Authors Whose Books I’ll Buy Without Even Caring What They Are About


Hello everyone! Welcome to another list/recommendation post ♥

Today we’ll be talking about authors whose books I’ll buy without even caring what they are about, a.k.a my auto buy authors! I have a lot of favorite authors, but are they all auto buy? Not necessarily. Auto buy authors are even better than favorite authors because just like I said, I wouldn’t even read the synopsis before deciding if I’m gonna read the book. I have blind faith in their writing 😛

In order to be an auto buy for me, authors have to had released more than one book and all of them have to be equally great, or at least the newer one is better than the debut. All of the books also need to have something remarkable that would make me crave for more, it’s either the characters, the plot, the writing, or all of them.

Without further ado, let’s get down on the lists! 😀

Contemporary authors.jpg

Contemporary Autobuy.jpg

Kasie West

You know Kasie West would be on top of my list because I LOVE HER BOOKS, in case this wasn’t clear 😛 well to be fair, not all… not equally, but her books are always amazing and reading them makes me happy because they’re cute as heck!! She’s released 7books and I’ve read absolutely all of them. Ironically, I didn’t own ANY of them because I’m so obsessed I always read her books right after their release dates and buying paperbacks mean I have to wait until the books are available in my country or wait for a 3-week international shipping. I don’t have the patience.

Things Kasie West’s books have in common

  • Adorable romance. I’m serious, all her couples are my OTPs because they’re so, so cute I ship them so badly ♥
  • Sassy sense of humor. Look at Caymen, look at Lily, Kasie West’s main characters always have amazing and snarky sense of humor. And when the main characters don’t have it, the side characters will do. Just look at Bec and Laila 😛
  • Realistic and healthy family dynamic. This is probably one of her strongest trademark. All the family in her books are so realistic and perfectly balanced. We have single parent in The Distance Between Us, divorced but still maintain a good relationship parents in Pivot Point, big family in On the Fence and PS I Like You, supportive family in By Your Side, and a little bit ignorant parents in The Fill-In Boyfriend.
  • Healthy girl friendship. Just like the family, the friendship dynamic is also amazing. There’s no girl frenemies, only amazing friendship and that is just incredible ♥
  • Amazing high school vibe. Now I know not everyone enjoys their time in high school, but I did. High school was bittersweet and all of Kasie’s books always managed to bring me back there.

Just because I love all her books, doesn’t mean there’s nothing I wouldn’t change. I think it’ll be even more amazing if her books are more diverse because so far, they’re incredibly White and full of straight couple. But I do have hope, considering her latest book, By Your Side, has a portrayal of anxiety disorder 🙂

All of Kasie West’s books I’ve read, ranging from my most favorite to my least.

P.S. I Like You ★★★★★ • Split Second ★★★★★ • The Distance Between Us ★★★★ • The Fill-In Boyfriend ★★★★ • On the Fence ★★★★ • Pivot Point ★★★★ • By Your Side ★★★

Jandy Nelson 

So Jandy Nelson’s only written two books so far but I love both of them so much! Funny thing is, I DNF-ed The Sky is Everywhere the first time I read it because I thought the writing was too poetic. But then I read I’ll Give You the Sun and I loved it so much! I decided to give TSIE another shot and ended up loving it as well ♥

Things Jandy Nelson’s books have in common

  • Superstitious vibe. The vibe is SO STRONG. Lennie’s family believes in superstition, Jude and Noah believe that their dead mother and grandma are still with them and Jude and Oscar carry lucky charms in their pockets. Turns out that Jandy Nelson, like her characters, comes from a superstitious lot.
  • Insta love that works. You know I hate insta love to bits but somehow, Jandy Nelson made it work. Also the romance is an all-or-nothing kind of romance and it is adorable!
  • Complicated family dynamic. There’s sibling rivalry and family grief and both themes are explored well.
  • ALL. THE. FEELS. Both books are so bittersweet

Jandy Nelson’s books I’ve read.

I’ll Give You the Sun ★★★★★ • The Sky is Everywhere ★★★★

Fantasy Authors.jpg

Fantasy Autobuy.jpg

Victoria Schwab

I only discovered Schwab last year but boy I’ve been in love ever since! A Darker Shade of Magic immediately became one of my favorite fantasy. Her writing is so, so amazing and one of a kind and I just love all her books so much (at least the ones I read).

