Review: GEMINA // It Can’t Get Any More Sci-Fi than This

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RATING : 4 Stars

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In summary, Gemina = badass daddy’s little girl + cocky & compassionate drug dealer X mafia + computer geniuses + wormhole + alien parasites + evil outer space corporation + strangely helpful artificial intelligence + extremely confusing space theories + MASSIVE PLOT TWISTS! ♦♦♦

But… the problem with sequel is, I always start it with a certain (by certain I mean ridiculously high) expectation and it almost never live up to it. So, is Gemina better than Illuminae, you (didn’t) ask? Well, I’ll answer that thoroughly 😛


THE PLOT IS AMAZING. It’s shocking, it’s mind blowing, it’s definitely out of this world. Gemina is a lot more complicated than its prequel because it involved a lot more variables and delved so much deeper into the whole BeiTech conspiracy–which was so so EVIL! The plot twist was EVEN MORE SHOCKING! I thought I was immune to plot twists but boy I was wrong, Gemina really got me. I mean, really got me. I mean, that ‘almost’ ending? I DIEEEEEE 😦


There were SO MANY outer space terms and theories and I was genuinely confused all the time??? It can’t get any more sci-fi than this. Gemina is the ultimate sci fi book of ever! I’m not even sure if I read it right… to be honest. BUT if you’re like me and science fiction confuses you, just GO WITH IT. The more you read, the faster you’ll be immersed in it and you will still understand the bigger picture. The rest is just technicality 😉 but you know… might not hurt to do a quick google search on wormhole and anything related to it.

HOWEVER, I found the alien parasites a bit irrelevant to the story because it wasn’t actually… you know, affecting the story? It’s unrelated to the attack and frankly it just seemed like one more obstacle for our characters to tackle. Phobos virus was still a lot more terrifying. BUT OTHER THAN THAT, the conspiracy and parallel universe and all the other stuffs are so so so MIND BLOWING! I literally couldn’t get how Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff could come up with these stuffs.

Sooo yes, plot wise, Gemina is better than Illuminae ♣



We were introduced to some new characters, starting from our hero/heroine, Hanna Donelly and Nik Malikov. Hanna is a daddy’s little girl who spent her life moving from one station to another and learning a bunch of martial arts and Nik is a member of this mafia family who illegally sells drug but is actually very kind-hearted. They’re both so snarky, their chemistry is CHAMP, and the character developments were so good but I sadly didn’t fully connect with them 😦 I mean, really, they’re all bad ass and everything, but I’m still so hung up on Kady and Ezra 😦 I’ve imprinted on them. I wish they made more appearances though…

Also, I felt like Hanna’s personality was very similar to Kady which is a bummer because I’d love to see something new. There aren’t many side characters to care about either. Seriously, there are only Hanna, Nik, Ella, Jackson, and Chief Grant. The rest are random people and villains whose names I couldn’t even remember. And literally, 1000% didn’t care if these other people were alive or not. I wasn’t happy about it because this book felt a bit… lonely? To me? In Illuminae, there were Bryon and a lot of Ezra’s friends and fellow soldiers to care about. So character wise, Illuminae was way better.

But AIDAN is a lot more sensible and nicer in Gemina so points for that ♥

The writing 2.jpg

The formatting may or may not be better than Illuminae, depending on what you prefer. It’s more or less the same, though there are some new stuffs like Hanna’s drawing and writing on her journal and some new fabulous graphics. But in a sense, Gemina was a lot more narrative because there was a lot of surveillance footage summaries (which is a little boring to me because I already got used to and prefer the IMs, emails, and reports). There was also a lot of scenes narrated by AIDAN WHICH IS AWESOME because apparently AIDAN could narrate better than some random analyst :’)

Sparkling Letters Review- GEMINA by Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff (4).jpg

ALL IN ALL, Gemina is a fabulous, mind blowing sequel to one of the best science fiction series of ever. It’s got bad ass characters, massive plot twists, and FEELS and despite its flaws, it was still so so satisfying. I’m so curious with this whole BeiTech conspiracy and how The Illuminae Group would retaliate and I need book 3 like right now. I NEED ANSWERS!!!


