The Royals: The Most Addictive yet Problematic Books I’ve Ever Read

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This fabulous event was created by Aentee @ Read At Midnight where she encouraged us to discuss our problematic faves. The purpose is not to make us stop loving our favorites, but to look at them from more critical lens. Today I’m going to discuss one of my favorite contemporary, The Royals by Erin Watt and I promise I’d be very careful not to spoil anything important 🙂

Here are my reviews for each book :

♥ Paper Princess • Broken Prince • Twisted Palace ♥

This series is the epitome of a problematic fave. It has every cliche you can imagine. Plots are unoriginal and the characters aren’t the ones you want to bump into in real life.

And yet… I’m obsessed with The Royals series :’)

I was hooked ever since I read Paper Princess, it was so so so addictive! 😛 These books are major page turner, I finished each book in only one sitting and that’s how addictive it is. But everyone who had read this series, including me, must have acknowledged the fact that these books do have some seriously harmful tropes. For most of us, it wasn’t a problem because we didn’t take it seriously. We knew what to expect when we started reading this book.

But does it make the tropes less harmful? Well… no, harmful tropes are harmful, no matter what the justifications are. And objectively speaking, The Royals has A LOT. Here are some of the most harmful tropes (according to me).


I was actually surprised to see these tropes happened not once, not twice, but FIVE TIMES in this entire series. I can’t say who because that would be spoilers, but for those of you who have read the entire series, go ahead and count on your head. Let me know when you’ve reached the same conclusion 😛 Actually, there were six, but one doesn’t count because it’s voluntary and obviously planned.

Does this trope move the story? It does, it makes a great drama, and there frankly wouldn’t be any stories if this trope didn’t exist but I couldn’t help thinking that this trope is seriously sick. I mean… really think of what happened in the books. Most of the times they did it to get back and piss each others 😦 That is just super messed up.

Sexual coercion.jpg

You might want to recall what happened in the second book, Broken Prince. Reed forced Ella to talk and forgive him by kissing and trying to turn her on??? I know Reed used to have his own way but I thought his feeling would change him a little. He did change but he still acted like a jerk.

He’s almost abusive and I do not approve sexual violence AT ALL, either it’s verbal or literal. I don’t want people thinking it’s okay to do it. I mean, if a girl (or someone in general) says she hates you and asks you to stay away then PLEASE DO. It’s so annoying to see what Reed did in this book </3


This series definitely have all kinds of bullying, mostly verbal and physical. Let’s see… biggest bully number 1, Jordan Carrington. She did all the things mean girls like to do. Gives someone a bad name and spreads gossips? Checked. Puts trashes in someone’s lockers? Checked. Duct tapes some innocent freshman? Checked.

Next, bully number 2. Daniel DeLacorte. I’m not even gonna explain.

Bully number 3? That’s right, ALL The Royal boys. I mean, have you seen how Reed, Easton, and the rest of the boys behave to those people who talk bad? They solved everything with fist fights and that is most definitely not okay. And don’t forget our heroine Ella Harper, she bullied Jordan and some other kids as well, remember?

I don’t know if private schools are supposed to be like that or if those things actually happen in real life but God I hope not. It was indeed entertaining to watch, but that would also be so messed-up! Bullying should be stopped ♦

Less harmful.jpg

  1. Bad parenting. Ugh, seriously. You’d see one or two or ten bad parenting moves on Callum.
  2. Drug abuse.
  3. The power of money. Seriously, money is literally EVERYTHING in this world. You could buy and silence everyone with money and get away with it. Also, all the gold digging intentions = bad influence.
  4. Gambling and fighting all the time. I mean, it would have been another story if Reed fought in a kick boxing arena or something.
  5. All these Royal boys are seriously fucked up. Look at Reed. Look at Easton. Look at Sawyer and Sebastian. Even Gideon has his own mess to deal with.

But then again, despite all the flaws I just listed above, I’m still so in love with this series and its characters.

The drama is SO RIDICULOUS and very unlikely to happen in real life. I mean, what are the chances a poor girl could live in a mansion, have everything she needs, fall in love, and experience so many troubles like Ella? That would be unrealistic and over the top but hey, I love drama when it’s unrelated to me 😛

Also, though all the Royal boys might seem dreamy, I would not get anywhere near them in real life. Let’s say… if my friend is dating a ‘Reed’, I would have encouraged her to break up with him and set her up with someone new, just so she would stay away from him. But only in this series a girl could fan girl over bad boys, right? 😉

Let's Talk.jpg

  • Have you read The Royal series? If so, what do you think about it?
  • What do you think about all its harmful tropes? Are you okay with tropes like that and despite all objectivity, did you enjoy them?
  • What do you think authors should do to make sure they’re not sending the wrong messages to the readers?
  • Talk to me about your problematic faves and all their harmful tropes! ♦

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7 thoughts on “The Royals: The Most Addictive yet Problematic Books I’ve Ever Read

  1. i’ve heard this series EVERYWHERE lately, and while everyone is loving it, they do acknowledge how problematic this series is. it seems like a typical NA book tho, with more drama and fight… i still probably would try it though xD

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