Do You Binge Read Books or Slowly Savor Them?

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It’s not uncommon for me to stay up all night reading or watching shows I’m currently obsessed with at the moment 😛 when it comes to tv shows, I’m a hardcore binge watcher! If I have the entire episodes (which I mostly do), I’ll watch them all at once. I mean, watching tv isn’t tiring, you just have to sit and enjoy the show, so why wait? But when it comes to books… well, sometimes I binge read as well 😛

The question is, do you binge read books or do you slowly savor them?

But before we got to it, let me list down all the pros and cons on binge reading so we’ll be on the same page! And also because I looove doing list. Lists are the best! ♥

Pros on Binge Reading.jpg

  1. Do you know the feeling when you read a sequel a year after the previous book and you forget about absolutely everything?! Well, that’s basically me. Most of the times, I have no idea who these characters are and since I’m too lazy to check, I just dive in feeling confused. The upside of binge reading is you remember perfectly all the things about the characters and plots and possibly every other small details from the previous book because you just finished reading it. It’s like… amnesia what? 😛
  2. No distraction from other books, which means you won’t confuse the books with the others because basically, that series is the only one you read at time.
  3. You get the answers all at once. If you have any questions when you read the first book, you needn’t worry because the next book is already in your hands. You just have to read it to find out what happens next.
  4. No cliffhangers whatsoever. YAY!!
  5. No insufferable wait for the next book. I don’t know about you but I mostly binge reading series that are already finished. That way, I don’t have to wait another year for the next book 😉

Cons on Binge Reading.jpg

  1. I have to own all the books first. Lucky all of you who have library to count on, libraries in my city (or even country) don’t have stocks of popular, newly released YA books 😦
  2. Sometimes when you read too fast, you don’t get the chance to actually process the books. I admit, I binge read The Raven Cycle waayyyy too fast and I didn’t have time to actually absorb it. I was too curious and I NEEDED all the answers! I did get the answers to my gazillions of questions, but I missed out on how great the books actually were 😦
  3. It takes a lot of time. Binge reading is definitely time consuming! Not only do I pull an all nighter during my binge reading session, I also kind of isolate myself from everyone. I lock myself in my room and don’t even socialize with my family?? :’) as much as I luuurve reading, I also need to talk to other people and sleep. Pffft, kidding. Who needs sleep anyway?
  4. It’s over too soon!

My Thoughts on Binge Reading.jpg

Now on to my thoughts on this matter. This might be a little anti climatic because…

(Whisper) I actually… don’t have preference. Hehe.

I binge read as often as I read slowly. The thing with binge reading is that I basically have to wait until the whole series is complete. I mean, what’s the point of binge reading if the final book isn’t even out yet? We got to read the books super fast and then have to wait some more months for the finale?? That’s kind of a self-torture </3 (which I admit I sometimes do to myself).

And I tell you, staying away from a series until it’s over is HARD! Especially if the hype is so strong and the said series are being talked absolutely everywhere. Not to mention it could be years. I’M AN EXTREMELY CURIOUS PERSON. HELP! 😦 Also, since I started blogging, I’ve been trying to keep up with release date recently so I mostly read books as soon as they come out.

The other thing is that I have to own all the books before I even start reading. I mean, isn’t that risky? What if after I already buy all the books in the series, I end up disliking the first book? Now what would I do with the rest of the books (there’s always bookstagram, obviously) and my long lost money? That’s why when it comes to binge reading, I always resort to ebooks.

Ebooks are a lot more affordable. Ebooks = my life savior ♥♥♥

Binge reading also takes a lot of will power because you have to resist all the distraction and temptation from basically every other great books! It happens very often to me every time I’m reading something, I want to read something else! Why couldn’t I ever make up my mind? :’)

The last thing I could think of is that binge reading makes it harder for me to review each book! I read so fast I practically flew and it’s like book after book after book I don’t have time to form a coherent opinion before continuing to the next book. Proofs : My reviews of The Raven Boys, The Dream Thieves, and Blue Lily, Lily Blue are so sloppy! A list of my thoughts is the only form of review I could manage :’)

Series I Previously Binge Read


 Sooo what do you think about binge reading? How often do you do that? If you want to add something to my list of pros and cons, be my guest! 😀 Drop some comments and let me know what you think ♥

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48 thoughts on “Do You Binge Read Books or Slowly Savor Them?

