My Reading Kaleidoscope Part 1: Children’s Books, Comics, & Indonesian Folklore ♣

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Hello everyone, welcome to my reading kaleidoscope series! ♥

When I first started blogging, I wrote this post titled My Love for Books where I explained briefly about why I love books, my first books, and my favorite genres. I actually love the content of that post but since I was just getting started, the writing was sloppy (it was a mix of English and Bahasa, my native language), there was no eye catching pictures, and everything was too… simplified. I mean, we’re talking about my love for books, which is HUGE. So I decided to recreate the content and turn it into post series. Because it’ll be too long for a single post, obviously 😛

This series will show you my reading journey that had shaped me into the reader I am today ♥ I will talk about why I love books in the first place, my reading habits, what influences my reading preference, my favorite genres, etc. It will be split into 3 parts.

In PART 1, I will talk about what got me into reading and my first few books which were made up of children books and comics. PART 2 would be the time when I explored every genre of every category. My favorite books were mostly teenlit, chicklit, and fantasy. PART 3 would be the time when I sealed my love for fantasy and contemporary while still being open to every other topic and genre out there ♥

PART 1 starts here! 😀

My Early (Non) Reading Years.jpg

I don’t remember my mom ever reading me bedtime stories, but I do remember we were sprawled on the floor together, looking at some picture books when I was a toddler. I looked at the pictures while my mom told me the stories. It was my favorite activity and I was fascinated by books and stories long before I even learned to read.

My parents bought me a lot of books and my favorite stories were Thumbellina, The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse, Jack and the Beanstalk, and pretty much all of those Disney princesses and every other stories by H.C. Andersen.

Children's books.jpg

I already donated all of my children’s books so I couldn’t take photo of the real books.

But the truth is, neither my mom nor my dad are readers. My aunt and my cousins are. They formed this little ‘reading club’ where they talked and traded books, in which I wasn’t invited because I was the youngest one and couldn’t read yet 😦 I was always feeling left out every time they talked about books and didn’t include me on their conversation </3

Getting to know the world of comics.jpg

On my 7th birthday, my aunt gave me 4 comic books as presents. They were Detective Conan and Doraemon on volume 7 and 9 (both). That was my turning point as a reader.

First comics.jpg

See how worn out they are? No wonder… they’ve been mine for almost 15 years 😛

At first I didn’t like Detective Conan because my 7-year-old brain couldn’t understand a murder case but I really enjoyed Doraemon! ♥ and I instantly loved comics. I went to my Aunt and borrowed a lot of her comics and just like that, I was part of the club along with my two cousins 😛 The four of us would spend a lot of time on our aunt’s room, picking up comics to bring home and read. And then we saved our money and went to the bookstore together. We each would picked different books that we equally liked so we could trade later. Here are some of my first favorite comics! ♥ ♥

Early Comic Days.jpg

Namaku Miiko by Ono Eriko (aka. Kocchi Muite! Miiko) is definitely my favorite! It was so funny and adorable even my mom really enjoyed it 😛 Ufo Baby by Mika Kawamura was also another favorite of mine. It was about two teenagers, Miyu and Kanata who lived together because of family circumstances. One day, a ufo landed in front of their house transporting an alien baby Ruu and his pet Wannya. Ufo Baby followed the adventure the four of them had together and it was adorable! I totally enjoyed it ♥ At that time, I was also starting to understand and love Detective Conan (aka. Case Closed in the US) by Gosho Aoyama and slowly began to collect all the books 😀

For years I got into the routine of saving money-buying comics-trading with cousins. I enjoyed a lot of them and here are some of my favorites of ever ♣


Gals! by Mihona Fuji follows the story of 3 high school girls living in Shibuya. It was about friendship, family, love, and making dreams come true. It was hilarious and sooo adorable! But the best thing about it is that since the girls are all very stylish, Gals! provide these tips on how to be like them. Like, tips on how to match your outfits and how to pick accessories for girls. The little girl in me was stooooked! ♥

All of the comics above are also my favorites! If you want to check them out :

When I was in 6th grade, my aunt got married. She was going to move to a new house she bought together with her husband and before officially moving in, she called the three of us (the nieces) and told us that she was just gonna bring some of her books and she’d give the rest to us. WHATTTT?!

