Review : A Conjuring of Light // Intense, Comical, and Perfect

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RATING : 5 Stars

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Click here for my review of A Darker Shade of Magic • A Gathering of Shadow


In case you didn’t know, Shades of Magic is definitely one of my MOST favorite fantasy so naturally, I was really looking forward to this book. And guysss, the wait was so worth it because THIS IS AMAZING! This book is EVERYTHING I wanted and MORE ♥ This is one of those books that is SO GOOD it’s hard to review….. so bear with me while I try to find words? 😛

Plot wise, there’s no doubt this book was splendid. It picked up right where we left off on A Gathering of Shadows when Lila tried to go after Kell to White London. So yeah, we’re getting action since the first chapter and IT WAS INTENSE. I was already on edge from the start and stayed there until 5 chapters before the end. However, it wasn’t… as brutal as I feared it would be. Don’t get me wrong, it was VERY brutal with blood and deaths everywhere but I was kinda expecting something even more brutal. I’m morbid, I know. Continue reading


Authors Whose Books I’ll Buy Without Even Caring What They Are About


Hello everyone! Welcome to another list/recommendation post ♥

Today we’ll be talking about authors whose books I’ll buy without even caring what they are about, a.k.a my auto buy authors! I have a lot of favorite authors, but are they all auto buy? Not necessarily. Auto buy authors are even better than favorite authors because just like I said, I wouldn’t even read the synopsis before deciding if I’m gonna read the book. I have blind faith in their writing 😛

In order to be an auto buy for me, authors have to had released more than one book and all of them have to be equally great, or at least the newer one is better than the debut. All of the books also need to have something remarkable that would make me crave for more, it’s either the characters, the plot, the writing, or all of them. Continue reading


So You Wanna Get Your Heart Smashed? Read These BOOKS!


Hello everyone! ♥

Welcome back to another recommendation post! 😀 We’re well into the rainy season where I live and you know what would be the perfect thing to do during a rainy day? That’s right, curling up in bed with books! Actually, it’ll be the perfect thing to do in ANY weather. Anywayyy, during days like these, I always prefer to read contemporary books over any other genres, preferably books that are sad and will break my heart. Therefore today we’ll be talking about books that will smash our heart right out of its place… figuratively, of course 😛 Continue reading


Say Goodbye to 2016, My Best Reading Year So Far!


Hello everyone! ♥

I can’t believe that 2016 will be over in 4 days! Is it just me or time really goes faster as we grow older? 😛 this has been such a roller coaster year, a lot of good as well as bad stuffs had happened to me, but more about that on my monthly recap. Today we’ll be talking about BOOKS, obviously.

2016 has been an awesome reading year for me. I read wayyy more than the past three years combined 😂 the thing is I was too busy to read during my university years that I only managed to finish 2-3 books each month. This year, however, was more laid back because I had no more credits to take and only had to work on my thesis. Now let’s take a look at my year in books! Continue reading


The Royals: The Most Addictive yet Problematic Books I’ve Ever Read

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This fabulous event was created by Aentee @ Read At Midnight where she encouraged us to discuss our problematic faves. The purpose is not to make us stop loving our favorites, but to look at them from more critical lens. Today I’m going to discuss one of my favorite contemporary, The Royals by Erin Watt and I promise I’d be very careful not to spoil anything important 🙂

Here are my reviews for each book :

♥ Paper Princess • Broken Prince • Twisted Palace ♥

This series is the epitome of a problematic fave. It has every cliche you can imagine. Plots are unoriginal and the characters aren’t the ones you want to bump into in real life.

And yet… I’m obsessed with The Royals series :’) Continue reading


Review: Crooked Kingdom // I’m a whirlwind of emotion!

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RATING : 5 Stars


In case you haven’t noticed, I AM OBSESSED with Six of Crows! It has easily become one of my ultimate favorite fantasy, so naturally I was super excited to read its sequel. I just finished reading Crooked Kingdom less than two hours ago and IT WAS GLORIOUS!! I have tendency to dislike, or at least be disappointed by sequel, but no, Crooked Kingdom was brilliant ♦♦♦ Continue reading


Books I Read Because of the HYPE (and totally live up to it)


Hello everyone! ♦

It’s been a while since I’ve been actually active on the blogosphere. I’ve been busy and haven’t had the time to reply comments or blog hop. My whole blog post schedules are a mess because I’ve been behind on drafting all the posts I have planned 😦 but I’m planning to blog hop and draft some posts today in case I don’t have the time to do it again 😀

Today’s post is something I’ve been planning for awhile… hyped books that totally live up to the hype and MORE! I’m also going to link this post to this week Top Ten Tuesday, Books You Read Because of Recommendation. I know I’m a day late for TTT, but whatever right? 😛 Continue reading


Favorite Books to Reread (+Favorite Parts from Each Book)

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These couple of days of my life had been spent by re-watching the whole episodes of Descendants of the Sun. Yes, that super famous, super adorable k-drama 😛 I’ve been fangirling over Captain Yoo and his relationship with Mo Yoen for days ♥♥ I started watching all the episodes, then went back to watch my favorite scenes.

It inspired me to write this post. I’m a notorious book re-reader (is than even a thing?) There’s just something fun from it. For me, just because I already know what happens, doesn’t mean the book will become less interesting. Sometimes I reread a whole book, sometimes only my favorite parts. In this post, I’m going to list down some of my favorite rereads of all time & my favorite parts from each book 😛

Don’t worry about spoilers, I’ll be careful 😉 Continue reading


Review: The Archived // My Love for Schwab is Sealed!


Rating : 5 Stars

OMG SO SO SO SO GOOD! ♥ At this point in my reading career, I’ll gladly read absolutely EVERYTHING Schwab writes! 😛

The Archived is another proof of Victoria Schwab’s cleverness. It’s so genius! Library for the dead? Her creativity knows no bound! This is a really, really sophisticated way to tell a story about ghosts trying to haunt the living world. The keepers’ job is to prevent that from happening and return the dead to where they belong. Our main characters, Mackenzie & Wesley, are both keepers. Continue reading


10 Book Tropes I Need to See More Often


A month ago, I wrote a post about 10 book tropes that need to go away and I received a lot of agreements as well as disagreements. So I thought today I’ll write the opposite, which is 10 book tropes I NEED to see more often 😛 most of these tropes probably have been out there often enough, but I LOVE them and I need them even more ♥

According to wikipedia, a literary trope is the use of figurative language – via word, phrase, or even an image – for artistic effect such as using a figure of speech. The word trope has also come to be used for describing commonly recurring literary and rhetorical devices, motifs, or clichés in creative works.

Continue reading