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Hello there, thank you for taking the time to visit my blog ♥


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I am Puput, a 23 year old psychology graduate currently working an 8-5 job in global manufacturing company. Thought my days are filled with work, I still have fiery passions for books. I read a lot, but probably not that much compared to you. I used to think that I might be one of the biggest reader out there but WHAT A JOKE, right? I’ve met a lot of more obsessed readers out there and learned my lesson.

I’m friendly. I love to mingle with people, and I love love love talking about everything with my friends. Or anyone, really. That’s how much I love having conversations with other people. But I charge my energy by reading, listening to music, and doing nothing on my bed. Basically, by being alone. I love me-time! I need a me-time and privacy as much as I need being around people. So you can assume that I’m as introverted as I am an extrovert, if that even makes sense 😉

Random facts about me

  • I love PINK. All shades of it except the really bright ones.
  • I’m obsessed with the profession of surgeons because I’m a die hard fan of Grey’s Anatomy. I’ve been known to google medical terms on daily basis. I might be a peds surgeon someday.
  • I have always wanted to be a writer but lately I just stopped trying.
  • I re-read books and memorize most the lines I love
  • I can’t stand watching movies for too long. I get distracted easily and have a habit of fastforwarding unless it is a REALLY GOOD ONE or I watch it in theater… in which I have no choice but to sit tight
  • I love listening to mainstream music and good old songs


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Sparkling Letters is kind of a book blog, a little bit of a beauty blog, and somewhat  a lifestyle blog. It is my happy place to channel my passions, which are books, makeups, and well, life. It is intended for YOU obsessed bookworms who love to over analyze those tiny elements in books, amateur makeup junkies, and basically anyone with an open mind and loves some honest opinions about books and life. I try posting regularly around 2 – 3 times a week.

Here’s a list of topics you will find on my blog

  1. List of books or book related things (eg. Top 10 Tuesday)
  2. Discussions about book tropes and all things books
  3. Honest reviews of books
  4. Honest reviews of makeup products
  5. My personal life, personal thoughts, & personal experiences

Contact me here :


Enjoy 🙂

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56 thoughts on “Meet the girl

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  34. I love your blog! It’s absolutely beautiful ❤
    I'm also an introverted extrovert – my personality type is ENFJ but I also like being alone. But that can only be a good thing, right?
    Simi ~

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  42. I only just found your blog and I love it! Nice to meet you.

    If you like Grey’s Anatomy, I highly recommend watching House MD, and since you like psychology and medicine, I recommend reading The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat by Oliver Sacks – its a nonfiction book of neurological case studies written in a narrative way and its really good. I think you’ll like it. (I want to be a pediatric neurologist – I can recommend ALL the interesting nonfiction medicine/brain books).

    Again, great to meet you!

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