Taking a Step Back from the Bookish Community: A Semi-Hiatus Announcement


Hello everyone! ♥

It’s been a while since the last time I’d been FULLY active here. My life is undergoing a big change and I was planning to tell you this on my March recap, but unfortunately I didn’t even have the time to write a March recap 😂

You might remember that I just started a new job in February, but recently I… got another job 🙈 It was totally unexpected! I wasn’t even looking and out of nowhere a recruiter approached me and asked if I’m interested to work in their company. Here’s the thing : I loved my previous job, it’s close, it’s in line with my major, the people are fun, etc. But there’s one thing I didn’t mention, it didn’t pay well. And this job is so much more promising and still in line with my major. I signed the contract mid March and started working last Monday ♥ which brings me to the second point.

I moved out of the house! My new office is located in this industrial district pretty far from my house so I had to move. One of the reasons why I took the job was because I could live on my own, hehe. I’ve mentioned a few times that I feel confined to live back at home after 4 years of living on my own. So when the first chance of getting out of the house came to me, I took it. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family to bits and pieces and enjoy being with them. It’s just, living back with them feels like a step back from my independence.

However… moving out this time isn’t as smooth as I expected. I’ve lived away from home twice, so I know the drill. It’s difficult but doable and I’ll get through it. But this time… well, my place isn’t as good as I expected. When I first saw it, I loved it! Large room, modern furnitures, cozy. What I didn’t know was it is EXTREMELY HOT. It was hot when I first came, but I thought the temperature will drop when I install the air cooler. But nope, did not happen.

It’s also kind of humid that it is hard for me to dry my hair inside! I’m not joking, I washed my hair at around 6 and went to bed at 10 and my hair was still very damp I just?? While at home I wash my hair at 9 and it’ll be dry in about an hour.

But the worst thing from my place is it has a really shitty internet connection! </3 it’s even so difficult to get a decent cell reception. I thought that was the only issue so I bought a wifi device, I figured I’d be able to use it for both my laptop and phone buuuut it doesn’t work. I couldn’t get any signal from inside my place so whenever I want to use internet connection I have to step out and that’s just too much work.

To top it all off, I can’t use internet connection in the office. It’s STRICTLY for work that they block any access to the internet aside from e-mail and other work related stuffs. The only social media I could access is Linkedin and that is for professional purpose.

That being said, it’s so difficult for me to blog or even schedule a post. I tried posting from my phone wordpress app but that didn’t work well. I can’t reply to comments, let alone blog hop during weekdays. And with so many things happening in the bookish community, I’m sad to say that I just can’t keep up.

So, it’s time for me to take a step back and take a semi-hiatus from the book blogging community. I’m gonna look for a new place soon, the one with better air circulation and internet connection, but until then, I’m stuck with this situation 😦 so here’s what’s going to happen in the next three weeks.

  1. I won’t be posting according to my regular schedule. My only post of the week would be reviews every Thursday because I have a lot on backlist
  2. I won’t be able to reply to comments and blog hop. I’ll probably read it from my phone, but I won’t have time to engage 😦 I’m gonna try to catch up as much as I could during weekend
  3. I won’t be able to engage in Twitter and Instagram as much as I liked to
  4. I’m gonna have to push The Diversity Corner #3 to a later date. This post always requires so much time and effort and I definitely don’t have those two right now 😦
  5. If you need to contact me, Twitter DM and e-mail are the fastest method. Obviously I might not reply right away (because of cell reception—or lack there of) but they’re still the best ones 😂

And thaaaat’s it! It’s kind of sad for me and I know that my stats will probably hit rock bottom but at this point I just can’t do this. Please don’t forget me and I’ll be back before you know it 😛


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20 thoughts on “Taking a Step Back from the Bookish Community: A Semi-Hiatus Announcement

  1. Aw, I’ll never forget you, Puput! I knew something was up because you hadn’t posted your March Wrap-Up yet! I’m glad to see you have a new job that you’re enjoying, and I hope everything works out with getting a new house! I’ll be waiting for you to get back! 😄


  2. AW, PUPUT I’M GOING TO MISS YOU ♥♥♥ Taking a hiatus is totally understandable though. I’m so happy for you with your new job and new place!! I’m sorry about the internet situation and the heat though D: I’ve moved around a lot and at one stage one of our houses was in a total black spot so we had no wifi and it was the WORST. Don’t worry, all of us will be here when you get back!! Take care 😘


  3. While I am very happy that you have landed a better paying job and able to move out again, I am concerned for you! The heat sounds so rough 😦 And moving around is so hard. I hope you find an ideal and comfortable place very soon dear friend ❤


  4. I’m so happy that you have a new job and you’re gaining some of your independence but I’m really gonna miss seeing your posts around here. I’ve been struggling with blog hopping a lot lately since moving so I totally understand the need to take a hiatus for now. We’ll be here to welcome you back with open arms 😀


  5. Congrats on your new job Puput, and I hope you’ll enjoy it! Your place sounds sucks :/ I hope you’ll find a new one soon! Maybe because its in industrial district, that’s why it’s hotter than usual (like in karawang or cikarang or somewhere I forgot._.)


  6. Good luck with the new job!

    Too bad your apartment isn’t working out. Mine isn’t so great either, and I’m probably going to move…again…when the lease runs out. I agree that it’s annoying. 😦


  7. I totally understand what you’re dealing with and I’m sorry to hear you won’t be around. I truly look forward to your posts and admire what you do, so it’ll be sad not to see you around. Hopefully the new job lives up to your expectations and I wish you luck with finding a living situation that’s both in your price range AND has decent internet! ❤


  8. Congratulations on your new job and your new home even though it’s crazy hot! Your hair situation is like mine although I think it’s because my hair is so thick then when I wash it at 8 , i’ll go to bed and in the morning it’ll still be wet.
    So sad to hear your taking a hiatus but I understand completely, we’ll still be here when you get back. Good Luck with everything ❤


  9. Congratulations on your new job, Puput! I hope you’re enjoying it so far, and I hope you find a more suitable place soon! We definitely won’t forget you– take whatever time you need to take for yourself! ❤


  10. Congrats on your new job, Puput!! But boo about things not going so smoothly with your new place. I hope everything works out with searching for a new place that isn’t extremely hot and has better internet. And, you know, we’ll still be here when you get back! 💕


  11. Ohhh congratulations on your new job, Puput, this is awesome! ❤ I hope everything works out for the best, we'll miss you on here and in the community for sure! Sending you lots of love ❤ ❤


  12. Good luck with all of the adjustments, Puput! The new job sounds exciting, and I hope you’ll love it and the lack of internet and other difficulties are worth it. ❤ It's totally understandable to take a blogging break at a time like that, and I hope you'll find a better place to live in next month!


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