Novellas and Companion Books: Are They Really Necessary?

BOOKS Novellas & companion books - Are they necessary

I just recently realized that apparently, I rarely read novellas. Which is kind of weird, considering I’m always asking for MORE from the series I love. Naturally, novella should be the answers, shouldn’t it? No? Let’s break it down.

Why we should love novellas

  1. They provide MORE of our favorite series. More back stories, more revelations, more from characters we all love. Considering we’re always asking and begging for more, this should be the answer.
  2. They provide different perspectives and answers to our unanswered questions.
  3. They’re short! There’s really nothing to lose and even better, most novellas are available free on ebooks so we DON’T HAVE TO PAY! 😛
  4. They keep you occupied while waiting for the next book in the series. This one’s good, actually, since the wait for the next book in the series is ALWAYS insufferable!

How do I feel about novellas

Weirdly, I’m not a fan of novellas. There are some that I love because they enrich the stories. Here are some of them that I actually enjoyed.

Well apparently there are only a few that I love and they all seem to come from the past 😛

Some other times, a novella doesn’t add anything to the story. Most of them even only feel like a filler instead of an actual story. I also feel like lately every series has 0.5,1.5, 2.1, 3.4, 4.8….I mean, it’s kind of ridiculous don’t you think? Do the publishers force the authors to write a novella? Also lately, novellas are getting shorter and shorter! There was the time when I read The Crown and the Arrow by Renee Ahdieh, expecting an alternate POV to TWATD only to find myself disappointed that it only had 9 PAGES! I should have checked before.

When do we need novellas

I definitely think that not every series need novellas. But, there are certain times and conditions in which the existence of novellas would be perfect.

  1. When the series are told from 1st person POV and there is actually a story to be told from the other guy. If executed right, novellas told from an alternate POV would be SO HELPFUL. They let the readers know how the other person thinks and feels and would really explain why he/she does the things he/she does. But it should be more than just a change of POV, it should tell us more and advance the stories at the same time. I think we should have a Harry Potter novella told from Severus Snape’s POV.
  2. When we have some very INTERESTING and SWOON WORTHY side characters. Yes please!! There are always the time when we love side characters as much as we love the MC (or even more). This would be the time for a juicy novella! I love Night of Cake and Puppets because it provided the stories of my favorite secondary couple ♥ Sarah J Maas should definitely write a novella about all of Rhys’ inner circle, I swear I would be the first to get a copy!
  3. When we have some established conditions that are crucial to the story but haven’t been explained to the readers. This kind of novella really helps readers gain insight to what happened before. It also makes us understand the reasons behind why things happen. Roar and Liv gave me the insight to both Roar’s character and his relationship with Liv, both of which are very vital to the whole series. That’s why I really want to read The Assassin’s Blade and Stars Above.

How do you feel about novellas? Do you love them, hate them, or somewhat indifferent? What are your favorite novellas and what novellas you wish to exist? Drop some comments and let me know what you think 🙂 

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25 thoughts on “Novellas and Companion Books: Are They Really Necessary?

  1. It’s a love and hate relationship-while I do want to read more about the characters I love sometimes it can be completely unnecessary. I think nowadays they’re just doing it to make money, I liked it better when the author left the outcome to the readers imagination.These days I feel like we’re being spoon-fed

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  2. I am somewhat indifferent to novellas I suppose. The thing is that even though they are told from a different POV, a lot of the time they just rehash what’s already happened and I really am not interested in that sort of thing. I also don’t re-read an entire book … like ever, because I get bored so easily. So, I know a lot of people who practically live for those extra bits of story, but I just can’t do much with them.

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  3. Great post! I’m not a fan of novellas either, but I kind of function on the belief that too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. Like, I firmly believe that a good story can take place in a book, and anything outside of that is likely to be an unnecessary scene…

    Anyway, I agree that most of them feel like fillers rather than stories, and The Crown and the Arrow was definitely one of them as well. It’s told from another perspective, but it’s LITERALLY the same scene as in TWATD, and I feel like it didn’t add anything at all to the original series.

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  4. I haven’t read very many novellas that actually added anything for me to the story. It was like “here’s a snippet of what so-and-so are like together as a couple” and it’s very bland. No drama, no major events, just like a day-in-the-life. If Fairest from The Lunar Chronicles is considered a novella, than I want more like THAT!!

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  5. ♥ this topic! I actually really don’t like companion books or novellas — I don’t think we should need more from a book; the book should be enough. If we do, write a series. But I feel like it’s so freaking lazy to just write companion after companion. Great post!!

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  6. Some novellas feel like George Lucas doing the pre-equals about Vader/Anakin that weren’t needed and robbed Vader of everything that made him impressive in the first three movies. Which are now like the Eps4-6? I lost track TBH.

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    • Ahhh I only watch the movies and don’t read the books so I wouldn’t know about that… but yes, I could totally imagine! It would be like if JK Rowling made a prequel solely about little Tom Riddle, wouldn’t it? Somethings are better left unexplained though! Thank you for stopping by 😀


  7. I don’t read all the filler type novellas (I check the Goodreads reviews to see if other people think they are worthwhile or not).

    However, I just read the final book in my current favorite series (The Pillars of Reality by Jack Campbell) and I really want an entire spin-off series featuring the side characters Alli & Calu (and maybe Bev) but would settle for a novella or two.

    I think it would be justified because there are several important events they are part of when the main character is somewhere else. We are only told the outcome, not what actually happened.

    My Most Recent Discussion: Oh the Horrors… or Not: Spoilers

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