Losing My Cat in a Hit and Run // What a Way to Start the Year :(

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Hello everyone.

Tonight I was planning to post my first bookish discussion of the year but something bad happened a couple hours ago. My cat just got hit by a car and died and I’m in a very, very sad mood right now 😦

I didn’t know how old my cat was. We didn’t have her since she was little. She was actually a stray cat that used to wander around our neighborhood. One day my little brother started to feed her and just like that, she became a part of our family. We never keep her in cage but she just knew to come back to our place every now and then. You might remember that on my November recap I posted a picture of my cat giving birth to five kittens? Well, now the mother is gone.

I was just hanging in my room, picking clothes for the night when suddenly I heard my cat screamed. Or cried. Or both. I yelled at my brother and told him to check it while I changed. My brother yelled back and told me the cat was hit by a car. I dressed as quickly as I could and ran outside… and there she was, lying on the street, on the verge of death. It was so, so horrible and I didn’t want to get too close because I was scared. I ran back inside and grabbed my phone to call my cousin. She’s a vet so I thought maybe we could take her to the hospital. But then my dad told me it was too late because she was already gone.

Before I ran inside, I saw the car that hit her. It was a red picanto, my neighbor’s car. He didn’t even stop. He just kept driving. My dad asked me if I was sure it was our neighbor, because it seemed very unlikely for a neighbor to hit another neighbor’s cat and just left. I was very, very sure because he’s the only one who owns that car in our neighborhood.

A few minutes later he came back while my dad was going to bury the cat. I later found out that one of my neighbor chased after him to tell him that he’s killed a cat. As soon as he got out of the car, I yelled at him, and you know what he did? He laughed. He fucking laughed. I just… I can’t even. The cat was dying in there, my dad was trying to bury her, and I was crying, and he played it off like it was no big deal. He didn’t even say sorry. What a heartless jerk.

I was too pissed to deal with him so I just went inside and cried in my room. Later my dad told me that this neighbor said he didn’t see the cat. And he didn’t feel it, he thought he ran through some plants and he didn’t hear it when she cried or when my other neighbors yelled at him. I called bullshit. I drive all the time so I know. If he’s been driving carefully, he would’ve seen the cat. And I knew he must’ve felt it. I feel it whenever I so much as ran through a rock.

After I got enough crying, I went back outside. The cat was already buried and there were a few people talking in front of my house. Turned out they were there when it happened. And here’s what happened.


Skip until the flower icon if you’re not comfortable reading about animal dying. 

The cat was hungry, she was meowing at us, begging us to give her food. We ran out of food and there was only the food for the kittens. She didn’t like it. I was mad at my family because none of them cared enough to buy foods, so my dad ended up giving her some leftover fish. She took the fish to the street and ate there while breastfeeding one of her child. That was when the car showed up. Some of the people who were there said she was busy eating but didn’t move, so they yelled at the driver to tell him to stop but he kept driving. Some little kids said the cat got dragged for about 30cm by the car and she was bleeding so heavily. It was horrible and I cried instantly. I couldn’t even look too closely because it was tragic 😦

She was eating while breastfeeding. She was eating while breastfeeding when a car hit her. The kitten ran at the last minute before his mother got hit.


Now I have three orphaned kittens. They’re old enough to survive on their own but it must be different because up until last night the still slept together. All of them. I feel like crap now because I keep thinking about things that would never happen again. Like now she wouldn’t steal our food anymore. She wouldn’t perch on my bedroom window when we close the front door anymore. She wouldn’t annoy us anymore and that is just so, so sad </3

I was never really a pet person, but I felt really close to this cat because I was practically the only one who took care of her. I mean, my family was busy with school and work and since I was free I used to take care of her and feed her and all that. Like every time I ate I always gave the leftover meat to her. Now she’s gone and I felt more heartbroken than I ever expected. You know, I would be okay if it was an accident. I know no sane person would intentionally kill a cat. But him laughing about it and not saying sorry just completely pissed me off and from now on I’m just gonna be hostile every time I see him. I hold grudges.

Anyway, here are some pictures to remember her by ♥


Have you ever lost a pet? What did you do to deal with it? Because right now I keep thinking about my dead cat and I can’t stop crying 😦

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79 thoughts on “Losing My Cat in a Hit and Run // What a Way to Start the Year :(

  1. My heart is broken for you, Puput. I’m so so sorry this happened. I’ve lost quite a few pets through the years. When I was little my first ever dog was hit by a truck. Fortunately I didn’t see it and someone actually took him to the vets, but it was too late. Then, my 2nd dog had to be put to sleep after 14 years. She had a long and happy life, but she was a part of me and it took me a really really long time to get over. I don’t think there’s anything you can really do to make it easier, but it eventually does get better.

