Review: Highly Illogical Behaviour // Fun Way to Deal with Tough Issues!

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RATING : 4 Stars

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I was nervous to read this book for two reasons, 1) I wasn’t sure about books in which the character try to fix the others, it doesn’t usually go well and 2) I was wary of love triangle. Highly Illogical Behaviour turned out to be a surprisingly light and funny book that deals with tough subject ♥

This book is about Solomon Reed, a sweet, funny, and likable nerd who suffers from agoraphobia and hasn’t left the house since his public breakdown three years ago. First thing first, this a very realistic portrayal of anxiety disorder itself. The symptoms are also accurate and I am pleased to see how Whaley described the panic attack and its varying causes. I am also pleased to see the fact that Sol is aware of his condition and knows what to do when things go out of hand. He doesn’t want to be cured because he’s accepted his limitation, not because he’s delusional and thinks he doesn’t need help.

Enter Lisa Praytor, a senior who tries to “fix” Sol as her ticket to get into this second best psychology program in the country. I have to admit, Lisa was sort of a jerk. You don’t fix someone with mental illness, especially when you’re just a high school student. I mean, I know it’s part of the story and everyone acknowledged the fact that she was being a jerk, including herself. But still. She only ever took one psychology class and want to fix someone? I have a bachelor’s degree in psychology and 4-years worth of psychological knowledge and I’m still not qualified to even make a diagnosis. This makes me mad (!!!)

However, it was heartwarming to see Lisa developed a genuine friendship with Sol. And despite of other things I dislike about her, I admire her ambition, bravery, and honesty. I am also pleased with her character development. She went from a self-centered, over-confident person to someone who could admit her mistake and able to see things differently 🙂

There’s also Lisa’s boyfriend, Clark, whom I thought would be a typical jock but turned out to be a really sweet and geeky guy ♥ He’s like the nicest guy ever, the boy next door! He loves a lot of nerd stuffs and instantly became friends with Sol in which he actually cares about him to the point that Lisa suspected he was gay and had a thing for Sol.

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This book puts an emphasis on friendship and I really admire it. What started as a means-to-an-end transformed to be a genuine and easy friendship that benefits all of them. Clark found a friend in which he could truly be himself, Lisa started seeing things differently, and Sol found the thing he thought he would never need anymore. Their jokes + banter + all the nerd stuffs = WON MY HEART! ♥

Another thing I loved most from this book is Sol’s family. Solomon’s parents and grandma are possibly one of the most supportive family I’ve ever encountered in YA. They know Sol has issues and they do want him to get better, to get out of the house and have a normal life, but they also know how to accept things and support him either way. That’s so realistic! Also, Sol’s grandma rocks. I’m not sure if that’s even realistic, I mean, I know some people with really cool parents, but cool grandma? Never heard of it. But if it’s real, I’d love to get one for myself 😛

The writing was easy to read and the pace was pretty fast. A little too fast, in my opinion, because I wasn’t expecting Sol to get along with Lisa so quickly. For someone who hadn’t talked to anyone but his family in 3 years, Sol was very fast to befriend Lisa. I expected it to be awkward and difficult. There are also a couple things unresolved at the end, which is okay because I’ve come to appreciate realistic open ending ♣

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ALL IN ALL, Highly Illogical Behavior successfully pleased me by dealing with tough issues in a light way. It’s fun, it’s fast, and it’s also emotional ♥ Despite its summary, Whaley showed us that mental illness doesn’t always need to be cured and sometimes the best way to deal with it is just to let it be 🙂


Have you read Highly Illogical Behaviour? What do you think about it? 😀 ANYWAY, I’ve been binge-ing a lot of books dealing with mental illness and I need more recommendations! ♦♦♦

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28 thoughts on “Review: Highly Illogical Behaviour // Fun Way to Deal with Tough Issues!

  1. This has been on my TBR since it came out, I’m hoping to read it over xmas. All the reviews have just been so positive and I can’t wait to read it and hopefully love it too 😀 Great review definitely need to bump this up so I read it faster 🙂

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  2. This was a really great review to read! I’m glad to hear that Sol’s anxiety was portrayed honestly. It’s not something I see often portrayed very truthfully (although I don’t read a lot of contemporary so I’m not the best judge). I’m still a little uncomfortable that the idea of being ‘fixed’ is something this book addresses so I’m not sure I’ll read it, but from the sounds of it, the writer was trying to say that mental illness isn’t something you fix but something you deal with, which I think is an important message that stories don’t always get.

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  3. I have it on my TBR since so long, I want to READ A LOT OF OTHER BOOKS TOO, but my horrible slump is the worst. great REVIEW! I LOVE FRIENDSHIPS IN YA since I think romance is always the main thing. AHH also I love your photos, they are so beautiful ❤

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  4. Great review, Puput! I’m glad you liked this book – I really enjoyed it myself and thought the characters are absolutely adorable and root-worthy. I love Sol, Clark and Lisa, though Lisa did take a while to grow on me. For me the ending was a bit too abrupt, but the writing style and snarky humour really made the book for me. ❤

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  5. This sounds amazing! I love that fact that the story resolved with the idea that mental illness didn’t need a cure so long as happiness could be found. Such a nice review. I will definitely be checking this one out!

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  7. As someone who suffers from agoraphobia I was really nervous about this book because i know MI isn’t always represented that well, but I’ve heard from several people (and now you!) that it is. So that makes me suuuuper happy to hear. I love the idea of the ending too. I definitely need to get to this one soon. Great review, Puput ♥

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    • Oohhh I didn’t know that about you 😦 I mean, I know about the social anxiety but I don’t know what kind specifically 🙂 it’s my biggest worry too, especially when authors start incorporating love in it, but I think this one is pretty accurate and just plainly awesome! Thank you Lauren, hope you get to read it soon ❤


  8. I loved this book when I read it a little while ago! I loved the portrayal of anxiety attacks, it was realistic and raw without making it into something to be pitied. I agree with you about Lisa, she was pretty jerk-ish, but I also think she was hilarious, and she was doing good things for wrong reasons. The almost-love-triangle-y kind of thing that went on was something I was worried about going into it too but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be at first. I posted a review of this myself, we both gave it the same rating.

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    • Me too! I think it was honest and YES, it didn’t make me pity Sol! Which is a great point I guess because people don’t like being pitied, do they? Yeahh she probably just being over confident, but still, thankfully her character development is awesome! 😀 Going to check your review after this!


  9. Yay! I’m so glad you liked this book. I personally love Highly Illogical Behaviour – I thought it was such a realistic and downtoearth portrayal of agoraphobia. I loved the characters too, and I felt really anxious with Lisa wanting to ‘fix’ Sol, but I think the author handled that aspect really well. 🙂

    Are you still reading books about mental illness? Because I have some recs if you are! If not, that’s completely okay too!

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