Review: The Bone Season // Definitely Didn’t Live Up to My Expectation </3

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Well… it sadly wasn’t what I expected at all.

After all the hype surrounding this book, I had so much expectations but dare I say, it was highly overrated. The Bone Season has a great plot, but sadly there are so many things that didn’t work out for me. So I’m warning you, if you’re a die hard fan of this series and can’t take unpopular opinion, you probably shouldn’t read my review at all 🙂

The story takes place in Scion, a modern London where Clairvoyance is considered as crime. They are hunted by city police and every ten years, they were taken to this mysterious place called Sheol I. It’s located where Oxford used to be. There are seven orders of voyants and our protagonist Paige is one of the very highest order.

Let me tell you something, it was confusing as hell. The world building was complicated and I’m not saying this in a good way. There are too many types of voyants and so many slang words only they understood. It felt like they weren’t even speaking English! I had to keep checking the glossary and the voyants genealogy. It felt like reading school textbook. The first 100 pages were pure info dumping. There’s so much fancy terms and sets of rules that sent my head spinning. It frustrated me to no end! And yes, everything was explained more thoroughly later, but I hate the fact that I had to suffer through more than 150 pages of confusion before finally understanding what was going on. Not cool.

I also had trouble connecting with Paige. I’m sorry but for someone who claimed to be a criminal, she was too naive and I don’t like it. She’s such a special snowflake. A girl with special power who’s so convinced she could rebel and save the other voyants even after everyone told her about previous failed attempt at rebellion. She also wasn’t thinking clearly. Like, all she did when she came was antagonizing everyone and throwing tantrum. Hasn’t it ever occurred to her to PRETEND to play by their rules while secretly plotting revenge? I get that she’s tough, but why can’t she be tough AND smart?!! I mean, what good did it come from antagonizing the people in control of your life?


I mean, to be fair, I could see why people like her, but I felt what I felt. There’s nothing too special about her and even if I’m inside her head all the time, I didn’t feel the depth of her personality. The only time I felt close to Paige was when she had a flashback or dreams.  It made it SO HARD for me to root for her.

The other characters weren’t enough to keep my interest either. I felt indifferent toward Warden. His personality was as boring as white sheets and I didn’t understand his motives. I didn’t care about Julian or Carl or David or almost every other characters for that matter. The only group of people I care about was the Seven Seals. I love Dani, Nick, and Jax–Jax reminds me of Kaz— and unfortunately they only made little appearances. At this point, I was kind of rooting for the villains.

The romance isn’t appealing AT ALL. When Paige was chosen by the most special, most good looking keeper, I thought to myself “please don’t let it go somewhere I think we’re going”… but of course it is! There’s no chemistry whatsoever, not even believable, and most of all unnecessary. Not to mention she’s 19 and he’s like 200 years old. Ugh. Not into this kind of trope anymore </3

I seriously considered DNF-ing the book more than once.

After I got the grip of the world and how it works (and successfully ignoring Paige’s tantrum altogether), I started to really enjoy the book. I have to admit that despite all of the things I despise from this book, it does have a pretty great plot. Nothing too original, but smart, complicated, and brutal. All the things I love from a book. After almost 200 pages of struggling, the story finally piqued my interest. It was intense and fast-paced and all I wanted to do was find out what happens next.

However, the last few chapters were hard for me. My interest wandered and I spaced out even during the battle. It’s just that the characters and their reasons to fight weren’t enough to keep my interest and I just kept reading for the sake of finishing it. And even that was a struggle.

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ALL IN ALL, The Bone Season has a decent plot and one of the most complicated (yet frustrating)  world I’ve ever read about. However, I’m not sure if I’m going to read the sequel (at least not anytime soon) because despite the amazing plot, reading a book in which I dislike the characters is always hard. It requires too much work and energy and I’m not feeling up to it, especially considering the fact that this book is only the first of seven. God have mercy.


Have you read The Bone Season? What do you think about it? I realized I’m on the unpopular side of the opinions here and that’s fine by me, I felt what I felt. Though I admit I felt nervous writing this review… however, I’m not alone 😛

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33 thoughts on “Review: The Bone Season // Definitely Didn’t Live Up to My Expectation </3

  1. I don’t your opinion is terribly black sheep – I think a lot of people didn’t like this book for many of the same reasons. And I know for sure you’re not alone in feeling completely overwhelmed by the world at the start. It is a lot of information! You get thrown right in the deep end. I will say that I think that the second book is a lot better – it fills in a lot of the gaps and builds a more interesting world (to me), but I don’t blame you for not picking it up! Life is to short to read about characters and things we’re not into 😀 Totally fair review!

