The Emoji Book Tag // Two of My Favorite Things in One Post


Hello everyone! Welcome to another tag ♥

The last time I did a tag was last month and the month before and I was thinking of maybe making it a monthly thing? 😛 but please feel free to keep tagging me! I was tagged by Fadwa @ Word Wonders (thank you Fadwa!) to do this Emoji Book Tag and I am excited because I LOVE EMOJI! ♥♥♥ I don’t know if you notice this but I always use emoji on my posts. And wait until we start texting, I will bombard you with my excessive use of emoji and stickers 😛


  • Thank the person who tagged you.
  • Use your 5 most recent emoji and chose a book that goes along with it.
  • Tagged some awesome people.

Well, I am incapable of choosing only one book, so I’m gonna be a bit of a rebel here and choose as many books as I feel like choosing 😛 without further ado, let’s get this started! ♦

Emoji Book Tag- Favorite Ships.jpg

This is probably one of many emoji that I overuse daily. I use it when I talk about something I love, good news, cute guys, favorite books, agreements, basically everything that is remotely positive. Also it’s super adorable, so I am gonna choose books with the most adorable couples in it ♥

I’ll Give You the Sun is one of my all time favorite contemporary and I ship Oscar and Jude SO HARD! They’re just so funny and adorable and clearly meant to be 😛 I just discovered Tell Me Three Things a couple weeks ago and it was suuuuch a good surprise. I love Ethan and Jessie and their weirdness is just ♥♥♥ Isla and the Happily Ever After is possibly my favorite of all three books. Josh and Isla are just so sweet! Also their love story takes place in Manhattan, Paris, and Barcelona ♦

Click to see my review : I’ll Give You the Sun • Tell Me Three Things • Isla and the Happily Ever After

Emoji Book Tag- FUNNY.jpg

Another emoji that I use too frequently :’) I use this half-laugh half-cry emoji every time I talk about something funny but not that funny. I don’t know I’m talking about hahaha but I’m gonna choose books that are so funny I could cry.

The Hidden Oracle is hands down the FUNNIEST of all Riordan’s books I’ve read. And that’s saying something because all of his books are hilarious! Apollo is super narcissistic and he’s basically the Greek god version of Gilderoy Lockhart 😛 I really love this series because it’s different from the others ♥ Illuminae obviously made the list because Kady & Ezra IM conversation is just LOL (!!!) There’s also Ezra’s IM conversation with his friends Jimmie and Dorian that is just as hilarious, if not more 😀

Click to see my review : The Hidden Oracle • Illuminae

Emoji Book Tag- CRY.jpg

I use this emoji every time I talk about something upsetting, doesn’t have to be big, but tiny little things that bother me daily 😛 for the purpose of this tag, I’m gonna choose books that make me cry so much! Beware… I cry easily over books

I don’t know why Joe and Lennie’s fight from The Sky is Everywhere made me cry so much! I mean, it’s just a lovers’ quarrel between two teenagers?!?! :’) whatever though, I got emotional haha aaaand there’s Me Before You, which everyone has probably read or watched and cried to as well. It’s just so good and so sad and I love it so much ♥ I haven’t seen the movie by the way. The last is The Serpent King aka my new favorite contemporary of all time. I cried so much reading it and I can’t wait to read Jeff Zentner’s upcoming book!

Click to see my review : The Sky is Everywhere • Me Before You • The Serpent King

Emoji Book Tag- Tease.jpg

I use this emoji every time I’m funny or making fun of my texting partner but I’m not sure how this would translate to a book :’) I’ll give it my best effort… I’m going to choose books in which the characters do something funny or embarrassing that I personally want to tease them 😛

In TATBILB, someone mails Lara Jean’s love letters to all the boys she’s loved before. It was downright embarrassing, especially when your sister’s boyfriend AND middle school crush are on the list :’) If I were Lara Jean, I would probably move to Jupiter. I also want to tease Lily from P.S. I Like You because she doesn’t realize that the person she claims to hate is actually the person she really likes ♥

Click to see my review : To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before • P.S. I Like You

Emoji Book Tag- Heart.jpg

I use heart emoji ALL. THE. TIME. I use it every time I talk about something funny, something good, something positive, and also to end a conversation :’) there’s so many color options in android emoji but these three colors are my favorites! And I frequently use all the three of them in this exact order ♥ I’m gonna choose some of my favorite books I read this year 😀

A Darker Shade of Magic was my first Schwab’s book and I love it so much! It’s fantastic, brutal, magical, and has such a flawless world building. I read Vicious last month and absolutely adored it! I think it dethroned ADSOM as my favorite Schwab’s book 😛 It’s got everything, villainous characters, genius plot, equally flawless world building, and science. I’m so obsessed ♥♥♥ Crooked Kingdom is a perfect conclusion to what might be my favorite series so far. It’s so unpredictable, intense, and adorable because all my ships had sailed 😀

Click to see my review : Vicious A Darker Shade of Magic • Crooked Kingdom


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34 thoughts on “The Emoji Book Tag // Two of My Favorite Things in One Post

  1. Ah, I loved Tell Me Three Things, too!! It was such a cute story. I have Isla & I’ll Give You The Sun on my TBR shelf waiting to be read. Same with Me Before You, The Serpent King and A Darker Shade of Magic. I really need to get to these dang books. lol This was a cute tag! I really love the way you designed your post. Super cute!


