Double Review: I’ll Give You the Sun & The Sky is Everywhere // Hilarious Punch in the Feels!


Welcome to my first ever double review! ♥ I originally wanted to post my review of I’ll Give You the Sun last week but opted to postpone it until I finished reading The Sky is Everywhere. I tell you, these books are genius! I’m so in love with them! 😛 let me tell you why.

Sparkling Letters Book Blog. Review I'll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson (2)

I’ll Give You the Sun

RATING : 45-stars

One word to sum up this book: BITTERSWEET 

I’ll Give You the Sun was a delightful surprise for me! At first, I didn’t connect with Jandy Nelson’s writing on The Sky is Everywhere and ended up DNF-ing it after the first 6 chapters or so. So despite all the rave reviews, I was pretty skeptical about this book.  I thought the writing was thick and a bit flowery but then a few pages in, they discussed dead grandma so lightly and it was surprisingly funny! I knew instantly I was gonna love this book! 😛

I loveeee how Nelson completely nailed this dual POV! I could literally tell the difference in the narrator even without looking at the chapter title! I’m serious, a few pages in chapter 2, I thought Noah’s voice changed so much from the first chapter. I assumed it was because there are 3 years of age difference only to find out later that it was Jude narrating the whole time! Noah’s voice was more reserved and full of secret desires while Jude’s was so full of her thoughts and more dynamic. I enjoyed both POV but I loved Jude’s more because I could relate so much to her ♥

The way the story was told was so lovely! It alternated between Noah narrating the past and Jude narrating the present. I love the fact that it tackled so many tough, sensitive, but also relatable subjects. Sibling love, sibling rivalry, LGBT, unrequited love, overcoming the death of a family members, living and losing the dreams, and most of all, second chances. It was so beautifully written and gave me feels.

I was HYSTERICAL! I was nervous, sad, surprised, and angry. I spent a lot of times thinking who screwed up more, Jude, Noah, or their mom. I reached my conclusion but I’ll leave you to decide for yourself 😛 At a lot of points, I was giggling like a complete mad person because some things are so adorably funny! ♥ Another thing I did not expect from this book.

I also really enjoyed the relationship between the characters. Noah and Jude’s relationship is hands down the most complex yet genuine sibling relationship I’ve ever read! They love each other, hate each other, try their best to bring each other down, but willing to do absolutely anything to protect the other person. I think that’s beautifully realistic 🙂 I love Noah and Jude! ♥

Don’t even get me started on Oscar! I’m a sucker for british accent 😛 And the cutesy little romance is just so darn cute! Cuteness overload ♥♥♥

“I have a way with the ladies.”

“I wouldn’t notice. I’m on a boycott.”


“A boy boycott.”

“Really? I’ll take that as a challenge.”


The only thing that I slightly disapprove is it was too coincidental! I was expecting heartbreak, sad ending, or at least an open ending. But this was… a little too good to be true. I’m not telling you how the book ends, but it wasn’t what I expected. It was honestly great, clearly planned, but still. Not all things would work out well in the end. All in all, I’ll Give You the Sun was a pleasant surprise I clearly enjoyed 😀 It also made me want to give The Sky is Everywhere a second chance, which eventually brought us here on the second review 😛


The Sky is Everywhere

RATING : 4 Stars

After finishing I’ll Give You the Sun, I decided to give it another chance and picked up right where I left off. Here’s what made me DNF-ed the book in the first place. (1) Lennie reads Wuthering Heights 23 times!? Ugh, have I mentioned that I hate this classic reader trope? (2) Toby. My head understood him but I just didn’t like him. Period.

But then I pushed through and I loved it???

I was warming up toward Lennie and I loved how she narrated the story. Watching Lennie, Big, Gram, and Toby grieved over Bailey’s death is so heartbreaking </3 Reading through Lennie’s thoughts, I could relate to her. Not the dead sister part, but being overshadow by someone so bright like Bailey? I could relate. And now that Bailey’s gone, Lennie had to find herself and live her life without feeling guilty of the fact that she lives while Bailey isn’t. I could see why she did what she did. And this book is so much more than just about grief. It’s about family, friendship, love, and self-discovery. I could say that Toby might have grown on me too.

It was so so so beautiful, seeing Lennie worked through all her emotions </3 So beautiful and emotional that I don’t think I could talk about it coherently. You HAVE TO read it yourself.

I also really, really love Joe Fontaine and the romance that blossoms! It was cheesy and super dorky but ADORABLE ♥♥♥ watching them fall in love made me fall in love as well. Joelirious was clearly contagious and seeing them fight was so heartbreaking for me. I literally cried when Lennie cried and I cried some more when Joe was hurt. Such a cruel little book </3 which I obviously love because FEELS! I dig it!

The other time, I was laughing and giggling like a school girl because despite all these tough issues they’re dealing with, they’re still adorably funny! Jandy Nelson might be one of the authors who could make me laugh effortlessly. Her humor is definitely my kind of humor! There were also a couple times when I laughed and cried at the same time. Couldn’t help it 😛


After reading both books, I’m sensing a pattern here. Both Jandy Nelson’s books have several things in common. Superstitious vibes, strong family issues, quirky girls with secrets, overjoyed boys, all-or-nothing kind of romance, and relatively happy ending. I wasn’t into it because I thought that was too good to be true, but now I feel like I need more of this everything’s-meant-to-be kind of thing! It’s the perfect dose of sadness and happiness.

And ever since I finished both of these books, I’ve re-read them for about three times because I couldn’t move on! I’ve memorized enough lines and sometimes ran them on my mind 😛

It’s obvious I need more Jandy Nelson in my life! Can’t Fall Boys and Dizzy in Paradise come sooner?!


Have you read I’ll Give You the Sun and The Sky is Everywhere? What do you think about them? Would love to hear your thoughts! ♥ 

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12 thoughts on “Double Review: I’ll Give You the Sun & The Sky is Everywhere // Hilarious Punch in the Feels!

  1. I’ve seen I”ll Give You the Sun quite a few times around the blogosphere, but not The Sky is Everywhere. They both look and sound appealing, but I’m more inclined towards picking the first one because I’ve seen many bloggers saying they enjoyed it, including you of course 😀 I’m glad you decided to give The Sky is Everywhere a second chance, though! I love it when books surprise me by being good after all. Makes all the effort so worth it, LOL. Great reviews!

    Thanks for stopping by @ The Regal Critiques

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oooh yes I finally picked it up because there were so many rave reviews about it! And yeah I guess TSIE is less popular haha but a lot of people check it out after they read I’ll Give You the Sun though 😛 yes it was a very pleasant surprise and I definitely recommend you to read both! 😀 Thank you & my pleasure 🙂


  2. I’m so, so happy you loved both of these books. I’ll Give You The Sun is one of my favorite books ever, the story is just so, so good, and I loved how different the POV were, it was really well-written. And I’m a sucker for an English accent just as well haha, so…. I couldn’t resist. I loved how emotional The Sky is Everywhere was. I felt like crying every two pages. I loved it so much! I can’t wait to read Jandy Nelson’s next book 😀 Great reviews!

    Liked by 1 person

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