My Reading Kaleidoscope Part 2: Teenlit, Harry Potter, & Twilight

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Hello everyone, welcome back to my reading kaleidoscope series! ♥

This series will show you my reading journey that had shaped me into the reader I am today ♥ I will talk about why I love books in the first place, my reading habits, what influences my reading preference, my favorite genres, etc. It will be split into 3 parts.

In PART 1, I talked about what got me into reading and my first few books which were made up of children books and comics. PART 2 would be the time when I explored every genre of every category. My favorite books were mostly teenlit, chicklit, and fantasy. PART 3 would be the time when I sealed my love for fantasy and contemporary while still being open to every other topic and genre out there ♥


PART 2 starts now!😀

My first encounter with novels.jpg

If you read part 1, you might have known that I only ever read comics and children books. That was because all the bookish people around me only read comics too, and the sheer size of novels kinda freaked me out by then. When I entered junior school, I had a classmate named Assa who was into reading as much as I was. One day, she brought a couple of novels to class.

I asked her what they were, and she told me they were books she borrowed from school library. I was like… “the school library has this kind of book? our school library?” I thought school library only provided school books. So the next day, Assa and I went to library where I made my first library card. I was surprised to see that they had sooo many fiction books! Most are teenlits (basically YA contemporary for teens), which were very popular by then. I wanted to borrow this book called ‘Dealova’ because it was a hit and it was made into movie (or the book was made because of the movie? I’m not sure) but someone else wanted to borrow it, so I settled for this book called A Little White Lie.


The story line was similar to P.S. I Like You, but while Lily did it with letters, they did it by texting. It was hilarious and I easily overlooked all its flaws. Believe me, it was flawed, especially the writing! It was kind of sloppy, I tried rereading it when I was older and the writing just turned me off. But at that point, I was in love and the next several months of my school life was spent in and out of the school library. 

Here are some of my favorite teenlit from the old days ♥

Teenlit SMP.jpg

QUESTION: what are your favorite teenlit from when you were a teenager? And to my fellow Indonesian, did you read any of these books? 😛

There are also some ‘better-quality teenlit’ that I enjoyed. Why -better-quality-, you asked? Because the writing was indeed better and it seemed to be intended for older teens. I’m not sure if it is a real thing, but you just could tell the difference between the teenlits above and the ones below

Teenlit 1.jpg

I especially love ALL books written by Sitta Karina, Winna Efendi, and Prisca Primasari. They’re some of my favorite local authors ♥

Obsessing over harry potter and twilight.jpg

When I was in eighth grade, I had another classmate who also loved books. But while Assa and I loved to read contemporary, she preferred fantasy. I wasn’t interested because I never read ANY fantasy books, but one day she brought a copy of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince to school. I watched the movies and loved them, so I was curious. I asked her if I could borrow any of her Harry Potter books. She said yes.

By that time, they only made 4 movies, so since I had known the story of book 1-4 through the movies, I opted to borrow book 5. When she brought Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix to school, I was horrified. IT WAS BIG. Capital BIG. The translated version has 1200 pages and I was afraid of sheer size. I mean, teenlit only had around 200 pages, so I didn’t know if I was ready for it.

But I refused to back down. I started reading and though my progress was slow, I eventually finished it. It took 2 weeks, but I was instantly OBSESSED! ♥ I borrowed all of her HP books and I was fangirling like mad. I started saving money to buy the upcoming Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Ever since HP, I was eager to read more fantasy. And then I went into a heavy phase of Twilight obsession.



How could I not?? I was a teenager, I was new into fantasy/paranormal, the concept of hot vampire was super tempting, and Edward Cullen = Robert Pattinson = Cedrick Diggory! 😛

All my friends and their moms were also equally obsessed. We spent a lot of times fangirling over the books and the prospect of the movies. What a fun time 😛 When the movie finally came out, we immediately raced down to the theater. It was kind of disappointing, but we still loved the books. That is until Eclipse when we were kind of ‘forced’ to choose sides between #TeamEdward and #TeamJackob.