Things Schwab’s books have in common

  • Systematic writing and slow pace. I noticed that her writing is very methodical. She starts by introducing each character and the world they are in before getting into the action, therefore the pace of her books is almost always slow. I normally dislike this kind of writing but Schwab makes it works. I love it!
  • Vivid description and world building. There’s just something about Schwab’s writing that makes it so easy to imagine. ADSOM has one of the most complicated world building but it was easy to understand and I could picture it perfectly.
  • Fantastic morally gray characters. Meet Kell, Lila, Rhy, Holland, Victor, Eli, Kate, August, and Mackenzie. Say no more 😛
  • THE BEST PLOT. Seriously guys, all her stories are so original and brutal! Not to mention the twists… always managed to take me by suprise.

All of Schwab’s books I’ve read, ranging from my most favorite to my least.

Vicious ★★★★★ • A Darker Shade of Magic ★★★★★ • The Archived ★★★★ • A Gathering of Shadows ★★★★ • This Savage Song ★★★★

Leigh Bardugo

Meet the queen of diverse fantasy, Leigh Bardugo! ♥ to be honest, I didn’t love The Grisha as much as I did Six of Crows duology but Leigh showed so much improvement. SoC was so full of diverse casts and the plot was a lot better. It makes me believe that Leigh is super capable of getting better. I’m so looking forward for her next books ♦

Things Leigh Bardugo’s books have in common

  • Morally gray characters, because naive and good characters are overrated 😛 after The Darkling, Leigh definitely stepped up her game in Six of Crows with a group of misfit. Kaz could easily be a bad guy in another story but he made an amazing protagonist!
  • THE GRISHAVERSE. I love that world so much and I hope Leigh will keep writing about them
  • Genius plot. Just like Schwab’s, Leigh always manages to write unpredictable stories. The twists always surprise me. Just when I think things can’t go wrong, they do, and just when I think everyone’s gonna die, they find a way to survive.

All of Leigh Bardugo’s books I’ve read, ranging from my most favorite to my least.

Crooked Kingdom ★★★★★  Six of Crows ★★★★★  Siege and Storm ★★★★★ • Shadow and Bone ★★★★ • Ruin and Rising ★★★

Rick Riordan

Riordan’s books are the ONLY middle grade books I read and loved, so that’s saying something 😛 I read Percy Jackson 7 years ago and was immediately hooked because apparently I have a thing for mythology. I admit, there are times when I feel like I outgrow these books, but I will always read his books.

Things Riordan’s books have in common 

  • Mythology retelling! Here we have Greek, Norse, and Egyptian myth! My favorite is still and will always be the Greek ones.
  • Fantastic sense of humor. I guarantee you’re gonna laugh whenever you read Riordan’s books. The funniest one so far is The Hidden Oracle, Apollo’s sense of humor was so on point 😛
  • Friendship! Since most of the books are MG, friendship takes the center stage while romance can take the backseat.
  • Diverse characters! I swear they’re getting more and more diverse each book. We started off with PJO where almost everyone is white and straight, then we have HoO with several POCs and gay characters, then Magnus Chase with Muslim female protagonist and a non binary character. To top it all off, the character developments are also incredible ♥

All of Riordan’s books I’ve read, ranging from my most favorite to my least.
P.S. Riordan has released SO MANY books so I’m just gonna put the first book of each series and rate the series altogether😂😂

Heroes of Olympus ★★★★★ • Percy Jackson and the Olympians ★★★★★ • The Trials of Apollo ★★★★ • Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard ★★★★ • The Kane Chronicles ★★★


Wow, this post turned out to be way longer than I expected 😂 anyway, those are some of my favorite auto buy authors! What do you think? Who are your auto buy authors? Do we have any of them in common? What makes an author an auto buy for you? I’d love to hear your thoughts! ♥

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62 thoughts on “Authors Whose Books I’ll Buy Without Even Caring What They Are About

  1. My auto-buy authors:
    Jeannie Lin: Tang dynasty historical romance (Harlequin), steampunk China + Japan, and future novels will feature awesome rebel sisters.
    Cindy Pon: Fantasy books inspired by Chinese mythology, upcoming novel set in Taipei.
    Akiyoshi Rikako: Whose thriller novels have been translated into Indonesian. Holy Mother is somewhere in my room waiting to be read.
    Ken Liu: His short stories and novels are both epic.
    Dewi Lestari: Mainstream banget yak, LOL.

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  2. Yes, Rick Riordan, V.E. Schwab, and Leigh Bardugo! I still need to read all of Riordan’s and Schwab’s books! I think my top auto-buy author has become Sarah J. Maas. Would literally buy any book she’s written. 😂

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  3. Ah I love this list! I agree with pretty much every author on this list! Kasie West and Leigh Bardugo are definitely auto-buy authors for me! And while I haven’t read all of the books by VE Schwab, Rick Riordan or Jandy Nelson yet, I am so catching up and am sure they’ll be auto-buy anyway. I think another auto-buy author for me is Morgan Matson, as I’ve loved every book by her so far 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • YAY TO US hahaha I love them so much! ❤ oh yes Schwab has been auto buy ever since I read ADSOM hahah I only ever read Amy & Roger and Since You've Been Gone. I love SYBG but Amy & Roger, not so much 😂 still want to read The Unexpected Everything! 😀


  4. After I finished Crooked Kingdom, I added Leigh to my auto buy list too, and actually tweeting my excitement about it and she saw and replied. Ever since she’s gotten even more awesome in my eyes, because of her effort to interact with readers – I’ve gotten a couple of replies this past year and it always makes me so happy.

