Long Time No See : On Writing a Book, Getting Engaged, and Being Away for So Long


Hello everyone! ♥

It’s been a while since I last posted anything here—a sentence I realized I’ve been saying A LOT in these past two years. I know, I know, I said I’d be back around last year but it turned out that balancing blogging with working full time was difficult. I admire every single one of you who does this! And to top it all off, I don’t have any internet connection on my place so it’s very inconvenient to have to use my mobile internet or wait until I’m home for a reliable internet connection.

So, I’m not gonna say I’m back for real today. I’ll maaaaybe pop up every now and when I get the chance 😛

A lot has happened since my last post and I seriously can’t wait to tell you about it. I dedicate this post for my personal ramblings so you’d know what I’ve been up to lately—something you have probably guessed from the title.

I finished writing a book

I have always dreamed of being a published writer ever since I was little and a couple months ago I finally sent in my final draft to the BIGGEST traditional publisher in Indonesia—no kidding, I aimed high. If after 6 months I don’t hear back from them, I’ll send the draft to another publisher BUUUT finger-crossed I’d get lucky with this publisher!! I feel good and super proud with the story and I’m obviously gonna let you in on a sneak peek 😛

It’s not  this story I actually finished that one but wasn’t satisfied and felt like I needed to write more to complete it so I dropped it about a year ago and haven’t really picked it up again since. This was a new idea altogether. One day I was scrolling through my twitter timeline and read about the divorce of a celebrity couple and I read a lot of nosy comments from random people on the internet and suddenly I was inspired. As soon as I got home I wrote down all my ideas and the next day I started writing and didn’t stop until I finished the first draft—took only 2 weeks which was surprising compared to my previous attempt.

The story is about two co-workers who are super close with each other. The girl is kinda famous on the internet and has tonsss of followers on her instagram. She recently broke up with her long time boyfriend, which then triggers reactions from her followers. To distract herself, she starts to spend time with her coworker—mostly for work related things but also for non work related things but once the guy appear on her instagram story, her followers start to get wild with questions. Since then her life becomes a wild, roller coaster ride of social media frenzy—which is a lot to take for someone who cares so much of what other people think.


Can you believe that I’m engaged??? Me neither it felt soooo surreal hahaha 🙈

I realized I almost never talked about my romantic relationship here but since this is a big one, I think it deserves a mention in the post. We held the engagement party on February 2, filled with all of our families and closest friends and it was one of the happiest day of my life. I mean… I don’t know, he’s proposed before and we’ve talked a lot about getting married but to actually be there on the engagement day??? Felt like something finally clicked to me. I was a little nervous but also super excited 😀

As for the party, I did the decorations by myself—with the help of some family members. I was satisfied to channel my creative juice while also saved a lot of money because boy party decoration is super expensive!! I thought of maybe starting a party planning business but that’s a discussion for later 😛

Here are some snippets from our happy day ♥

Now we’re busy with wedding preparation. It’s sooo stressful and has created a lot of tensions especially between my mom and I but I try to enjoy the process as much as I can and not to let my emotions get in the way too much. Wish me a beautiful, lovely, and stress-free wedding! 😀


Aside of those major events, my life has been pretty basic. I still go to work full time, doing more or less the same things every day. Sometimes I get bored, but sometimes it’s exciting and I just try to do my best. I try to go home every weekend because I realized that the older we get, the less time we have for families and I just… don’t like it. So I try spending a lot of time as possible with my family—even if it means I have to go back and forth between the two cities and my place has become a total mess due to my lack of cleaning time.

I’ve also been reading a lot lately, but mostly local new adult books. They’re just so light and quick and I had so much fun reading them. I also read a few contemporaries that I hadn’t had the chance to read all this time and it’s so relaxing to finally got back into my reading rhythm. Other than reading, I also spend a lot of my spare time watching series—my current favorites are Brooklyn 99 season 6 & Sex Education!