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    • As soon as I wrote this review all I did was check the other low-star reviews and see if I’m alone in this :’) it’s kind of upsetting because I actually really wanted to like this book! Exactly, I felt like there was so much information about the voyant and just when I started to get the hang of it, there’s more information about the Rephaim and the Enim so that’s really a lot to remember hahaha ahhh yes I heard The Mime Order is a lot better and the writing has improved much? Just tell me this, will there be more of Jax, Nick, and the other Seven Seals? If the answer is yes I might give it another chance 😛

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  2. Nooooo 😂 I just got this book (it was like $5 on BD for a hardback and I couldn’t resist), and I’m sorry you didn’t love it! I skimmed your review because I’m still planning to read it as now I have a copy… but I think now that I have a better idea of what to expect, I might actually end up enjoying it more. I’m not a huge fan of special snowflakes or fancy-schmancy world-building, but we’ll see, I suppose. 😂

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    • Oooohhh that is suuuch a good deal! I got mine on a sale as well hahaha it was only Rp 60k ahh yes I think it’s for the best, one of the reason why this has been such a let down was because my expectation was very high on the first place :’) I hope you have better luck with the book haha looking forward to your review! 😀


  3. Great review, Puput!
    I haven’t actually read The Bone Season, but I’ve heard a lot of wonderful things about it. I’m sorry that you didn’t enjoy this book! That always sucks, especially if there’s hype and you’re the black sheep. I can understand not connecting to characters though – I’ve read a lot of good books that I *know* are good books, but if I don’t connect to the character (which may just be on me), then I won’t enjoy it and that’s that.

    Buuuuut, maybe I’ll pick up this book. I know a lot of my friends love it, so maybe I may like it?! I have no idea, but fingers crossed. If I end up not liking it, I shall message you and we can be lonely black sheep together. :’)

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    • Thank you so much 😀 me too, I heard lots of amazing thing about it… which was the reason why I picked it up in the first place ahaha but yes, not connecting to a character could be a major deal breaker for me :’) I do hope you have better luck with this book, but I will also be happy to have another friend to share this apparently unpopular opinion with! Hahaha 😛


  4. I AM 1000000% WITH YOU. Like this is literally all of my thoughts too.😂 I was so overwhelmed by the slang and stuff that at times I was just like “wut even am I reading”. It was absolutely confusing. Gah. And I didn’t care about Paige at all either (so whiny and naive you’re so right!!) and the romance was creepy. So you’re definitely not alone. I even won a copy of The Mime Order on accident but I’m totally not reading it haha.😂

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    • YASSSSS!! I was afraid to be the only blacksheep though hahaha 😂 I knoooow this book made me feel dumb and it just sucks 😦 so whinyyyy and yes creepy he’s like… old… hahaha aww that’s a bummer, but I understand, life is too short to read books you don’t like, right? 😛


  5. I haven’t read this, but it’s been on my shelf or like three years? I have seen a few negative reviews, but mostly positive so this is really interesting to read. I always appreciate reading all sorts of reviews for books on my TBR because it helps me get a better idea of what to expect. I’m still going to give this a go at some point, but I’m definitely not a fan of some of the things you mentioned so it’ll be interesting to see how I feel. Brilliant review like always, Puput ♥

    Liked by 1 person

    • Me too!! I read all the rave reviews but kind of ignored the negative ones and I started reading this expecting to rave as well buuuut…. hahaha but I think it’s good that you do, so you know what to expect and probably will end up enjoying it even more 😀 thank you Lauren, and I hope you have better luck with it ❤

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  7. I finally finished this last week after it being on my shelf for so long. Though I enjoyed it a little more than you did, I do agree with you on a lot of things — especially the world building! I honestly can’t even tell you half of the stuff she dumped on us. I’m trash for Warden/Paige though. I was rooting for that from the get-go hahaha. Paige is a very special snowflake and a hard character to get along with. She is a very strong person, but sometimes a little too strong. Like you said, she fights and throws tantrums instead of using her brain to fight back. The last bit was so intense! I do want to read the next book just to see where it takes us, especially since Jaxon will be a more focal character. He’d be a very interesting villain to read about. Great review!!

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    • Glad to hear you had a better luck with it! 😀 I knooooowww right it’s just too many infos and rules… like, just when I started to understand about Voyant and Scion, we were thrown into the world of Rephaim and Enim and Sheol I and that’s just too much to take in :’) hahaha I still feel weird about Warden 😛 exactly, she’s a criminal, should’ve been a lot smarter hahaha yeahhh I kinda want to read The Mime Order because SEVEN SEALS ❤ and more Jaxon hahaha thank you 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      • I’m honestly still completely lost on most of the Scion and Rephaim crap. Even the glossary couldn’t help me sometimes hahhaaa. Really excited to read more about the Seals!

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  8. I’m disappointed to see you didn’t like it because this book is on my TBR. But this isn’t the first time I’ve heard of someone not enjoying it. I’m pretty hesitate about reading it these days. I love good world building but not confusing world building. Paige also sounds pretty annoying. =/

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