    I am currently reading my first Victoria Schwab book, actually! And at first I was like ‘when are things going to start happening?’ because like you said, she introduced us to each character indiviually first (I am already in love with Rhy, Kell and Lila and Holland for sure intrigues me) and now things are about to actually start kicking off! I can’t wait to read the rest of the trilogy (I’ve got the other books coming in tomorrow and then whenever amazn delivers my pre-order of ACOL)!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh I feel you! Leigh likes and retweets a lot of my tweets too! It’s not reply but I’m so happy with it hahaha YAYYY WELCOME TO THE CLUB! I’m Schwab’s trash because I love all her books so much hahaha yes almost all her books are slow paced except Vicious, it jumps straight to action haha ohhh you should read AGOS soon because you’re in for a treat! So much character development and a lot of Rhy-Kell bromance ❤

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  5. YAS KASIE WEST. My god. I love her. Pivot Point and Trevor? Yes please. I loved him to the moon and back! ❤ I love Rick Riordan is also my go to author even though I need to read his other series. But he's fantastic. 🙂 My number one go to buy author is Laurie Halse Anderson. I love her books and her stories. I'm also thinking Sarah J. Maas is a new go to author. I just need to read Throne of Glass 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • YESSSS TREVOR IS ONE OF THE BEST BOOK BOYFRIEND! I’m excited hahaha all her books are amazing though 😛 hmm can you believe I haven’t read ANY Laurie Halse Anderson’s books? Speak and Wintergirls have been on my TBR for… years, I think 😂😂😂 ahh SJM is my guilty pleasure. I love ACOTAR but TOG, not so much hehehe


  6. I TOTALLY agree about Kasie West! Her books are so great – I just finished P.S. I Like You a few days ago and I LOVED it! I’m hoping for more diversity in her upcoming books, too – I’m pretty sure that her next book, Lucky in Love, has an Asian love interest, so hopefully that’s not the only diversity we get!

    Liked by 1 person

    • PS I Like You is amazing!! It’s my favorite of all her books hahaha so adorable & dorky 😛 ohh I didn’t know that but YAYYY! I’m Asian so it’s always great to see Asian character in books hahaha and I hope it’s better than By Your Side 😂


  7. This list is amazing! Leigh Bardugo is definitely an auto-buy author for me. Six of Crows is wonderful, I love all the characters in that book and the dynamics between them. On the other hand, I’m still not sure about Victoria Schwab, I DNF’ed one of her books, but I read and really liked another one. I will give the Shades of Magic series a chance because I’m really intrigued by it, and then I will see how I feel about her books.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. my auto buy authors are jennifer niven, nicola yoon and marie rutkoski! i would totally buy jandy nelson’s books too because she is such an amazing, lyrical writer that descerves all the love in the world! surprisingly i hvae not yet ready anything kasie west yet but i am planning to change that!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ahh I love All the Bright Places but Holding Up the Universe was only alright for me 😂 BUUUUT I’m definitely buying whatever book she’s writing hahaha I know right, I love Jandy’s writing so much ❤ oh yayyy I definitely support that!


  9. Great post! I LOVE Kasie West’s books. Haven’t read them all yet, though, but so far, my favorite has been The Fill-in Boyfriend. For contemporary authors, Emery Lord also comes to mind as really good.

    For fantasy, I’m ashamed to say I still haven’t read anything by V.E. Schwab. But I definitely agree on Leigh Bardugo’s writing having improved. The Grisha Trilogy hooked me because of the world. Alina’s story started out as something really exciting for me, but soon, it became kind of meh. I did like the ending in Ruin and Rising but it didn’t compensate for all the other dull moments throughout the series. Now, Six of Crows is another beast entirely! It’s like Leigh cracked her fingers one day, and said, ‘What the hell? I’m going to light this shit up.’ and BAM Kaz and the crew was born.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I love The Fill-In Boyfriend too, especially because it has my favorite trope of ever : fake dating hahaha 😛 ahh I requested Emery Lord’s new book on Netgalley but got declined 😦 I’m sad 😦 ahaha BUT OMG YOU SHOULD READ SCHWAB’S!! She’s probably my favorite fantasy author to date hahaha oh on the contrary, I lvoe the middle so much because there’s Sturmhound haha but the ending was weird for me 😂 but Six of Crows is absolutely amazing!! Can’t wait to read her upcoming books ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      • Aw, I’m sorry you got declined. It happens. 😦

        Lol, I’m planning on read Schwab’s books soon. I will!