I guess that is it! I don’t have much else to talk, so now it’s your turn! What have you been up to lately? What’s going on in the book blogging community while I was away? Catch me up on it! 😀

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Copy of EDITORIAL CALENDAR (1)Hello everyone! ♥

It’s been over a year since my hiatus announcement on April 2017 🙈 what I initially planned as a couple-of-months-hiatus turned out to be a year long hiatus because I got carried away with… well, life. If you read this post you’d probably remember that I had a REALLY rough start on my job. What’s with the bad place, hot weather, and super slow internet connection that’s definitely not cut out for blogging ðŸ˜‚

Now it’s been a year and I can safely say I’ve settled in—though not perfectly because I’m not loving my city that much. ANYWAY, here are some updates on my life, in case any of you wants to know 😛


Quarter Life Crisis. I had no idea what the deal with quarter life crisis is until I experienced it myself. I can’t actually describe it but around the first few months of moving out of the house and starting this job, I has this hollowed and restless feelings about my life—in general. I felt like I needed to make a decision about something but it was just so difficult and I had no one to rely on, which eventually led me to realize : this is adulthood, isn’t it? Being on your own and only having yourself to rely on.

It was also a little difficult for me to establish friendships in the workplace. I just figured out that workplace friendship is… different. Idk if it’s just me but it’s definitely not as deep as my previous friendships. Also about friendship : I was kind of sad to part ways with my best friends. We used to do most things together and now we all have our own lives that it’s so hard to find time to meet. So I guess I was lonely. And I spent a lot of nights crying. Took me a couple of months to snap myself out of this and just try living my current life as best as I could.

Work Life. My first year of working was occupied with this HR Transformation Project. It was exhausting but I got to know so many people from our company—which is amazing for a new kid like me. After the project ended, I was in this gray area where I didn’t really have any responsibilities. I hadn’t been assigned any new tasks so basically I just did what my superiors told me and it was boring af. Also there was a rift between our boss and us so it was messy.

At the end of last year I was transferred from Headquarter to Plant at the exact same position. I got super busy but the roles are clear so I called it a win. Also I had to say goodbye to my coworkers and start adjusting again but so far I really enjoyed it ♥

Social Life. The previous paragraphs have probably summed up the fact that I have very little friends at work but that’s okay because I have accepted it. It’s all about quality not quantity, right? 😛 also now I’m used to befriending people way older and with different background from me. ALSO I got myself a boyfriend!! Hahaha we’ve been together for 6 months and I’m happy. It’s kind of something I found when I was definitely not looking so it was a pleasant surprise.

Reading Slump. I guess this wouldn’t be surprising but I’ve been caught up in this vicious reading slump for a while. I was too lazy to read and I couldn’t even finish A BOOK for a long time. I’ve probably only read a total of 5 books in this past year—what a sad statistic. However, there are so many new titles I want to read and I thiiiink I’m finally ready to jump into the reading bandwagon again. Cross your heart, guys.

So that’s a recap of my life so far.

I’ve been thinking about going back into blogging for a while now but I still have no Wifi at home (I’ve grown accustomed to it) so it’s kind of been holding me back. But a couple of weeks ago I was browsing something work related when google directed me to a wordpress page and it was logged on my account. I clicked the notification and I found that my blog isn’t completely dead. I still have visitors and receive comments regularly (though the numbers are significantly lower than when I regularly blogged) and I was reminded of how much I love this blog. I’ve poured so much love and work for this and somehow it kinda motivated me to come back 😛


Nothing’s set in stone yet, but here are my plans so far :

  1. I’m gonna start reading regularly again. I’ve been collecting a lot of contemporary books—and yes I’m obviously gonna start with contemporary because it’s light and easy to get in the mood for. Any 5 starts read you’d love to recommend?
  2. Going back to blogging, but with less posts than before. I really enjoy writing and sharing my thoughts with you all. However, since I still don’t have regular internet connection, I’m probably only gonna post once a week— when I’m home, find a coffee place to blog at, or manage to find some time to steal during lunch break at the office.
  3. No more book photography 😦 I enjoy taking pictures but it requires so many efforts that I just couldn’t do anymore. I don’t bring camera and that many books to my place and there’s no good place to take pictures anyway. I’m gonna have to get creative with designs to keep this blog attractive.
  4. Bloghopping is gonna take a backseat this time 😦 I always get so busy with my job and if I’m not working I’m probably out or passed out on my bed, so there’s not much time for bloghopping. BUT I’m gonna try to bloghop whenever I post or from my phone during commute to and from work 😀


