Fun Bookish Twitter Accounts to Spice Up Your Timeline: The #YACliches Edition


Hello everyone! ♥

This year one of my blogging goals is to put more space between my discussion posts because based on my experience last year, constantly coming up with quality and original discussions is HARD 🙈 so today, I’m bringing you another kind but hopefully still fun post! Fun twitter accounts to follow to spice up your timeline: the #YACliches edition!

Before we get started, I need to ask you this. You do have twitter accounts, don’t you? 😛 If you don’t please sign up soon ♣

Alright. If you call yourself a bookworm, you must have noticed a lot of tropes or cliches being used all over again in so many books, to the point where they put you in an extreme eye-rolling situation. I once wrote a post about cliche things in books that almost never happen in real life, but these accounts bring cliches to another level! That’s right, all these parody accounts are there to bring you the most cliche things in YA in the sassiest way possible!

You might or might not have followed them already but either way, they’re my current obsession! 😛

Meet The Squad.jpg

Helpless YA Heroine

It’s not a book without the heroine, is it? You know the type, some gorgeous girl who doesn’t think she’s pretty with one-of-a-kind personality that is ‘not like other girls’ but actually isn’t that different from everyone else. Helpless YA Heroine is, I quote, just a strong, independent woman who always needs a man to save the day 😛

Also, she’s usually the new girl in town. Or in school. Or both 🙈

Typical YA Heroine

Afraid the above account misses something? Or simply want to see more cliches from our heroine? Don’t worry, I got you covered with this account. Typical YA Heroine is just your average, ordinary teen 😉 Here are some snippets ♥

Brooding YA Hero

Obviously it’s not yet a book without a love interest. Meet Brooding YA Hero, the experts of making bad life choices, looking hot, and shedding manly tears 😛 Basically, this account brings all cliches about main hero (and sometime heroine) from most YA books and I tell you, IT IS HILARIOUS 😂 their tweets are so on point and I crack up every time they appear on my timeline. This account is run by Carrie Ann and good news, it’s going to be a book! Check it out here ♥

YA Best Friend

Ever noticed that sidekick character who befriends our female protagonist and almost always brings her out of her shell? You know, dragging her to wild parties and telling her everything she needs to know about all the other students? They have their own accounts! Even though they don’t get as much spotlight as our MC, they seem to be perfectly happy as the adorable comic relief 😛 this arody account is run by

The bad guys and supporting characters.jpg

It’s STILL not a story without bad guys and some absent parents, isn’t it?

Depending on the genre, bad guys could take any form starting from an evil cheer captain to a tyrannical leader. Their goal is obviously to keep our protagonists from being happy, or you know, destroy their countries if you’re a tyrannical president 😛 I’m not going to show you snippets from each account so go check them out by yourself! ♣

Bitchy YA Rival • Typical YA Jerk • Typical YA Villain • Real YA Antagonist

Even if they only make like 10% appearance on the book, the parents of our protagonists also have their own accounts 😛 Here we have YA Fiction Dad who’s struggling to keep up with his teenage daughter and Average YA Mom who is, I quote, either dead or negligent 😅

It Goes Beyond YA.jpg

You don’t have to worry if you haven’t found your soul mate or your happily ever after in high school, there’s always college where you’ll have the time of your life and meet a 20-something good looking guys with a dark and tragic past. You might hate him at the first sight but he’ll probably be your soulmate, you know? 😛

New Adult Hero

Meet your guy! He’s usually an athlete who also happens to be an arrogant playboy. Loves to drink, smoke, sleep around, and fight other guys who’s so much as look your way.

There’s also an account for New Adult Heroine but it sadly isn’t very active and haven’t tweeted anything in months 😦


Alright everyone, those are some of my favorite parody accounts with the most on-point tweets! Are you following them too? 😛 now recommend me some fun twitter personality that will make my feed even funnier! ♥

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41 thoughts on “Fun Bookish Twitter Accounts to Spice Up Your Timeline: The #YACliches Edition

  1. This was such an excellent post!! I really cracked up reading those tweets – I had no idea such accounts existed 😁😁 I’m still not on Twitter but I’ll probably join soon 😅 All the cliches you mentioned were SO ON POINT!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love this post ❤ ❤ I am following all these accounts instantly 🙂 The BroodingYAHero was my favorite of them all 😂 You bring the best posts,Puput ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh my gosh these are EXCELLENT! I’ve seen a few of these but only sporadically, I think my fave (of your examples) is Typical YA heroine. 🙂 Thanks for sharing these!!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I knew about Brooding YA Hero, but I didn’t know about these other Twitter accounts. Off to follow them now for those times I need something to smile at when browsing Twitter. I love these accounts because they are so true. We all know the usual cliches from YA and NA and we love them anyway.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Love this! I knew about the brooding bad boy account, but didn’t know there were so many others. How fun! I’ll have to check them out. Making fun of YA cliches is hilarious and it’s awesome that people have dedicated time to this 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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