        As for Sturmhound, OMG you’re right! He’s such a bright spot in the books. Of course I love him! Lol, And I won’t say the ending wasn’t kind of weird. I just think it could’ve been so much more better and epic if it hadn’t been so focused on Alina and her drama.

        Liked by 1 person

  10. Jandy Nelson and Leigh Bardugo!! Those two are so auto-buy authors for me too. I actually didn’t realize about the whole superstitious character’s aspects until you pointed it out but now that I think about that has to be one of my favorite aspects of Jandy’s books so far too. And I love that Leigh’s characters are always morally gray. She creates such fantastic, complex, and flawed characters. I can’t wait until the Grisha storybook she’s writing is published! I’ve only read one book by Kasie West so far so I wouldn’t say she’s gained auto-buy status yet but P.S. I Like You was adorable and I’ll definitely be reading her other books. And I am reading ADSOM within the next month of two so we’ll see if Victoria Schwab ends up becoming an auto-buy! I think we both have similar expectations for author’s to become auto-buys. They have to have published a few books and I have to have loved them a lot. Great post, Puput!! 😁💕

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yayyyy I think we never talked about Jandy Nelson before? Her books are amazing though ahaha I know right?! At first I felt weird about all the superstitious element but now I dig it hahaha 😛 Awww PS I Like You is her finest work for me! Though some people seem to dislike it because it was predictable, but I was like??? Most contemporaries are predictable and it wasn’t like I was expecting some plot twist hahaha but you definitely need to read her other books ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yep!! I think you recommended her books in a few other posts before. They really are! I can’t wait until she publishes another one. She supposed to be this year but I’m not entirely sure.
        I’ve noticed that about people not liking because of the predictability. I completely agree. I rarely expect a contemporary to be unpredictable. I feel like fantasy is where I get my big plot twists and contemporaries are reads that require less effort in that department. I enjoy that about them. They’re more of a fictionalized representation of real life and all of that. Although, it is great when a contemporary completely surprises you lol. 😊

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  11. Bardugo and Schwab have both officially won a place on this list for me too! For exactly the same reasons you listed 🙂

    I’d also add Sarah J. Maas to those ranks. Just because her books always pull me all the way in and chew me up and spit me back out as an emotional wreck.

    The irony is that just a few years ago I didn’t read ANY high fantasy, and all of these fall into that sub-genre!

    I’m a huge fan of Rick Riordan as well, but I sort of stopped keeping up several years ago. I need to jump back on that bandwagon

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh yayyy, they’re my current favorite fantasy authors 😀 Mmm I have a mixed feeling with SJM because I love ACOTAR so much but TOG, not so much heheh I don’t read many high fantasy either, they’re always so overwhelming! Hahaha and yessss Rick Riordan’s books are always amazing ❤


  12. I think we all have authors who are on our auto-buy list, some people’s are just longer than others. I agree about Victoria Schwab, I will always read her books, although may take me a while to get around to buying. My auto buy authors list is long, it goes from Kelley Armstrong (a newbie to the list) to authors like Sarah Dessen. I could actually list all my auto buy list but I don’t want to write you an essay. THey are all authors I trust to write really good books. I may worry when a new book is announced that I won’t like it but I will always buy them.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Agreed hahaha Schwab is soooo amazing isn’t she? I love almost everything she writes hahaha ahh Sarah Desen, I think I only read one of her books but I’m aware that she’s on a lot of people favorite author lists 😛 hahaha I’d love to know people’s auto buy authors though, who knows maybe I’ll find a new favorite ❤


  13. I can see KAsie West because even though I haven’t read anything by her, I’ve seen enough reviews to know she writes good stuff. 🙂 And I did kinda want to read Split second and Pivot Point.

    Leigh Bardugo is one I’m going to try soon as I just won Crooked Kingdom in a giveaway. Now I just need to get Six of Crows and jump in!

    Liked by 1 person

    • She writes adorable and fluffy stuffs but yeeeah it’s good hahaha her books always remind me of the good times in high school 😛 Pivot Point is good, Split Second even better, I kinda wish for her to write more sci fi though hahaha oh yayyy happy reading, hope you like them! 😀


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  15. Oh my gosh, I’m an auto-buyer for Rick Riordan’s books. I really like how diverse his books are becoming as well. The next book in the Trials of Apollo is coming out an I feel like I was one of the first people to pre-order it of of Amazon :P.

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