    I can’t believe your neighbour acted like that. What a total asshole. Ugh. I’m so angry.

    I’m keeping you all in my thoughts and again I’m so so sorry. I teared up whilst reading this because I know how it feels. Pets are just like family members and don’t let anyone tell you that you’re not allowed to be upset.

    I’m here if you need to talk ♥♥

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    • Ahh I’m so sorry to hear that, but it’s amazing that your 2nd dog had lived for 14 YEARS! She must’ve had a wonderful life 🙂 I know right it’s just beyond me. I can’t comprehend how anyone can be so insensitive. And yes pets are definitely part of the family! Thank you so much Lauren, this means a lot to me 🙂


  2. I am so, so sorry. It is so difficult to lose a furry member of the family, and the way in which it happened – and the reaction of the jerk who hit your cat – WOW. I have two cats and they mean the world to me, they are like family. You are in my thoughts.

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  3. I honestly can’t imagine why someone would be as disrespectful as that asshole was…

    Take good care of the babies and remember your cat lovingly. I’m so sorry you have to suffer through this.

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  4. I’m so sorry to hear this. It’s awful losing a pet, especially in such tragic circumstances. There is a possibility that you could get your neighbour fined for animal cruelty, but it’s whether you feel it’s worth it and if it would be too traumatic. He sounds like a horrible man though, reading about what he did made me so angry.

    However, you have to look at the positives in that she lived a wonderful life with you and was happy, and now you have her kittens who you can care for in the memory of their mother.

    I’m still mourning the loss of my hamster from November, which might sound silly as he was only a hamster but he brought a lot of happiness into my life and that’s all that matters, so I understand what you’re going through. Just know that it does get easier, you just have to think of the good times you had together.

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  5. I’m so sorry, Puput. I’ve lost my pet before and it was a horrible feeling—but i can’t even comprehend the sadness from losing a pet so suddenly and so cruelly. If you need to talk or anything I will always be ready to listen.
    And I’m angry!! What kind of man laughs at the killing of a cat!! The kind who has to happiness or friends or love of any kind, I’m sure…
    (and the photos are adorable, thank you for sharing ❤️)

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    • Thank you Becca. Ahh I’m so sorry to hear that, but yeah this hurts so much, especially when I think of how it happened and how she just lied there on the street </3 and yes it was a very rude and insensitive thing to do 😦 thank you so much for the support Becca, it really means a lot to me 🙂

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  6. Oh my God, I’m so sorry to hear about that! I have a dog named Ginger that I absolutely love, and I’d be so pissed off if she died in a hit and run and they person who had hit her had just laughed. He’s a jerk. 😡 I hope you feel better soon. 😔

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  7. I’m so sorry this happened ❤ I honestly started tearing up reading this. What a jerk that guy was! I had to put my 13-year-old dog down a few years ago and I was a mess. I cried for while but it eventually became me remembering the good times with him. I definitely get teary eyed at times thinking of my dog, but unfortunately, pets don't outlive us. I hope you get through it. It'll get better. For me, I have a framed picture of my dog in my room that makes me smile every time I look at it. I don't care what anyone says, our pets are our family and it's always hard. So, my thoughts are with you ❤

    Molly @ Molly’s Book Nook

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    • Thank you so much Molly. And yes he was a total jerk and I don’t ever want to have anything to do with him 😦 ahh he must’ve had a long and happy life with you. I’m trying to just cherish the good memories and try to think of her happiest/funniest moment with us, it’s easier than thinking of her last moment 😦 pets are definitely part of the family and anyone who says ‘it’s just an animal’ can go to hell </3 thank you so much for the support 🙂


  8. Omg!! I’m so sorry for your loss. Your neighbor is the worst kind of person, didn’t even say SORRY. When I was small, my friends and I started taking care of a stray cat. The cat was missing one eye. We took care of her for like 5 days and on the 6th day when we were getting some milk for her, we saw some older kid had killed the cat by tying a rope around her neck. He ran away as soon as he saw us. It was the worst day of my life. I cried soo much. We couldn’t do anything and we buried her. It’s going to be hard, I understand. Take care of the kittens. My thoughts are with you.❤

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    • Hi I’m sorry for the late reply, I needed some time so I don’t cry whilst replying to comments 😂 yes he is and I literally don’t want anything to do with him ever again 😦 OMG THAT’S SO CRUEL!! I’m so sorry it happened AND you had to see it, must be very traumatic 😦 sometimes kids in my neighborhood throw rocks at cats for fun and I always told them not to. I really hope they listen to me because it’s a wrong thing to do. And thank you so much for your support! ❤


  9. I’m so, so sorry for you. I don’t have cats right now, but my parents still have the ones they did while I was growing up, and I would be devastated if someone did this. I’m so sorry your neighbor didn’t have any compassion. Whether he saw the cat or not while he was driving, there was no reason to laugh about it when he found out. I know some people who are very ambivalent towards animals, but I think they have the sense to know that other people like their own pets!

