Should I Freak Out When Real Life Friends Read My Blog?

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Do you freak out every time your real life friends/acquaintances read your blog? BECAUSE I AM! :’) This is the topic that I’ve been thinking about a lot but never thought to create an actual post. I’ve been blogging for over 8 months and I’m never trying to be secretive about it, YET I STILL FEEL WEIRD EVERY TIME SOMEONE SAYS HE/SHE READS MY BLOG :’)

The first time this happened was when two of my uni friends followed my blog and commented on my blog. Back then, this wasn’t even a book blog, it’s just a blog of random stuffs I feel like writing. So, yeah, no big deal. The second time was when I’d been seriously blogging for a few months. A friend of mine gave me flowers and a note on my graduation day and he basically told me to keep working on my blog because I was good at it. The third time was when my high school friend and cousin messaged me to ask for some blogging tips and tricks.

The whole time these things happened, my first thought was ‘they read my blog!!?’ and my second thought was ‘THEY READ MY BLOG?!!!’. My third thought was that I was pleased to see them think I’m good at it 😛

Come to think of it, this shouldn’t be a surprise anymore. I mean, I put the link to my blog absolutely everywhere and I regularly share my posts on my personal twitter and facebook account. It’s natural if one or two of my friends actually click it (otherwise it’ll be a pointless promotion anyway). But still, I’m surprised every time this happens. I’M FREAKING OUT TBH. I wonder why…

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I guess deep down, I don’t actually expect them to? I mean, I know I put the link everywhere but I assume most people aren’t interested in reading a 1500-words post about my favorite tropes in fantasy. I assume they just skip it when I share anything bookish related.

So… yes, I’m surprised to see people actually make the time to read my posts 😛

I might be a tiny bit afraid people would think I’m weird… Back in high school (or junior school? I can’t recall), there was this really quiet person who talked a lot on her blog. It was like she had different real life and blogging personality (which was okay) and people talked about her. They made fun of her and all that stuffs. I didn’t, but I admit that I thought it was sort of… weird. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t think like that anymore!! I was a child back then, what did I know anyway? 😛 so naturally, there’s still that little part of me who’s afraid of people’s judgement.

Because chances are, I’m probably (aka most definitely) weirder than they thought :’)

I don’t know if it’s just me but I feel like people don’t appreciate book bloggers as much as they do fashion/beauty/lifestyle bloggers. From what I see, people consider a fashion blogger as someone cool and fancy while book bloggers are considered as geek and weird. I might be a bit sad because of this </3

13 Foreign editions 2.jpg

Why I Shouldn't be Freaking Out.jpg

DISCLAIMER: I’m talking about ME, my reasons of why I think I shouldn’t be reaking out so this may or may not be applied to you 🙂

I never try to hide my weirdness. All humans who know me must acknowledge my obsession with books and reading. I read all the time, talk about it all the time, and I even tell them to read what I read. It’s not like I’m secretly doing something behind people’s back anyway. Besides, my family and close friends had had to deal with my absurdities all the time. They won’t bat an eye on my weirdness anymore 😛

My real life and blogging personality is identical. Seriously, this is how I talk in real life. I’m as loud, as friendly, and as enthusiastic about everything as I am here, except that I talk in Bahasa instead of English. BUT, this doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with people having different personality in real life and on the internet. THERE’S NOT. I’ve come to learn that everyone has their own comfort zone and maybe some people prefer real life conversation, some others prefer writing and interacting through the internet, and the rests are simply comfortable in both.

Everyone has their own passion. I don’t think there’s a better passion than the other, be it fashion or books, passion is passion. As long as it’s not destructive. Also, people keep telling us to find our passion and I found mine. Writing and blogging is my passion and this blog is my place to channel it all ♥

And just as everyone has their own passion, everyone also has their own weirdness. Seriously, no people is completely normal. Everybody must have that little geeky and weird sides that we might or might not know! My brother likes to go to some far-away cities to take photos of trains. People think it’s weird, but who am I to judge? I take pictures of books with a bunch of props 😛

Why You Shouldn't Freak Out Either.jpg

All my reasons, if they applied to you, ++++

Like I said, everyone has their own weirdness. For all you know, those people who read your blog probably have some weirder obsessions than you do. Carry on.

