The Emoji Book Tag // Two of My Favorite Things in One Post


Hello everyone! Welcome to another tag ♥

The last time I did a tag was last month and the month before and I was thinking of maybe making it a monthly thing? 😛 but please feel free to keep tagging me! I was tagged by Fadwa @ Word Wonders (thank you Fadwa!) to do this Emoji Book Tag and I am excited because I LOVE EMOJI! ♥♥♥ I don’t know if you notice this but I always use emoji on my posts. And wait until we start texting, I will bombard you with my excessive use of emoji and stickers 😛 Continue reading


The Mid-Autumn Festival Tag


Hello everyone! ♥♥

It’s been a while since the last time I did a tag! I have A LOT of tag-homework that I need to do, but there’s always one prompt that I can’t answer or don’t have the books to answer it with. Or even sillier, I don’t have the time to take pictures of the books. I mean, you do know I love to incorporate book photography on my blog post, right? 😛 since I live in tropical island, meaning that I don’t celebrate autumn, I’m not sure if this tag still fits the season, but whatever 😉

This tag was created by Tinka @ The Crazy Reader and I was tagged by the wonderful Fadwa @ Word Wonders ♥ I’m sorry I took so long to do the tag Fadwa, but please don’t ever stop tagging me 😛 anyway, you should definitely check out and follow her blog if you haven’t already! Continue reading


The Scavenger Hunt Book Tag

SPARKLING LETTERS BOOK BLOG- The Scavenger hunt book tag (2)

Hello there!

Today is time for a tag! ♥ Last week, Fadwa @ Word Wonder tagged me on this scavenger hunt book tag. Sounds fun? It was super FUN, actually! I had a good time taking apart my shelves to find the books and snap a gazillion pictures of them. It was fun and messy and the clean up was the worst, but still a good time nonetheless 😛 anyway, thank you so much for tagging me Fadwa, and let’s get started! 😀 Continue reading


Pokemon Go Book Tag

Pokemon go

This Awesome tag was create by Aentee @ Read at Midnight and I’ve been dying inside to do this tag because it looked so awesome! I’m not even a Pokemon fan, but still. Technically, Fadwa @ Word Wonders didn’t tag me but she said everyone could do it, so I jumped in at the first chance I got 😛 Also, you should check out her blog, she posts great reviews and engaging book talks regularly!

Let’s start! Continue reading