Review: Crooked Kingdom // I’m a whirlwind of emotion!

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RATING : 5 Stars


In case you haven’t noticed, I AM OBSESSED with Six of Crows! It has easily become one of my ultimate favorite fantasy, so naturally I was super excited to read its sequel. I just finished reading Crooked Kingdom less than two hours ago and IT WAS GLORIOUS!! I have tendency to dislike, or at least be disappointed by sequel, but no, Crooked Kingdom was brilliant ♦♦♦

The book began on Kaz’s latest scheme. As usual, we readers were blind to what they were up to. Also as usual, Kaz’s plans never failed to amaze me. We were blown away from the very first chapters. Kaz kept a lot of secrets from the others as well as from us readers, but while witholding of information usually irritates me, I rather enjoyed it this time.

THE PLOT was incredible and it was plot twist all the time!! Nothing was predictable. I don’t even think we have a single moment of climax because this whole book is a climax. It has A LOT of shocking ups and downs. Just when I thought things would get better, it got horribly worse, and when I thought ‘oh no things are going to get really messy’, I found out the crows had so much more tricks up their sleeves and managed to turn the odds. Every time I thought I knew what was going to happen, Leigh Bardugo proved me wrong. And I liked it. No one was safe in this book and it kept me on edge the entire time.

P.S. Watching all their schemes and plans unfolding was like watching Now You See Me 😛

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I am once again in awe by the crows. They’re definitely, ultimately, my current squad goals. Their bravery and loyalty and banters are just to die for ♥ I was also marveled by Kaz’s mastermind, he’s clearly capable of ANYTHING and that’s (weirdly) pleasing to see. Although I wouldn’t say no to more chapters from Kaz’s POV, I was also glad to see the others earned more spotlight than they did before. 

Kaz might be the ultimate brain behind all the schemes, but none of them would have succeed without his crews. Each and everyone of them got the chance to shine and prove themselves worthy. Inej with her faith and marvelous skills, Nina with her wits and incredible newfound talent, Matthias with his honor and strategic mind, Jesper with his yearning for second chance and battles, Wylan with his strong will and chemical talents, and even Kuwei with his determination for a better world. Not to mention Nina and her enthusiasm for foods!! ♥ I obviously need waffles now </3

I’ve come to care for each of them equally because THEY WERE JUST SO PRECIOUS ♥ Their characters are so complex and strong and I loved seeing the dynamic between them. The characters development in this book is to die for. Everyone has their own problems and past to deal with. They were all strong individually, but together they were invincible I COULD CRY!! (I already did, actually…) I also really enjoyed the friendship between each of them, especially Nina and Inej. I don’t know why but relationship between girls are usually frenemies, so I’m glad to see Nina and Inej’s honest friendship ♥

The romances were all so heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time </3 There were a couple of intense, adorable moments, but mostly there were just stolen glances and a brief hand touching. There was NO make out sessions and I loved it because it made me crave for more!! :’) It was subtle but I shipped everybody SO HARD ♥ Things were never easy for them and indeed it should not be easy.

I luuuuuvvve all of them and unfortunately for my heart, Leigh Bardugo aren’t afraid to let something bad happens to them. My heart broke repeatedly when horrible things happened and I cried a lot, especially around the last few chapters of the book </3

But despite of all the horrible things, this book was hilarious! The characters are just sooo funny and sassy and I couldn’t help laughing at their jokes and retort. As an example :

“Can we really guarantee Kuwei’s safety?”

“Unless you have a unicorn for him to ride away on, there is no scenario that guarantees Kuwei’s safety.”

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The ending brought even more emotions in me. It was a perfect ending for this brilliant duology. It broke my heart, but it was a perfectly proper ending for this incredible story. Sacrifices had to be made and I was satisfied. And that very last chapter was so so so amazing! I wouldn’t spoil anything but I tell you I was so happy with it! ♥

I don’t think I need to comment on Leigh Bardugo’s writing other than to say that it was incredibly perfect and to ask about when she will publish another book. Because clearly I need MORE 😛


Have you read Crooked Kingdom? What do you think about it? I am obviously obsessed with it and I’d love to hear your thoughts! ♥ Let’s discuss it, but as always, let’s steer clear from spoilers so there won’t be any unsolicited spoilers for those who haven’t read the book 🙂 

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21 thoughts on “Review: Crooked Kingdom // I’m a whirlwind of emotion!

  1. YES TO ALL OF THIS. I completely agree with you. This was such a fantastic end to the duology and I’m so glad you enjoyed it as much as I did. The romance, characterization and world-building were absolutely superb. Thanks for sharing and, as always, fabulous review! ❤

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  2. Ahh I haven’t 😦 Did you pre-order it from periplus or other bookstores? Because as far as I know it’s not in periplus or kinokuniya until now… I’m so so glad you loved it puput! It makes me even more excited to read it!

    Liked by 1 person

    • No, but it’s available at books & beyond online store! You should order it from there, it was only Rp130.000 and would arrive at your door at 3 days at worst 😀 Kinokuniya is rather disappointing lately, don’t you think? I feel like it takes LONGER for them to acquire new books, I’m so annoyed 😦 anywayyy, I’m glad too but also sad that it was over :’) CK was glorious and I hope you get to read it soon ❤


  3. YES YES YES! Someone else who just completely fell in love with it!!!!! 😀 I so agree with your character development and plot comment. I just love them all so much and there was no page that was boring or lacking action. It was all just so tense and I was constantly waiting for the worst to happen.

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  4. I’m reading this right now and it’s amazing! This is my favorite duology. It also reminds me a little of Now You See Me I kept thinking of the movie while I was reading Six of Crows because in both your constantly being surprised and you never have all the information.

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