You are good at what you do. Seriously, people love your blog, your writing, your recommendations, you have privillege to read ARCs, authors and publishers all talking to you, be PROUD! ♥♥♥

And as long as you enjoy it, don’t spend your time worrying about what people have to say, because guess what? It’s your life. I found my place, my community, I found people who share the same passions and I’m just going to enjoy it 😀


LET’S TALK! (1) Do your friends and family regularly read your blog? If they do, would you (A) feel proud, or (B) freak out? 😛 (2) How do you react if someone walk up to you and say ‘hey I read your blog’? Seriously, I’m curious because I’m always speechless and feel weird every time this happens. (3) Share me your reasons of why we shouldn’t be freaking out and be proud instead! ♥ 

You could also ignore my questions and tell me anything though, I’d love to hear your thoughts! 😀

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57 thoughts on “Should I Freak Out When Real Life Friends Read My Blog?

  1. At first time blogging,yes.. I started blogging in 2008.. But now I did not freak out anymore.. Since many people said my writing is good. I also wrote something I love and I think everybody should know about that.. I want to spread the goodness.. Last, I think I need pageview and comment. They are really my mood booster, so I even share my blog link to almost every whatsapp group that I joined, beside my social media.
    I think freaking out is part of process. Congrats that your friends read your blog and compliment. I do think your blog post is good, too 🙂

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  2. It’s so cool that your friends read your blog!

    I hid my blog for a long time because I like separating real life and online life, but some of my friends do know out it. It turns turns out that none of them are interested in reading it. 😛

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    • Not many though, but it still surprises me that some of them do because I actually think that none of my real life friends would be interested :’) exactly, I feel like it’s easier to separate the two lives haha omg yes they probably don’t care if I blog or don’t blog so I probably just freak out over nothing :O

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      • I’ve seen a couple people say that other students in their high school found their blog and tease them about it. I think as long as one’s friends (or acquaintances) aren’t that immature, most of us are just looking at our friends actually being interested in our blogs or not caring at all. It turns out a lot of people I know run blogs they promote on Facebook (dedicated to things like food, politics, trains?, etc.), and I just don’t care and don’t read any of them. On the other hand, most of them also are not as dedicated to blogging and post maybe once a month at best.

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        • OMG yes! I forgot about high school! I personally just graduated from university so it didn’t even occur to me how different it was for bloggers still in high school. The majority of highs school students are sooo immature so I totally get if someone doesn’t want her high school friends to know about his/her blog 😦

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          • Exactly. I didn’t think I/we were immature when I was in high school, but now that I’m older I see teens all the time getting together to make fun of other teens online. At the library, for instance, they seem to just find it absolutely hilarious to log online and mock other students on Facebook or Twitter. This obviously isn’t true of every teen, but I find it much more common with high schoolers than college students or adults. I have such sympathy for the high school book bloggers.

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  3. I ALWAYS FREAK OUT TBH. Because like your quiet friend, I’m really different in real life than on the internet. I’m actually really loud and just bubbly, while in here I’m just more flat and.. formal. I just find it hard to communicate my ideas in english, and when I do, I usually do it in formal english because that’s what I always learn :’) I always prefer to keep my blogging and real life separated, except for few trusted friends. I always go “how do you know I have a blog?” in (kinda) cold way, and the proceed to delete all source of evidence from said source. I know it’s mean but it just makes me really uncomfortable!

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    • Oohhh that’s new! Usually people comfortable talking (writing) on the internet than in real life hahaha ohh yes, I used to feel the same way. I learned English in LIA and when I wrote, I wrote essay which was so formal and not at all like blogging hahaha so it took a lot of reading for me to find my blogging voice 😀 OMG YES! I’m like ‘oh you read my blog? thanks!’ but inside I’m dying :O HAHAHA “delete all source of evidence” 😛 I totally feel you, it’s just weird for me :’)


  4. This is suuuuuch a great post ❤
    And to answer your question, no, my friends and family don't read my blog. My parents have the most basic knowledge of English and my little sister is still getting there but not only that she's also not interested in books (UGH!!) . As for my friends, I never brought it up without aside from a couple of really close ones, but even those don't visit it much hahaha!
    I just feel weird talking about it to people, even though my personnality is the same both on my blog and in real life I feel like I'm keeping them separate… I don't know why though haha but I'm not comfortable sharing this little part of me with people around me.

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    • Thank you Fadwa! ❤ ahh yes, my mom always visit my blog every time I share a post on facebook (and she also share it which is horrifying) but she doesn't understand anyway hahaha plus she always chickens out due to the length of my post, so I guess lucky us? 😛 OMG!! How old is your sister? There might be enough time to still sway her with books 😛

      Ahh exactly! I just feel weird and uncomfortable every time my friends talk about my blog especially in real life conversations. I pretend to be cool but inside I'm freaking out :')

