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When I first started this blog on March 2016, it was named Unboxing My Thoughts. I had no specific sense of purpose. I was just looking for a place to write and channel my passion. I just posted about whatever popped into my head, hence the origin of the name itself. Once, I thought about being a book blogger because I love book so much, but come to think of it, I couldn’t just blog about one thing. I have so many things I’m passionate and care about and limiting myself to one particular niche isn’t gonna make me happy. I blogged about books, makeups, and whatever exciting happens in real life. But lately, I felt like all I wanna talk about is books and I’ll never run out of things to talk about books! Now, I guess it is a book blog with some ocassional random stuffs 😛

I renamed it Sparkling Letters to represent what this blog is all about. Sparkling, because I love sparkling things like makeups and jewelries. Letters, because I love books so much and I will talk about it A LOT. & as I said above, my blog is a place for me to channel my passions. I love writing and I write about things I love and care about such as books, makeups, psychological topics, and random stuffs ♥

Although eventually, I decided to make it a book blog anyway 😛

Let’s take a look at some of my posts!

My first post. It’s interesting for me to look at this one. It’s the post that started everything! It is written in Bahasa Indonesia, my native language, so some of you probably wouldn’t understand what it is about 😦

My love for books is so HUGE! ♥ I started reading when I was little and I just never stop. Here’s the story of how I became the reader I am now.

In this blog I post a lot of book reviews, most of them are fantasy and contemporary since they’re my favorite genres ♥ You will also find a lot of book discussions because if you can’t tell already, I love to talk about books 😛 Some of my favorites I ever wrote are :

I’m also obsessed with makeupsMake up is #FUN! I’m not a beauty expert but I like rambling about it 😛 My review of Wet n Wild MegaLast Lipstick is my most popular make up post so far. However, I no longer post about makeup because I feel like I don’t have much to say about it and most of my followers are of the bookish community 🙂

Aside from things I obsess about, I also write about my personal thoughts and experience. One of my favorite experience is my graduation day from university 😀 I also write about random stuffs and things that simply pop into my head. Hence, my blog is a window through my mind. And soul.

My hope is to provide you with posts that entertain and are useful 🙂 if you have any suggestions about topic or subjects that you think are interesting, please let me know. Happy reading ♥

P.S. I will update this page frequently to add new posts 🙂

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