiler> There have been several times I refused to read certain books because some reviewer spoil the main character’s death on me </3
  3. Ships sailing or sinking. I loooove romance in books so ships are big deal, okay? I consider this spoiler for aforementioned reason, it makes or breaks the book.
  4. Major plot twist. Or any plot twist, honestly. I enjoy some good, surprising plot twists in book and knowing ahead about them make my reading experience less fun. But this one is probably the hardest to avoid, especially concerning book with plot twist everywhere like… say, A Darker Shade of Magic, Queen of Shadows, and Six of Crows.

What I Consider Non Spoilers

  1. Things that can be inferred from the synopsis. Any information stated on the back of the book should not be surprising to anyone. Unless you don’t read the synopsis, which I do most of the time, then it’s entirely your fault 😛 the blurb of And I Darken is an example. No one should be surprised about the possibility of a love triangle and an LGBT theme going on. I mean, two of the love interests are siblings. It’s either LGBT or incest.
  2. Things that happen on the first 25% of the book. The story has barely begun so anything that happens so early is, in my opinion, not spoiler.
  3. The ending of previous books in a series. It’s like… when I’m doing a review of A Court of Mist and Fury, there’s a high chance I’ll be spoiling some information from A Court of Thorns and Roses. Actually, the synopsis of a second book is already a spoiler for the first book itself.

My Thoughts on Spoilers

Now where do I stand when it comes to spoilers?

Basically, I do not like spoilers.

It’s because the things I know beforehand could greatly affect my willingness to read the book. I’m so eager to read A Gathering of Shadows, but what if… say, I found out that Kell died? If I don’t know, I’ll be so eager to read it. But if I indeed know, I DO NOT WANT TO READ IT I’M SCARED (I haven’t read AGOS but I’m sure Kell doesn’t die, it’s just an example :p)

And I’m extremely pissed off when I unwillingly got spoiled about a book I’m so excited to read! It happened twice with The Infernal Devices and The Last Star. Someone on goodreads offhandedly mentioned that <spoiler>she was sad with Will and Cassie’s death</spoiler> I was like…. NOOOO! Why did you have to say that and ruin the book for me? Okay, it didn’t exactly ruin TID but to this day, I still didn’t pick up The Last Star because of the said spoiler.

I mean, would it be the hardest thing in the world to check the ‘this review contain spoiler’ box or use spoilers tag on your review? </3

BUT, there are also other times where I intentionally seek out spoilers. WHAAATTT? Haha, sometimes curiosity gets the better of me :’) the first circumstance in which I do this is when I’m not sure if I’m gonna enjoy this book or when I only care about the characters. Sometimes I read the last page of the book first to see if my hero/heroine survives or if my OTP ends up together! 😛 honestly, sometimes I just don’t want to invest my time reading something that I’ll possibly end up hating. I don’t have any regret doing this :’)

The second circumstance is when I’m extremely scared of what’s going to happen in the book! Like, really really anxious! Sometimes I just can’t deal with the tension and read the ending first so I could enjoy the book more leisurely without all that tension. Getting spoiled in this circumstance is actually not so bad though, because most of the times, the journey itself is so fun to read. I don’t regret this either 😛

The third circumstance is when a really really over hyped book is being talked ABSOLUTELY EVERYWHERE and I seem to be the only person who haven’t got my hands on it. I’m too curious and after reading all the reviews, I just can’t help myself to sneak a peek on the ending. I think this happens a lot and I ALWAYS REGRET THIS PARTICULAR ACTION. I admit… I read the last page of A Court of Mist and Fury and Broken Prince before reading the book. Hahaha 😛 It didn’t exactly ruin the book, but it definitely ruined the element of surprise for me.

It seems to me that sometimes, the ONLY thing I could do to avoid spoilers is to avoid reading reviews altogether. Which is precisely why recently, I’m more concerned about rating that review when it comes to book I’m curious about. Bummer though, because I love reading review and reviewing books! 😦 And I personally always try my best to avoid spoiling any information even remotely spoilery. But if it’s inevitable (and most of the time it is), I always make sure to put warning and spoilers tag on my reviews. I put spoilers tag absolutely everywhere in case someone wants to read a book completely blind 😉

All in all, I generally dislike spoilers, especially when they were presented to me offhandedly, but there are also times when I intentionally seek them out because I’m too curious!? I almost always end up regretting it though :’)


So those are my thoughts on spoilers! ♣ What do you think about it? What information do you consider spoilers and how do you avoid it? Drop some comments and let me know what you think! ♥ and as always, thank you for reading! 😀

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15 thoughts on “What Do You Think About Spoilers?

  1. Oh I just posted last week about spoilers! I hate spoilers and almost avoid them. I find it rude when people include unmarked spoilers in their reviews. As you say, it’s not that hard to include the spoiler tag. If I don’t plan to read a book though, I’ll probably read the spoilers if I’m reading the review on someone’s blog, just because I’m curious and it doesn’t matter. Or I might seek out spoilers on very rare occasion if there’s something in particular that could make or break my decision to read the book. Like maybe it’s not revealed until halfway through that one character is a vampire, but I only want to read the book if there’s a vampire in it lol.

    I’ve never seen a post that really defines what is and what isn’t spoilers though! I think I pretty much agree, with one little difference. Depending on the stuff that happened in previous books, I may or may not consider mentioning those things to be spoiling. If it’s mentioned in the blurb for the second book, for example, I’d say it’s probably fair game… but now that I blog I realize lots of people read reviews on blogs for later in books in series. So I do try to hide especially spoiler-y things for previous books, but I just mention in parenthesis that it’s really only a spoiler if you haven’t read Book X. But sometimes it’s just kind of impossible to write a review for a later book in a series without mentioning earlier things. But I really it just depends on what exactly the spoiler is. Great discussion!

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    • *checking it out right away*
      SO RUDE! But sometimes I thought it probably didn’t cross their mind that they’re spoiling some important information? I sometimes do hahaha that’s why rereading my review is a fatal point 😛 yes I’ve come to realize that most people have a very different opinion on what they consider spoilers so I just list down mine. That’s actually great point! To warn people that there are spoilers for previous books 😀 Thank you ❤

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  3. Interesting topic 😀 I think it is good things that you mention your definition of spoiler.. Most of the time I only think ending as spoiler.. I kinda have mixed reaction about spoiler.. Sometimes I hate it, sometime I find it useful.. Btw, I did not realized ship sailing or sinking is spoiler until I read Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. *spoiler* I mean people always talk how they love Levi and Cath. .I did not know there is kinda romantic rival for Levi.. I just found out when I read the book, but since lot of people talk about it,it lessen my surprise and my enjoyment when reading *spoiler*

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  4. Yesssss totally! There are so many really really hyped books I still haven’t read, yet I have read a billion reviews for each of those books, that have spoilers in them lol…


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