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      • Hahaha! Yes, lucky us.
        She just turned 12. I gave her the Selection to read this summer because it seemed like something she’d enjoy and she adored it, but since then she hasn’t read anything and I don’t know what to recommend her because it’s that awkward age where I don’t know what’s appropriate 😂😂 and she refuses to read HP so I don’t know about fantasy.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Ahh maybe encourage her to look for book similar to it? But 12 years is tricky, too young for most of YAs but too old for children stuffs hahaha I think I read HP when I was 12 and Twilight when I was around 13 😛 I’m also trying to get my cousin to read more! I lend her my contemporaries because I thought since the plot is simpler, she’ll understand the languages more easily 😀

          Liked by 1 person

          • Yeees that’s what I’m trying to do but she says “I’m too lazy to look” 😂 so I think that when I get a break from school I’m definitely gathering up a list for her.
            I started HP around 8 or 9 I think haha and Twilight is one I read at 14.
            Oh that’s awesome, how old is she? I think I’ll try giving my sister Anna and the French Kiss because if I remember correctly, it’s appropriate haha.

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  5. When I first made a Facebook page for my blog, I mainly did it so family could follow along because they kept asking about how to read it. As they would share posts though, my friends and other people I knew started liking the page too and I was nervous at first. Now I’m confident though and I get asked a lot about book recommendations from friends and it’s awesome to get people into the bookworm world :). This is such a great post though because it’s so true for some of us bloggers!

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  6. I encourage people I know personally to check mine out. I figure there can be two outcomes, either they think I am weird and we go separate ways haha (which is okay, because I only need people who accept in my life) or they will provide the most honest and sincere feedback 🙂

    Family and friends can be wonderful at helping promote things ❤

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    • That’s brave! I personally could never do that hahaha :’) exactly! I don’t care anymore whether my close friends read my blog or not because I know they wouldn’t judge me. I mean, I spend years with them so they pretty much know me inside out 😛 but yes, getting a sincere feedback (or compliment :P) is nice, especially from people outside the bookish community 😀

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  7. I live in an irrational fear that my friends and family will find my blog. I don’t talk about it in front of them and most have no idea. The funny thing is that they are all the most supportive people and would say nothing but kind things about it to my face and behind my back (probably). I think a lot of it comes down to the fact I don’t talk about books all the time with them anyways (besides a few) because it’s just not an interest we share and that’s completely okay.

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    • I feel the same! I know my friends won’t make fun of me, they probably would support me or the least they do is leave me alone hahaha but still, I feel weird and uncomfortable every time someone bring up my blog in a casual conversation. Ahh exactly, I love talking about books with my friends I don’t say nearly as much as I do here because I know they don’t care that much about books, which is fine! 😀

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  8. What a great post, I love it, and I can relate to this so, so much. My family knows I have a blog and they even help me at times with pictures or stuff, and my sister is an occasional writer on the blog just as well. But otherwise, I don’t feel too comfortable sharing my blog with other people I’m not too close to, I feel like this is such a personal space, and it’s something I love and really pour my heart out in every day. But, in another way, it’s nothing I am ashamed of either, in fact I think it’s one of the things I’m the most proud of, but I guess i’m just a bit shy about it and scared of judgement?

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    • Thank you Marie, I’m so glad 😀 ooohhh that’s nice! Sometimes I take my mom to prop shopping for my pictures as well haha she’s so used to my weirdness she never even blinks every time I start being weird 😛 so fun! ❤ Is your sister into reading too?

      Oh yes I totally feel you! I am proud of my blog but just like you said, I'm scared of judgement :') which is silly because we really shouldn't let other people define us though hahaha it's our passion after all!

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  9. I’ve never really told anyone about my blog, but I accidentally linked up my bookstagram account with my Facebook account, and all my friends started following my bookstagram account! I FREAKED OUT. I think for me, I freaked out, just because I’ve always been reserved and really worried that eveyrone would judge me for having bookstagram. But hey, bookstagram is NOTHING to be ashamed of, is what I realised, after thinking about it for a bit. It’s my passion – I should feel alright expressing it!
    Such a great post – absolutely loved it – you asked the right questions! 🙂

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    • OMG YES ABOUT BOOKSTAGRAM! I keep my bookstagram a secret but recently one of my friend from uni started following me which is weird because I never ever link it to anything! Aside from my blog, obviously hahaha and I feel you too, I’m afraid they’ll judge me as a total weirdo 😦 which is silly because just like you said, it’s nothing to be ashamed of! Especially if we’re great at it 😛 Ahhh thank you so much! ❤


  10. I always am kinda surprised (usually in a good way, but not always) when someone from RL reads my blog- or comments I should say, since who knows who’s reading and NOT commenting lol? It just seems kinda weird. I mean, it’s no secret I blog but I don’t exactly advertise it to family or close friends either- it’s like a separate thing. So I totally get your feelings on this.