  1. Terrific post! I don’t binge read books mostly because I read slowly and have a lot of book blogging obligations that keep me from reading a series all the way through in a way you would call “binging.”
    I’m thinking about taking a blogging break, at least for a couple of weeks near the end of the year, so I’ll use that opportunity to read a ton and not worry about having to write reviews and plan blog posts and whatnot. I’m fortunate that I don’t have to worry about money when it comes to owning a book series if I really wanted it, so if I ever discover one I must read immediately, I will definitely buy the entire set. I can’t help it!

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    • Thank you! 😀 yeeeesss sometimes I blog about books more than I read the book itself :’) that’ll be great! I’ve been thinking that since I started blogging, I could never ‘just read’ again, there’s always review and taking pictures of the books and everything haha totally envy you! I’m still looking for a job right now so I’m in a book buying ban :’)

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  2. I binge read sometimes… But I prefer to take my time and savor the story. When I’m rushing for challenges or something is usually when I binge read. But I definitely don’t pre-buy series before I start the first book. Like you said, I’d be scared I wouldn’t like the series and then be stuck with the books. Plus, it’s very rare for me to finish a whole series! I know, crazy, right? There’s very few series I’ve actually completed, but several that I’d like to finish eventually! Great post 🙂

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  3. I feel like I read more slowly than binge because I’m such a distracted person 😅 I did binge read The Raven Cycle and Percy Jackson though and it was amazing to be able to immerse myself in the worlds. I normally can’t binge read series either though because of the whole distracted thing so I need to constantly change up what I’m reading.

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    • The Raven Cycle is sooo perfect for binge reading bc it was super confusing to me! :’) I easily forgot everything and everyone in it so binge reading prevented any confusion I might have 😛 ohhh me too! I’m currently reading Empire of Storms and I’m itching to read Vassa in the Night and two other books 😛


  4. Lately I haven’t been doing much binge-reading because of school, work, and other things. But during the summer, you better believe I devour an entire series within a couple of days lol 😀 I think the last series I binged were the Blood of Eden trilogy and the Half Bad trilogy. I’m slowly reading the Lunar Chronicles and some other books. And I was going to binge the ToG series, but I found I like reading books a little more slowly, because I have more time to suffer from a book hangover (*coughSixofCrowscough*).

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    • Yesss binge reading required time reserved SOLELY for reading 😛 Ohhh I’ve been planning to read Half Bad for a long time and I think I’m gonna binge read it soon! 😀 ToG is confusing, I’m reading Empire of Storms and I forget A LOT of details so binge reading might be a good idea haha OMG SIX OF CROWS IS THE BEST BOOK EVER ❤

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      • I hope you like Half Bad! The first book was eh, the second was woah, and the third was gotdamn. I loved it, but it’ll hurt your heart. As for ToG, I’ve heard mixed reviews, and I’ve read the first book, but I didn’t like it all that much. I’m ready to give it another go after reading ACOMAF, though. High five to all us SoC lovers, wooh!!! LOL


        • Ohh I’ll definitely keep that in mind so I wouldn’t give up after the first book 😛 TOG INDEED EVOKED MIXED FEELINGS IN ME! The whole series, actually. ToG was okay, CoM was MIND BLOWING, HoF was painful but dragging for too long, QoS was all plot twist but a bit OOC, EoS was more or less the same as QoS ;’) But OMG I loved ACOMAF! ❤

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  5. I love binge reading when I have every single book in the series and go from one straight into the next. I think I enjoy the books more because I am still excited about the characters and the plot (I’ve usually forgotten the reason why I loved the book a year later when I’m deciding whether to or not to buy the sequel – this is why I don’t read series often). My best binge reading experience was the Twilight and Daughter of Smoke and Bone series.

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    • Me too! Sometimes (esp when it’s a final book) I lose the excitement and end up postponing the book until god knows when :’) but I luuuuve series ❤ Ohhh I read each book of DoSB right after its release date and ended up re-reading book 1 & 2 before the final book came out 😛

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  6. It really depends for me. If I really just need to know what happens then I usually try and read as much of the book as fast as possible. However I don’t ever read two books in a row of the same series because I always need a break from the characters and the world as I get bored easily. So I don’t binge read book series’.

