I Need More NA Fiction in My Life : Help Me Find the Right Books!


Hello everyone, welcome to another discussion post! ♥

If you’ve been following me for a while, you must have noticed that almost all the books I review here are YA. That’s right, I’m a huge YA reader and proud of it. I don’t care about the fact that ignorant people are calling YA “not a real literature” or how some of my friends keep saying that I should start reading “grown up books” now that I am an adult. YA is a legit category and I love it.

However, I feel like my preference has started to change for these past few months. I started to get tired of immature female protagonists, unnecessary girl fights, and how almost all the characters always have noble intention (i.e. saving the world for the sake of saving the world). And as much as I love reading about the characters living their high school lives, I felt like their problems are no longer relevant to me. At the age of 22, my biggest problem isn’t that cute high school boy or that mean girl from my chemistry class. Continue reading


Authors Whose Books I’ll Buy Without Even Caring What They Are About


Hello everyone! Welcome to another list/recommendation post ♥

Today we’ll be talking about authors whose books I’ll buy without even caring what they are about, a.k.a my auto buy authors! I have a lot of favorite authors, but are they all auto buy? Not necessarily. Auto buy authors are even better than favorite authors because just like I said, I wouldn’t even read the synopsis before deciding if I’m gonna read the book. I have blind faith in their writing 😛

In order to be an auto buy for me, authors have to had released more than one book and all of them have to be equally great, or at least the newer one is better than the debut. All of the books also need to have something remarkable that would make me crave for more, it’s either the characters, the plot, the writing, or all of them. Continue reading


So You Wanna Get Your Heart Smashed? Read These BOOKS!


Hello everyone! ♥

Welcome back to another recommendation post! 😀 We’re well into the rainy season where I live and you know what would be the perfect thing to do during a rainy day? That’s right, curling up in bed with books! Actually, it’ll be the perfect thing to do in ANY weather. Anywayyy, during days like these, I always prefer to read contemporary books over any other genres, preferably books that are sad and will break my heart. Therefore today we’ll be talking about books that will smash our heart right out of its place… figuratively, of course 😛 Continue reading


Book Recommendations for the Notorious Shipper Out There! <3


I would like to say that I want to read books that don’t focus on romance, but that would be a lie. The truth is, I’ve always been a huge shipper 😛 You might remember that my first few years of reading journey were filled with tons and tons of manga. My first two mangas were Detective Conan and Doraemon and I shipped Ran and Shinichi so badly ♥ and then I watched and read Naruto and I shipped Sasuke and Sakura. I have to admit, that ship took a lot of patience (and frustration) on my part until they finally got together.

But still, I got to ship #sorrynotsorry Continue reading