My Brownish Makeup Collections

Brownish makeup collections

I’m nowhere near a photography expert but every time I see some color coordinated objects, I have this big urge to take pictures! Last week I was tidying my makeup products when saw these lovely brown stuffs. So I just took pictures and now I’m gonna rave about some of them ♥

Brown makeup (3)


I don’t regularly wear eye shadow but I love them nonetheless. I don’t like colorful eye shadows, wearing them makes me feel like Effie Trinket from The Hunger Games, so I stick with nude colors. Here are some of my collections.

City Color Nudes Eye Shadow Palette

I love love love this product! This is one of my most favorite findings ♥ It has 12 nude colors ranging from the very light silver to almost black. It also has both matte and shimmer shadows so I could wear them any time. Some of the lighter colors aren’t too pigmented so I make sure to always wear eye shadow base (or concealer or any other cream-like stuffs) beforehand. Applying base also makes the color stays longer. But the best thing about this product is that it is so affordable! What a winner ♦

I got mine from TWL Cosmetics.

Emina Pop Rouge Pressed Eye Shadow

Emina is a local brand from Indonesia which provides makeup products for teenagers in affordable prices. There are several shades of this product. Considering the price, it is really really good! It’s quite pigmented but very shimmery, so I’m not a big fan since I’m more of a matte eye shadow kind of girl. I got mine from Sociolla.

Max Factor Colour Effect Mono Eyeshadow 

I got this babe for free after purchasing the primer and foundation . I got to choose which free product I want and I chose this because it was sooo pigmented when I tried it at the store. The weird thing is after I got home, it turned out to be not so pigmented. The color doesn’t pop so I have to apply it several times to get the desired result. Clearly not my favorite product, but the color is SO good!

Brown makeup (1)


I have two very thin eyebrows but I’m honestly not a fan of eyebrow products. I don’t wear them regularly. Weird, eh? These are two of my favorite products.

Wet n Wild Ultimate Brow Kit

This brow kit contains all the essentials to smooth, shape, and maintain perfect eyebrows. I love the packaging, so purse-friendly! It is also easy to use and I love the result. Mine is in Ash Brown. This is also very affordable (What can I say, I love them cheap). Also got mine from TWL Cosmetics.

NYX Auto Eyebrow Pencil

I like this a lot better then the first because it is A LOT simpler. I’m a lazy girl so most of the time, I avoid products that require too much work 😛 it’s also part of my daily makeup products.

Brown makeup (2)

City Color Be Matte Bronzer

I don’t actually need bronzer but I’m so curious with it. As a starter, I bought this (another) affordable product from City Color because it’s nothing to lose, isn’t it? I turned out loving it! The color is so strong and pigmented so you should really be careful when applying. I once used a too big brush and I ended up having a tanned and very brown face. Not a mistake I’d like to repeat. But this one’s great and I hereby declare City Color as one of my favorite makeup brand ♥

Have you tried any of these babes? If yes, what do you think about them? If you haven’t, which one would you like to try? Do you have your own obsession with color coordinated objects, or in this case, color coordinated makeup products? 😛

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