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    • Hi I’m sorry for the late reply, I needed some time so I don’t cry whilst replying to comments 😂 exactly, I’ll still be pissed but I know that accidents are accidents, the fact that he played it off like it was nothing really hurt </3 omg yes! The least he could do is empathize with ME 😦 and thank you so much for your support, I really appreciate it ❤


  10. I’m so so sorry that you had to go through this and in this way. To me my pets are a part of my family and when I lose one it breaks my heart. It hurts for a long long time, especially when they are killed and don’t die naturally. The world feels a bit sadder without them, but for you, you still have her kittens, those little ones each have a piece of her in their faces in their coloring in their personalities. Even if they are still not little little, they still will need care. A pet is a friend that gives you love without expecting anything from you. I’m sorry that you had to lose her. Sending hope and good thoughts to you! ❤

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    • Hi I’m sorry for the late reply, I needed some time so I don’t cry whilst replying to comments 😂 pets ARE part of the family! My cat was like the fifth member of our family and yes it hurts so much to lose them 😦 I’ve lost a few pets before but never in such a tragic circumstances </3 yesss I'm trying to channel my energy into caring for the kittens, they are so cute! 🙂 thank you so much for your support, it means a lot to me ❤

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  11. Puput, I know exactly how you feel. I also lost my cat due to a horrible accident… I was a horrible mess, and I couldn’t stop crying for almost a week. 😦 I really hope someone kicks that asshole in the face. How could you laugh after you just killed a living, breathing, animal. Just know that you can rely on us for support (we’ll help you sue that dude).

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    • Hi I’m sorry for the late reply, I needed some time so I don’t cry whilst replying to comments 😂 ahh I’m sorry you had to go through that too, it’s so tragic 😦 yes I hope so too! If I could do that myself I would. But his family was close to me so… would’ve been a different story if he was a stranger…. and thank you so much for your support!! I really appreciate it ❤

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    • Hi I’m sorry for the late reply, I needed some time so I don’t cry whilst replying to comments 😂 yes it was but I’m better now 🙂 ahh I feel the same! But your cat must’ve had a long and happy life ❤ thank you so much for your support, I really appreciate it!

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  12. I’m so so so so sorry Puput!!! I couldn’t read too many of the details as it kept making me choke up over my puppy who passed away very suddenly in November. You’ll cry a lot and your heart will stay broken but slowly being at home will become slightly less painful. When our older dog passed away a few years ago, the biggest thing that I remember helping was cuddling my puppy and helping HER deal with the grief. I’d take her out for extra walks, go to dog parks, buy her new toys… anything to make her tail wag. I can’t even imagine how confused and sad her kittens must feel with her gone— do they already sleep inside with you?? I hope you can give them lots of cuddles and that that might help!!! Pets really become part of our families so quickly. My heart aches for you 🖤🖤 if you need ANYTHING, don’t hesitate to reach out and talk to me or anyone else. I’m so sorry 😭😭

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    • Hi I’m sorry for the late reply, I needed some time so I don’t cry whilst replying to comments 😂 it’s okay Becca, I understand how it would be hard to read especially for those who went through the same thing 🙂 that’s exactly what I’ve been doing! I busied myself to care for the kittens, play with them, and all that and it’s helping both me and them 🙂 and yeeeessss they seem confused for the first few days after it happened but we’re all better now! Hehe I’m also sorry you had to lose your puppy 😦 thank you so much for the support, it REALLY means a lot to me ❤

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  13. Oh my goodness, Puput, I’m so sorry for your loss. This made me tear up. Losing a pet is the worst—some people say it doesn’t matter as much because it’s an animal, but that just makes me so sad. They’re still apart of the family and you love them just as much. Sending your family lots of love ❤

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    • Hi I’m sorry for the late reply, I needed some time so I don’t cry whilst replying to comments 😂 it IS the worst! This is actually the reason why I didn’t want to have pet anymore in the first place because I keep losing them </3 and yes my cat was definitely the fifth member of our family 🙂 thank you so much for the support, Adalyn, it means a lot to me ❤


  14. I am so sorry about your cat, Puput 😦 Losing a pet is never easy, and it’s got to be even worse for you with how it happened. And I’m sorry the neighbor acted how he did. I agree that an accident is tragic but still accident, but to laugh and not even apologize is just terrible. I know she’s already buried, but maybe you and your family could have a little memorial for her? It’s going to take time, but eventually you’ll be able to remember her and smile.

