Hello everyone! ♥ in case you haven’t noticed, I LOVED discussion posts, both writing and reading about them. Here I post bookish and blogging-related discussion once or twice a week. As usual, everything is in alphabetical order. Happy reading and hope you enjoy them! 😀

P.S. I’m open for suggestions if anyone has an idea/request on discussion topics ♥


6 Reasons Why I’m Reading Your Book Blog

6 Reasons WHY You Should Write Discussion Posts + Tips & Tricks to Nail Them

Blog Hopping: For Fun or Necessity?

Figuring Out Your Perfect Blogging Schedule

Happy 6 Months, Sparkling Letters ♥ (+Freebies!)

How Book Blogging Changed the Way I Read

Is Bookstagram Community Becoming More and More Competitive Each Day?

Should I Freak Out When Real Life Friends Read My Blog?

Sparkling Letters 1st Blogversary : A Statistical Analysis & Lessons Learned


3 Things I Learned from Reading Books about Mental Illness

10 Book Tropes I Need to See More Often

10 Overused Book Tropes That Need to Go Away

10 Pros & Cons of Buying Books Online

20 Bookish Habits I’ve Been Having Since the Old Days

Cliche Things in Books That Almost Never Happen in Real Life

Do You Binge Read Books or Slowly Savor Them?

For Some of Us, Libraries Might NOT Exist

How to Make A Bookworm HAPPY

How to Turn People Into A Bookworm

I Need More NA Fiction in My Life : Help Me Find the Right Books!

It’s NOT COOL to Hate on Books You Haven’t Read!

Let’s Talk About Diversity: My Thoughts & A Bunch of Book Recs!

Mental Health Issues in Young Adult Fiction

MY Double Standard in Rating Books: Do You Do This Too?

My Reading Kaleidoscope Part 1: Children’s Books, Comics, & Indonesian Folklore ♣

My Reading Kaleidoscope Part 2: Teenlit, Harry Potter, & Twilight

My Stance as A Diverse Book Blogger & Introducing New Feature : The Diversity Corner

Novellas and Companion Books: Are They Really Necessary?

The Joy and Struggle of Reviewing

The Roles of Family in Young Adult Fiction // A LOT of Book Recommendations!

The Royals: The Most Addictive yet Problematic Books I’ve Ever Read

The Secrets of Writing a Negative and Unpopular Review

The Struggle of an International Bookworm

The Struggle of Writing a Coherent Positive Review

What Do You Think About Spoilers?

Why We Need More Positive Girls Portrayal in Books

Young Adult Contemporary Romance: Why So Irresistible?


Authors Whose Books I’ll Buy Without Even Caring What They Are About

Book Recommendations for the Notorious Shipper Out There!

So You Wanna Get Your Heart Smashed? Read These BOOKS!




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