P.S. Could you predict what color book 3 will be? I asked Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff but she said she couldn’t tell us yet 😛 my guess is green or purple! ♦


Have you read Gemina? What do you think about it? Did the final plot twist surprise you like it did me? And do you like it better than Illuminae? I’d love to hear your thoughts!! ♥ As always, let’s steer clear from spoilers 😀

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19 thoughts on “Review: GEMINA // It Can’t Get Any More Sci-Fi than This

  1. Amazing review, Puput!! I still can’t figure out how to write mine because I’m still ruined 😂I finished the audiobook today and I think it made my hangover worse. I noticed this was a lot more narrative heavy which I was a tiny bit disappointed by because some of the formatting in Illuminae was stunning. I agree with you about the side characters too. There was only a few people in Gemina who I cared enough about to be upset by their potential death. So glad you enjoyed this!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Lauren! 😀 Hahaha I have to write it immediately or else I’ll forget and won’t have anything to say at all… I have a short memory when it comes to books :’) HAHA so there’s definitely no cure, apparently! Exactly, the narration kinda slowed the pace, in my opinion. I’m so glad too I can’t wait for book 3!! OH and thank you for being there for me when I needed to freak out 😛


  2. I AM GOING TO READ THIS SOON AND I’M SO EXCITED AJFDKSALFD *flails for 9000 years* I’m glad it’s a bit different to Illuminae, less pleased that the characters seem the same though. Merp. I’m REALLY keen for the drawings!! I keep wanting to flip through my copy and look at them but no no I also don’t want to accidentally spoil myself.😂 I need to hurry up and get through some ARCs so I can get to it. AHHHHH. THIS SERIES IS MY LIFE.
    (I’m hoping the final book will be black tbh.😂 But I doubt it. Probably green??)

    Liked by 1 person

    • OMG YES GO READ IT NOW!! oh oh but Nik is so interesting he’s no Ezra ❤ DON'T spoil yourseeeelf this book is to precious for spoilers!! 😛 Oh I thought about dark gray but judging from Amie Kaufman's previous books I think it'll be more colorful? YES to green! ❤


  3. Green or Purple are my guesses too! In nay colour I’m sure it will be beautiful XD This story was so omg amazing, I was blown away by the plot that I did not see coming! I can’t even think of how I’m planning to review this fantastic book, I think I may re-read it just to get my head around how much I loved it and put my thought in order 😀 Great review!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I think purple matches the concept of outer space so well and I don’t know but I keep seeing green on my head!! I’m going to freak if my guess is true :’) but yes I guess they’ll be able to make even the dullest color rocks 😛 I KNOW RIGHT! The ending omg for some times I thought it was true?? 😦 ohh I’ll be looking forward to your review, I’m curious to see what other people think about it! ❤ and I'm planning to reread Illuminae soon 😛

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Yeah – I wasn’t a huge fan of the surveillance feed either. I have a review coming out for this in a couple of days, and thought it was sort of a cheap way for them to get around using ONLY documents to tell the story. There was too much of it, and I found they slowed the pace down quite a bit! I did enjoy the book, though (:

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  5. I’ve been pretty excited about this one due to the space station setting and the wormhole thing, and because I want to find out exactly why Beitech is doing all this stuff. So I’m glad to hear it’s complicated and plot twisty. 🙂 And AIDAN I wasn’t too sure about so glad to also hear that he’s maybe a little more grounded in this one? Anyway great review, looking forward to this!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ohhh there’s gonna be a lot of revelation about BeiTech, but not as much as I’d love to. I guess we’ll find out everything in book 3 😛 Well… AIDAN is more understandable to me, it’s also way more cooperative haha thank you! Hope you get to read it soon 😀


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