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    • Hi I’m sorry for the late reply, I needed some time so I don’t cry whilst replying to comments 😂 yes it is! I’ve lost a pet before but never in such a tragic circumstances </3 exactly, I'd still be pissed but I would've understood… eventually, but him laughing and acting like it was nothing was just… ugh I can't even with him! Lately I've been looking at her pictures a lot and recalling happy memories hehe thank you so much for the support Kristen, I really appreciate it ❤


    • Hi I’m sorry for the late reply, I needed some time so I don’t cry whilst replying to comments 😂 I was crushed and heartbroken but I’m better now hehe probably because I have the kittens 🙂 and aww I like looking at the pictures of Toby, he’s so cute! Take a good care of him Jeann ❤ also thank you so much for your support, I really appreciate it 🙂


  15. Oh God,I am so sorry,Puput.I know it isn’t much but I know how broken you feel 😦 When someone is with us for a long time,it doesn’t matter it’s our pet or a person,you just feel like the world crashed beneath your feet.And people can be so horrible omg.How can he do that? Anyway,just know that I am here for you ❤

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    • Hi I’m sorry for the late reply, I needed some time so I don’t cry whilst replying to comments 😂 exactly! I’m sick of people saying “it’s just a pet” because they mean so much more to us 😦 and thank you so much for the support Angel, I really appreciate it ❤

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  17. I’m so sorry your year started out this way. I have two cats myself and would be heartbroken if anything ever happened to them. I hope you find peace soon. 😦

    Your neighbor sounds horrible! He could’ve been forgiven for an accident – after all, they’re tragic, but they do happen – but the way he acted when your dad chased after him was just inexcusable! Who in their right mind laughs after they’ve killed an animal? What kind of person just waves it off when they’ve killed someone’s beloved pet? What an awful, awful jerk.

    I can’t tell too much from your photos of your cat’s kittens, but they look too small to be doing without milk, so I suggest buying them powdered kitten milk replacement formula that you can feed them with a dropper or a small bottle or something. Of course since your cousin’s a vet you should confirm that first.

    Sending you love and good thoughts. ❤

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    • Hi I’m sorry for the late reply, I needed some time so I don’t cry whilst replying to comments 😂 I’m still sad but all better now because I have my kittens hehe and yes he was such a jerk and apparently most of my neighbors also think he’s a disrespectful douchebag… anyway, the pictures were from earlier they’re over two months now hehe I asked my cousin and she said it’s okay if I don’t give them milk, it’s also okay if I do but she said that food is a must hehe thank you so much for the suggestion and support, it really means a lot to me 🙂 also take care of your cats! ❤


  18. Oh, Puput, I am SO incredibly sorry for your loss. My heart is so broken for you right now. I wish I could give you a huge hug, I just feel so terrible. And your neighbor… what a despicable person. Who could DO that? If you need anything, or just want to talk, please feel free to DM me, and know that you are in my thoughts. She was so beautiful, and I am so, so sorry. ♥

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  19. I am so very, very sorry. I lost one of my cats in November but not under such tragic circumstances. Words don’t convey how much my heart is hurting for you. I can’t imagine what a complete ASS your neighbor must be to treat it like that. I firmly believe that how people treat animals is a good indicator of how they think of people (even if they do a good job of being socially acceptable). What a cruel person. I wish I could give you hugs and put some flowers on your kitty’s resting place. I hope the kittens bring you some measure of comfort.

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    • Ugh my neighbor is definitely the worst kind of person! And yes he’s really a disrespectful douchebag in general so your theory is 100% true haha anyway I’m also sorry for your loss 🙂 and thank you so much for the support I really appreciate it ❤


  20. Awww, I’m so, so sorry about your cat! That’s awful! I’ve lost pets before and it has been absolutely heartbreaking, but never in such a sudden and horrible way. I really sympathise with you 😦
    And I can’t believe your neighbour! What a horrible person! How could you not even stop, and then to laugh at you when you’re understandably very upset? That’s terrible! I hit a pigeon once in my car (and it was fine and flew away) and felt terrible in case I’d hurt an animal, so to not even feel bad when you’ve hit and killed someone’s pet cat is really shocking. What a jerk! 😦

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  21. I’m so sorry about your cat. I agree that the way your neighbor acted was horrible—it’s one thing to accidentally hit an animal in the road, but to laugh about it? Especially when you can see that someone is very upset about losing their pet. This is heartless! I’m glad that you still have the kittens to remember her by!

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