I do not like love triangle. Thanks to this series, I’m kind of traumatized

Branching out.jpg

After my encounter with Harry Potter and Twilight, I started branching out to other kind of genres. I started with popular dystopian and chick lit and I loved them equally. Some of my favorites were Shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella, The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, and Divergent by Veronica Roth.


I also enjoyed a lot of Indonesian classic literature! When we were in ninth grade, there was this assignment where we have to read and analyze some early literature (around 1920-1930s) from Indonesia. A lot of my friends complained because the books were thick and the writing was old, but I enjoyed it. I was surprised myself, but I guess books are books and I love them nonetheless. At that point, I was certain I could read anything.

Reading english books.jpg

Sometimes later, I went to a bookstore and there was a big sale on classic English literature. I thought to myself… ‘I enjoyed classics, why not try foreign classic?‘ it was in English and I never read any fiction books in English before, but it was super cheap so I bought it anyway. I picked the one written by Shakespeare, because honestly he was the ONLY classic author I knew by then :’)


Did I enjoy it?

Haha, NO. I didn’t even understand it. All the use of thou and thee and I was like, what does that even mean??? I gave up making sense of it at page 12 I was intrigued to read more books in English, because translated versions aren’t very satisfying.

My second-first English novel was Delirium by Lauren Oliver. That I could understand because the writing was a lot lighter. I enjoyed it a lot and though it wasn’t overly brilliant, it opened a new door of possibility to me. Ever since Delirium, I was braver to read books in English. I forced myself to read more and more and work on improving my English. Now, I never read translated books anymore 🙂


Those are some of my first favorite novels when I was a teenager! ♥Talk to me : what are your first favorite novels? What are your favorite teenlit? Did you enjoy Twilight like I did? 😛 And for book bloggers from non English-speaking countries out there, when did you start leaving translated books behind and start reading the original version?

Don’t forget to come back for PART 3! ♥ 

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6 thoughts on “My Reading Kaleidoscope Part 2: Teenlit, Harry Potter, & Twilight

  1. Oooh I remember those teenlits! I read some of them, and I remember enjoying Dealova, but I honestly can’t remember its plot anymore haha. I practically inhaled all of the Twilight books when I first read them, but I was uncomfortable with how focused Bella was on Edward. Harry Potter made me want to read the original versions, and I think I was about Year 8 then. Shakespeare is so hard to understand! Kudos to you for even getting to page 12!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I don’t remember their plots either! Hahah but I remember enjoying them 😛 I was uncomfortable with THE WHOLE romance, honestly, especially in Eclipse when Bella had to alternate between Jacob and Edward omggg it was annoying! 😦 Actually I made it to page 12 by skimming… I didn’t actually understand what I read 😛


  2. Oh teenlit, definitely the good old days haha! I didn’t read much teenlit, which is strange because I LOVED every single one that I read. Some of my faves are AUTUMN IN PARIS, SUMMER BREEZE, and 1200 DETIK (is that the title?-_-) if you had read all these 3 books, you know I have a type haha. REFRAIN was bittersweet omg, have you seen the movie? I don’t understand why we don’t get Indonesian literature instead of bahasa, because angkatan balai pustaka and pujangga baru have some pretty cool books! I really like SITI NURBAYA (obviously) and SALAH ASUHAN. Other than thsose 2 eras? We have Chairil Anwar, Pram, and so many amazing writers, why can’t we study them omg?? I also don’t understand shakespeare, his writing is just too hard for me. But in general, I try to read foreign classic in Indonesian first before reading the original language because their language is sometimes really heavy. I really enjoyed this series Puput, our reading taste is really similar! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • I know right!! Hahaha hmm I think I only read Autumn in Paris :’) Refrain was SO GOOD and yes I saw the movie Afgan and Maudy Ayunda were so adorable ❤

      OMG YESSSS I've been wondering the same thing! Why couldn't we get literature?? It would be a lot MORE FUN than studying mere language 😦 I loved Siti Nurbaya and Salah Asuhan too!! I also love Layar Terkembang and Tenggelamnya Kapal Van Der Wijk 😛

      Yayyyy so glad you like it and yesss we do have the same taste, from comics to books to k-drama! 😛 Hahaha thank you for commenting Tasya! ❤


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