How to Turn People Into A Bookworm


Hello everyone! ♥

Welcome to my first discussion post of the year! I planned to post this two days ago but something terrible happened and I just couldn’t bring myself to. I’m also very grateful for everyone’s support yesterday, and I’m sorry I haven’t been able to reply to all of your comments because I get teary eyed every time I try 😂 buuut please understand that I appreciate everything and I’m not ignoring you ♥

Anyway, today I bring back my regular bookish discussion post for you! We’ll be talking about how to turn people into a bookworm 😛 I’m sure all of us bookworms have been in a situation where we are the only people who love to read. While that might be okay for some people, I personally want to have someone close to me who shares my passion with books so we can share books, talk, and fangirl together. Don’t you want the same? Continue reading


3 Things I Learned from Reading Books about Mental Illness



I am nervous of writing this post because I never experienced it first hand and afraid that I’ll end up offending someone out there. I try being as sensitive and objective as possible but if any of you find anything I say offensive or condescending in any way, I am so sorry and please let me know where I do wrong 🙂

A few years ago, I would’ve felt uncomfortable reading books about mental illness. I used to feel… uneasy. I couldn’t pin point my exact reasons, but one of them was probably because of the stigma surrounding mental illness. I never experienced it first hand. No, not even second or third hand or anything. I didn’t know anyone with mental illness in real life. Continue reading


Is Bookstagram Community Becoming More and More Competitive Each Day?


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A few weeks ago I stumbled across Asleigh’s post about the competitiveness in book blogging & book tube. Upon reading it, I immediately thought of bookstagram and how it is getting more and more competitive each day. So today I’m going to talk about bookstagram and the competitiveness in its community. I’m actually super nervous because chances are I probably would offend some people with my post 🙈 but please know that it is not my intention of writing this! It is simply to talk about things that are happening around us and make us think together 🙂 so without further ado, let’s get started! Continue reading


The Secrets of Writing a Negative and Unpopular Review


Hello everyone! ♥

A couple months ago I wrote a post about the joy and struggle of reviewing books in general. Today I’m back with another review-related post, only this time I’m going to focus on negative reviews.

I don’t know about you, but for me it’s bad enough to have to write a negative review. Let alone having to write a negative review among the sea of positive ones. I want to enjoy the books as much as everybody does and believe it or not, I don’t want to be that one person who bursts the bubble. Unfortunately, we feel what we feel and some things just had to be said 😛 I had a lot of conversations with fellow bookworms regarding negative reviews and most of us are afraid of it because the internet is a scary place where everyone gets offended all the time. Continue reading


10 Pros & Cons of Buying Books Online


I’m a true online shopper.

I buy a lot of items online, be it clothes, makeups, phone case, bags, shoes (yes even shoes), and obviously BOOKS ♥ have I ever been conned? Yes I have. I lost over Rp 150k for a laptop case I never received and received a few items that didn’t look at all like the advertisement pictures. But other than that, my online shopping experience has been pretty great! 😀

I know a lot of you are already super familiar with buying books online, but I also know some friends and bloggers who are still wary of online shopping, especially when the items are being shipped from abroad. Continue reading


Cliche Things in Books That Almost Never Happen in Real Life


Hello everyone! Welcome to another bookish talk ♥

I’ve been so busy binge watching some tv shows these couple of days that I haven’t really had the time to focus on my blog. I’ve been putting off replying comments and blog hopping and even writing posts! I have some ideas that I think would be great for the blog but I was too distracted to properly write the post. This post is one that I wrote probably two hours before I hit publish which is very unlike me because I usually write my post ahead of time, especially discussion post 😛

Since everyone here is a huge reader, I’m sure we frequently encounter cliche things that happen a lot in books but almost never happen in real life. Which is kind of weird because how does author come up with those stuffs if they’re not even real? Anyway, let’s get started! ♦ Continue reading


6 Reasons WHY You Should Write Discussion Posts + Tips & Tricks to Nail Them

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Hello, everyone! ♥

Today’s discussion is about writing a discussion post, so it’s gonna be like a meta-discussion? 😛 Anyway, DISCLAIMER : I’m not trying to be an expert blogger/writer (though I wish to) but I have an 8-months-worth of experience on writing discussion posts, so I thought I’d share them with you and convince you to write (or keep writing) discussion posts as well ♦ ♦ ♦

Discussion posts are my favorite of all kinds of posts. These are 6 reasons WHY you should 1) start writing discussions if you haven’t already, and 2) write more discussion posts than you already do 😛 Continue reading


MY Double Standard in Rating Books: Do You Do This Too?

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Hello everyone! ♥ Welcome to another discussion post. Today I want to talk about double standards in rating books. I thought at first it was just me, but now I’m pretty sure it’s not just me. Wait, I should give you some contexts 😛 Ever heard or read these statements before?

“I don’t normally give 5-stars to contemporary books”

“I’ve never given a contemporary book 5 stars before”

There’s even a meme about it.

My two favorite genres are contemporary and fantasy and I read both daily. But when it comes to rating and reviewing, I feel like I’m (or should I say we are?) a bit unfair at giving ratings. Continue reading


Should I Freak Out When Real Life Friends Read My Blog?

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Do you freak out every time your real life friends/acquaintances read your blog? BECAUSE I AM! :’) This is the topic that I’ve been thinking about a lot but never thought to create an actual post. I’ve been blogging for over 8 months and I’m never trying to be secretive about it, YET I STILL FEEL WEIRD EVERY TIME SOMEONE SAYS HE/SHE READS MY BLOG :’) Continue reading


The Roles of Family in Young Adult Fiction // A LOT of Book Recommendations!

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Hello everyone, welcome to another discussion post! ♥

The other day I was taking a test and there were these whole questions about family. Like, how I see my family, how I feel about my parents, how I think I mean to them, etc, etc. It was easy, but it got me thinking and sparked the idea to write this post. Don’t worry, I’m not going to get serious and talk all philosophical, we’ll be talking about the role of family in books 😛

I’m sure you all have heard or read about 20 other discussions concerning missing parents or dysfunctional families, so I really hope I bring something new to this topic ♦ You must have noticed that ‘absent parents’ is one of the most common trope in YA fiction, especially fantasy. Absent parents could take on so many forms, and luckily I have made a list for you 😉 Continue reading