Let’s Talk: Do Reading Plans and Rules Work For You?

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Hello everyone, welcome to another discussion post! ♥

At the beginning of the year like this, you must have found a lot of reading challenges and read-a-thon all across the blogosphere. You might also see a lot of posts regarding the bloggers’ TBR for those challenges. I have to say, they’re all super interesting! I want to take part in those challenges & read-a-thon but based on previous experiences, chances are I’m gonna fail. This made think about other reading plans and rules such as making monthly TBR or doing a book buying ban, and their effectiveness.

So today I’m throwing one question for us to answer : do reading plans and rules work for you? Because for me, they generally don’t. Let’s see some of these examples! ♣ Continue reading


How to Turn People Into A Bookworm


Hello everyone! ♥

Welcome to my first discussion post of the year! I planned to post this two days ago but something terrible happened and I just couldn’t bring myself to. I’m also very grateful for everyone’s support yesterday, and I’m sorry I haven’t been able to reply to all of your comments because I get teary eyed every time I try 😂 buuut please understand that I appreciate everything and I’m not ignoring you ♥

Anyway, today I bring back my regular bookish discussion post for you! We’ll be talking about how to turn people into a bookworm 😛 I’m sure all of us bookworms have been in a situation where we are the only people who love to read. While that might be okay for some people, I personally want to have someone close to me who shares my passion with books so we can share books, talk, and fangirl together. Don’t you want the same? Continue reading


My Reading Kaleidoscope Part 2: Teenlit, Harry Potter, & Twilight

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Hello everyone, welcome back to my reading kaleidoscope series! ♥

This series will show you my reading journey that had shaped me into the reader I am today ♥ I will talk about why I love books in the first place, my reading habits, what influences my reading preference, my favorite genres, etc. It will be split into 3 parts.

In PART 1, I talked about what got me into reading and my first few books which were made up of children books and comics. PART 2 would be the time when I explored every genre of every category. My favorite books were mostly teenlit, chicklit, and fantasy. PART 3 would be the time when I sealed my love for fantasy and contemporary while still being open to every other topic and genre out there ♥ Continue reading


Favorite Books to Reread (+Favorite Parts from Each Book)

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These couple of days of my life had been spent by re-watching the whole episodes of Descendants of the Sun. Yes, that super famous, super adorable k-drama 😛 I’ve been fangirling over Captain Yoo and his relationship with Mo Yoen for days ♥♥ I started watching all the episodes, then went back to watch my favorite scenes.

It inspired me to write this post. I’m a notorious book re-reader (is than even a thing?) There’s just something fun from it. For me, just because I already know what happens, doesn’t mean the book will become less interesting. Sometimes I reread a whole book, sometimes only my favorite parts. In this post, I’m going to list down some of my favorite rereads of all time & my favorite parts from each book 😛

Don’t worry about spoilers, I’ll be careful 😉 Continue reading


Review: A Torch Against the Night // A Marathon of Heartbreaks

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RATING : 4 Stars

NO SPOILER but if you don’t wanna know anything before reading it, don’t read this review at all 🙂

A Torch Against the Night by Sabaa Tahir is one of my most anticipated sequel this year. After reading so many praises about this book, I obviously went in with a relatively high expectation. You know what usually happens with too much expectations. They almost always disappoint. But let me be clear, I’m not saying this book was a disappointment. It just didn’t live up to my ridiculously high expectation 😦 anddd let me tell you why! Continue reading


Coffee Toffee: The Perfect Place for Reading, Blogging, and Hanging Out

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“Happiness is a cup of coffee and a good book”

You may have noticed that I don’t usually do this kind of post… but hear me out first! A week ago, one of my close friend called and invited me to the opening of Coffee Toffee‘s newest outlet in Bogor. He works for the company so obviously, I was excited to come see for myself! 😀 Continue reading