So that’s all that’s been going on in my life so far. How are YOU? I’ve missed you all so much and I’m so excited to be back 😀 I’ve been out of the loop for a while so TELL ME, what has been going on in the bookish community? What are your current favorite reads? Do you still remember me or have forgotten about me? 😂Hahaha let’s chat! ♥

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Losing My Cat in a Hit and Run // What a Way to Start the Year :(

Losing cat.jpg

Hello everyone.

Tonight I was planning to post my first bookish discussion of the year but something bad happened a couple hours ago. My cat just got hit by a car and died and I’m in a very, very sad mood right now 😦

I didn’t know how old my cat was. We didn’t have her since she was little. She was actually a stray cat that used to wander around our neighborhood. One day my little brother started to feed her and just like that, she became a part of our family. We never keep her in cage but she just knew to come back to our place every now and then. You might remember that on my November recap I posted a picture of my cat giving birth to five kittens? Well, now the mother is gone. Continue reading


My 2017 Resolutions + I’m Introducing My Novel!


Hello everyone! ♥

New year is always the perfect time to make a resolution, right? Well… I almost never do, which is weird because I’m an insanely organized person who keeps a journal & to-do-list for everything I do in my life 🙈 However, since Fadwa tagged me for This Time Next Year tag, I thought I’ll make a general list of things I want to achieve this year. Here you go! ♣ Continue reading


22 Non Bookish Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me & A Birthday Giveaway!

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Hello everyone! ♥

As you probably have guessed from the title, today is my 22nd birthday! The December 24th 😀 I was born on a Saturday and as coincidence have it, today is also a Saturday

Since I already talk about books all the time, today is gonna be ALL ABOUT ME. I will present you 22 non bookish things about me and if you keep reading until the end of the post (or if you scroll past it) there will be a giveaway ♥

Let’s get started, shall we?! Continue reading


Graduation Day: Family, Friends, & Happiness Beyond Words


This post is gonna be all about ME ♥ that’s right, no book talks or anything, just me and a bunch of pictures 😛 (I tried keeping the size small so the page will load just fine) I might have mentioned on my previous post that my graduation ceremony would be held on August 2. It was AMAZING! It was one of my happiest day of my life and I can’t wait to share it with you, especially with the people who have been so supportive for me. So… yes, this post is dedicated to you ♥  Continue reading


Sparkling Letters // Getting My Bachelor Degree & Extreme Makeover for My Blog


Hello there! Did you notice the new theme of my blog? The new header? Even more, the new name? I did an extreme makeover for my blog and decided to publish it in the event of my graduation. That’s right people, I just graduated from university and I’m sooo HAPPY! ♥♥♥

Bachelor Degree

First thing first, I would love to share the happy news. On July 12, 2016, I finally earned my bachelor of psychology degree after going through a two-hours minor thesis defense session. It was probably the most stressful and anxious situation I have ever been in. I was so nervous I might be having a panic attack… Continue reading


Revisiting Sweet Memories from Childhood


Last week, my mom and I were stuck in a traffic jam and we were talking about some pictures on the internet. Long story short, we planned to recreate some of our old photographs since there are a lot of people who do that and that seems pretty funny. As soon as we got home, we skimmed through our old photo albums and seeing all those pictures, we suddenly became nostalgic 😛

We started saying things like “remember when…” and it was fun to look back at how much we grew and how different we’ve become. Continue reading


Dear, 16 year old me…

Anita Moran, the Editor in chief of GoGirl Magazine, wrote a letter to her 14 year old self as her editor letter in this month issue. You can check it out here. I was so inspired and I really wanted to write to my younger self too! But instead of 14, I will write to my 16 year old self.

Umur 16, aku masih kelas 12. It was the best and the worst and possibly one of the most unforgettable year of my life. Banyaaaakkk bgt cerita & suka duka di SMA. Which is why I pick 16. So, here it is


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