    I agree with you though it’s a passion thing for book bloggers I think, and the community is awesome and we can all talk books lol. So yeah why be ashamed of it or feel weird? Totally agree. Nice to see someone talk about it though- great post!!

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    • OMG YES!! Who knows who the silent readers might be! Haha but it’s not that hard to figure out for me, not many people from my country read my blog so I’d know from looking at stats 😛 Exactly! Like I’m not trying to be secretive but am scared (or more like uncomfortable) if people actually read my blog! Yay thanks! I’m glad you could relate to this 😀


  11. YES YOU SHOULD FREAK OUT. Lol just kidding, but that’s what I do. I actually recently took my blog URL out of my Instagram profile because all the sudden everyone from real life started finding my Instagram and following me, and I didn’t want them all to know about my blog. Granted my Instagram is literally just like ten pictures of books lol, and everyone who went to high school with me has always known I was a bookworm, so it’s not that I’m ashamed of that or worried about anyone finding out I like books. And like you I’ve never hidden my weirdness, and I don’t think I’m any different online. If anything I’m more normal online, haha. I think it’s more that I just don’t want certain people reading my blog? But a lot of people, especially people I’m actually friends with, I probably wouldn’t care. I did have one friend comment once when she found my blog, and I was flattered that she thought it was good 🙂

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    • Ahh really?hahaha from all the comments I received, I think everyone pretty much feel the same! Like, we love what we do and aren’t ashamed of it, but we’re still shy and scared if real life friends read it. I guess… we’re a little afraid of people’s judgement?haha oh that’s nice! I’m so happy if my friends think my blog is good, because it means they could look past my weirdness and I’m apparently good enough even for someone outside the book blogging community 😛


  12. I’ve been blogging for 4 years and I’m pretty open about it, but I’m always surprised when someone I know tells me they read my blog. I recently put up a few personal posts and shared it on FB and knew that heaps of my friends had read it and they reached out and I always get that “oh no, are they judging me” feeling. But overall, enjoy your own passions, I don’t think anyone can fault that.

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    All of sudden a bunch of my irl friends followed my bookstagram and I was like, “FRICK FRACK SNICK SNACK HOW DID THIS HAPPEN???” But I guess it’s actually not a big deal? I have pretty much the same personality online so hey whatever 😁
    But I generally only voluntarily share my blog with my family and reallyyyy close friends. I feel like my blogs still kinda a personal thing? It’s just nice to slide in to my blog, breathe, and feel like it’s truly mine ☺️

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you!! I think this is a common feeling that’s never gonna get old? Hahaha 😛 YEEESSS I FEEL YOU! Unlike my blog, I keep my bookstagram a secret hahaha mostly because I’m afraid people would think I’m a total weirdo? (which I totally am, so whatever haha) Ahh yes I could definitely see your point, it’s like the true place to channel our thoughts and passion, isn’t it? ❤

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  14. Nit many if my friends or family IRL read my blog. My Mom used to here and there and I’m sure she still would. My BFF also had a book blog before she retired from it. But not many of my IRL friends are into reading ad much as I am, so it’s not a big deal to me if they don’t bother checking it out.

    I probably freak out more when authors find my blog and wrote on it…. well fan girl more than freak is what I mean. 😉

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    • That must be fun to have a BFF who’s into reading as much as you are! My best friends love to read but not as much and they only read super popular books that have been/are going to be made into movies 😦 Oooohhh I’m always stoked every time authors message me and offer a review copy!! The excitement never gets old no matter who the author is 😛


  15. Only my best friend knows about my blog but I still freak out whenever she says she read a post or agrees with me. I don’t know, I’m really weird like that 😛 One of the reasons I don’t want people to read my blog is because it’s about books and not a lot of people seem to like books (people I know at least) and so, them finding my blog would mean they know that I don’t just love books – I eat, sleep, breathe books. And they would find me weird(er than I actually am).
    A sad thing you pointed out in this post is that people who have fashion/lifestyle blogs are way more accepted(??) and it’s just like a “cool” thing to have those kind of blogs but a book blog like mine would lead to ALL THE JUDGEMENT because of me being 105% dorky and fangirl-y. *sigh*

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    • I think it’s natural though, from all the comments I received I could see that most people still freak out if their real life friends read their blogs 😛 OH YESSS! Like people know that I’m a bookworm but they don’t actually know that I’m a BOOKWORM? With real obsession and everything 😛 totally, but I just tend to ignore it because like I said, passion is passion and people just have to accept it ❤

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  18. I’ve just started my first blog and I feel exactly the same – friends / family reading my blog? You don’t expect it.. I’ve told a couple of my close friends but for some reason I can’t bring myself to share it on my social media… I feel you. #bloggerfeels. Loved this post 🙂

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