  2. Ahh, I really enjoyed reading this post! I LOVE using emojis (to the chagrin of my partner…) so I feel this post. XD

    I love all your choices! I love all your choices for the heart emoji! I haven’t actually read Crooked Kingdom (YET, but I will soon!) but I’ve read Vicious (which is my faveeee!) and I enjoyed ADSOM too.

    I’ve never heard of The Sky is Everywhere! But thank you for bringing this to my attention – I’ve added this to my tbr and hopefully I’ll see it somewhere in the library.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! 😀 ahaha I knoooowww I probably have annoyed people to hahaha but it’s fun so sorry not sorry 😛 yes you should definitely read CK soon and ahh Vicious is SO GOOD isn’t it? ❤ you're welcome! I hope you enjoy it because I really adore all Jandy Nelson's writing 😀


  3. Ooh this one is fun and reminds me that it has been sitting on my draft for way too long 😂 I agree, Apollo is very narcissistic, but he makes a really entertaining main character! And Lara Jean’s incident it truly embarassing, I think I would skip school for a while or something😂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I’M CLAPPING WITH MY HANDS AND FEET RIGHT NOW !! Because I agree with everything AND the fact that you thought of using multiple books is really smart, how didn’t I think of it? *sigh*
    Anyway, great picks!! I use those emojis A LOT as well on a daily basis ahaha! And YES for texting anytime!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I LOVE these answers, and yay for all the emojis you use, I might be using the same ones on a daily basis as well, haha. I just love your picks for the heart emojis, even if I still need to read Tell Me Three Things, it makes me want to read it right now! 😀 And don’t worry…The Sky is Everywhere made me WAY too emotional as well.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I LOVE EMOJISSS 🌺💜🌚🤗 and of course i love books so isn’t this post so scrumptious! Plus can we talk about the Serpent King–ALL THE SOBS. I actually did this post when I was starting out as a wee little blogger way back when, so of course the way I did the post was HORRIFIC. But yours, of course, is aesthetically luscious 😍 thank you so much for the tag!

    Liked by 1 person

    • YAYYYY emoji is the best thing ever 😂😂😂 OMG YES! I’m always looking for people to flail over The Serpent King together and sadly there isn’t many! This book is so underrated </3 but actually SO GOOD! I love emotional books hahaha ahh sorry I didn't know hehe but I'm glad you like mine! 😀 you're so welcome Becca ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  7. YAY for emojis!! I use so many of the same ones as you a lot 😂. Also, I am completely with you on those answers. Especially with I’ll Give You The Sun, The Sky is Everywhere, P.S. I Like You, and Me Before You. Thanks so much for the tag, Puput!! 💕😊

    Liked by 1 person

  8. This tag looks like such fun! I loved reading this post, Puput. 🙂

    How cute are Josh and Isla?!?!? I love them! Honestly though, I think all of Stephanie Perkins’s books have fab romances.

    NOOOOO. The Sky of Everywhere 😦 I loved this one, but kinda blocked the sadness from my mind until this post reminded me haha. I also loved Me Before You, and really want to read The Serpent King!

    I have both To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before and P.S. I Like You on my TBR, and I really want to get to them soon. I’ve heard fantastic things about TATBILB, and I’ve enjoyed every Kasie West book I’ve read.

    I also need to read every V. E./Victoria Schwab book ever and LEIGH BARDUGO.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It is super fun to do as wll! 😀 Yeahh Stephanie Perkins does write adorable romance but I always feel like she reached her A-game with Isla & Josh 😛 you should definitely read The Serpent King, it’s so good and deserves more attention hahaha yayy you should read ALL OF THEM they’re so great ❤


  9. Books and Emojis are 2 of my fave things too!! I even have my son obsessed with both and he doesn’t even have a phone yet. But YES to crying while read The Sky is Everywhere. It was a heart-wrencher. AND Lara-Jean was pretty cringe-inducing at times. I get embarrassed when people embarrass themselves and need to look away. I was definitely feeling that in To All the Boys!!

    Liked by 1 person

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