It was WARRRR!! We all loved her books and wanted pretty much the same titles! :’) There were several ‘popular’ titles that we all really, really, really wanted but I only remember Dunia Mimpi (aka. From Far Away) by Kyoko Hikawa and Perfect Hit by Mika Kawamura. There are also some other titles that I couldn’t recall. I forgot how we solved this matter, but I won Perfect Hit and it cost me Dunia Mimpi! My cousin immediately claimed it and it was a big, big loss for me because Perfect Hit only had 3 books while Dunia Mimpi had more than 10 :’)

Here are some of my ‘inheritance’ 😛

My Aunt's 2.jpg

That was SO GENEROUS of my aunt to be giving away her books, right? Right… but I would NEVER do that ever! I’m taking all my books anywhere I go and when I get married later, my future husband just have to deal with it. In fact, I’m going to make him build me this gigantic shelves and a reading nook 😛

Local folklore and other tales.jpg

Anyway, I didn’t limit my reading to only comics (though at that point I hadn’t started reading novels because they were BIG). I enjoyed plenty of folklore and even prophet tales! Not that I was very religious or something, but stories are stories and I loved them equally ♥ Fun fact, my country, Indonesia, has a lot of myth, folklore, and urban legend and by a lot I mean A LOT. We’re an archipelago made up of over 30 provinces and each province has a lot of folklore 😉 I loved them because they’re super magical and mostly superstitious 😛

Some of my favorite Indonesian folklore :

  1. Jaka Tarub. It’s about a hunter who stole an angel’s scarf so she could never go back to heaven (where she belonged) and married her. Stuffs happen after that.
  2. Bawang Merah & Bawang PutihThe storyline is actually very similar to Cinderella. I loveeeed this one and I once starred as Bawang Putih on one of our school’s play 😛
  3. Danau Toba. It was a legend of how the lake Toba in Sumatera was formed.

Cerita Rakyat.jpg

Aaaand that’s about to conclude my early reading years! I was fascinated by books and stories ever since I was little and my favorite books were comics. At that point, I had never, ever read novels! PART 2 would be posted in the next two weeks ♥

What to expect from part 2 :

  • My first experience reading novels
  • The years of Indonesian teenlit 😛
  • Harry Potter and Twilight fever!!!
  • Experimenting with pretty much aaallll the genres out there


Yasssshh those are my favorite books when I was little! Talk to me : what makes you love reading in the first place, and what are your favorite books as children? I went through a heavy comic phase, what about you? 😛 Don’t forget to come back for PART 2! ♥ 

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15 thoughts on “My Reading Kaleidoscope Part 1: Children’s Books, Comics, & Indonesian Folklore ♣

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  2. This is a really cute and gorgeous post! I suppose the thing that makes me love reading is the escape that it provides. Books are my portals to worlds that could never exist here. So, I guess I just love the idea of being an interdimensionary (new word I just made up) book traveler! My favorite books as a child were Dr. Seuss books (Cat in the Hat and Green Eggs and Ham), The Spooky Old Tree, Matilda, The BFG, The Boxcar Children, Magic Treehouse series, the A-Z Mysteries, and The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe! I never went through a comic phase, but ocassionally I like to drop in nowadays to see what’s going on in the DC and Marvel Universe 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This was such a lovely post! I love reading because of the adventure, and because it let’s me escape real life for a while. I mean, fighting monsters and armies, and falling in love with a fictional character is a lot better than math, right? My love for reading also started with comics and picture books! I very distinctly remember one about a fish who lost a scale or something? And my dad had loads of Donald Duck comics from when he was younger, and I devoured them all (:

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Awwww this feature is so amazing Puput! I love hearing how other people got into reading and it sounds like you got into it when you were young from picture books (same as me)! That was incredibly generous of your aunt giving you all those comic books! Thanks for sharing and I look forward to your other features!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Jeann! ❤ me too! I always want to know what makes people love reading in the first place 😀 yesss picture books are the best, I'm so gonna give loads of them to my future children 😛 It was though haha yayyy part 2 will be posted around next week 😀


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  6. I have this kind of post too but I plan to post it next year because you know, new year old me xD BUT ANYWAY, We 10000% have the same reading evolution and taste! I started with children books too, and then guess what comics I read? Doraemon, Conan and Miiko. I still faithfully read Miiko and Conan until now tbh. AND I MET KAITO KID COSPLAYER AT COMIC CON YESTERDAY AND MY INNER 8 YEAR OLD SELF IS FANGIRLING OMGGGGG. Miiko + Tappei is also my otp for that series ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ahhh can’t wait to read yours! ❤ YAY TO US *high five* Those 3 are my favorite until now omgggg Conan is just amazing but I'm also getting impatient hahah and Miiko is so adorable! Tappei ❤ OOHHHH you went to comic con? SO FUN! Kaito Kid is all mysterious and everything so of course I like him too 😛


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