    At the moment I’m actually reading Empire of Storms and I’m reading it so slowly because I want to take in all of the details and remember everything. So much is happening that I know if I read too fast I won’t take in all of it and will miss a lot of things.

    So it really depends on the book for me!

    Jordon @ Simply Adrift


    • Ohh really? I read A LOT of books in the same series in a row 😛 but yes it’s kind of boring and sometimes I just read to get it over with, you know? :’) oh heyyy I’m currently reading EoS too! Ugh yeah I’m confused because there are basically a gazillion characters that I forget! But the plot is AMAZING so far! ❤


  7. If I discover a series after a few books have been published, then I binge. But I have never waited for a series I wanted to read to have more books out. That’s just silly. I read what I want when it’s available. 🙂

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  8. I read somewhere before that they know why people wait for all the books in a series to come out to read them, but that this isn’t always a good thing because if people don’t read the first book, it might not continue on because it didn’t earn enough money. At any rate, I do understand wanting to wait for all the books to come out. I’m bad with series, so this tends to happen to me. I end up starting them when they are finished or almost finished. I don’t binge read a ton of series- but I do like to read them around the same time if I can to keep it mostly fresh in my mind!


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    • Ahhh yes I think I saw Laini Taylor retweeted this thread and I honestly just knew about it! It didn’t even occur to me that the series might not continue at all :’) well I personally try to always keep up with release date, but if I.. say, just find out about a series 3 months before its final book is released, then I’ll wait until all the books are out. Yes reading at the same time means no amnesia! 😛


  9. I love this post! 😀 I don’t usually binge-read a lot of series. I’m always scared to buy a whole series and realize, after reading the first book, that I don’t really enjoy it. So I just get the first book, usually, and when it’s good, well…I scream because I have to wait to buy the next book, or wait for the next book to come out, haha.

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  10. Unless it’s the Harry Potter series, I don’t have the attention span to binge read series. I’m such a slow reader that I’d be stuck in one authors universe for waaaaay too long. Especially since the book count in a lot of series is so high these days!

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  11. Binge reader by choice and preference but savorer based on time and energy. There’s just so much to do! Taking the time helps me write more in depth and thoughtful reviews, and is really better since I cannot re-read books but…

    If I have the ability, I automatically sink to a series and read it through.

    I binged read 30+ books in the In Death series by J.D. Robb last year. But they’re romantic suspense and I wasn’t reviewing at the time, so I don’t feel so bad.

    It was a very enjoyable month. I was so sad having to wait for the next one. And now the next one is out, I’m too busy to read it right now. **sigh**

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    • Wow that pretty much summed up my choice as well! 😀 Nahhh when I read books right after release date, I almost always end up rereading them before the sequels come out, which is time consuming :’) but OMG you binge read 30 books??? How long did it take? Hahaha yes not reviewing definitely takes the pressure out!


  12. I used to binge read ALLL the time.I loved it! Because of all the pros you mentioned. But then…I encountered some of the cons. Time is really the biggest one, I don’t have the time to spend reading an entire series, as much as I’d like to. Then, I started buying entire series, only to realize I didn’t want to continue, so that was a bad plan. So now… I generally don’t binge read, even when I really want to. I don’t like that I keep forgetting stuff that happened in series, so I do wish I had the chance to binge read more often! This is a great topic!

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    • YESSSS it’s so time consuming!! I have a few series I want to binge read soon but I just don’t have the time (or mood) to do it :’) ahhh such a bad plan indeed! Buying the entire series at once is indeed risky even for the really hyped one. I mean, I have a tendency to dislike overhyped books, so… 😛 hope you make the time to binge read more often and thank you so much! ❤


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  16. When it comes to reading a series I have only binge read one. It was the Pine Deep trilogy by Jonathan Maberry. For the most part I can’t binge read, I get bored reading the same author for several books in a row. I like to space it out throw a random stand-alone in there then go back.

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    • Ahh really? I’m totally the opposite haha I mean, when an author is really good all I want to do is binge read all her books, series or not hahaha but sometimes I opt to savor because I don’t want to run out of their books to read 😛 but I love stand alone like so much too ❤

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      • Ugh I wish I could do that I i’m always really excited and want to read everything by them. But then if I try to read to many of their books in a row my limit seems to be 2-3, I just can’t seem to get into it. Seems that I need to read a different author in between and then I can keep going.

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