Coffee Toffee: The Perfect Place for Reading, Blogging, and Hanging Out

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“Happiness is a cup of coffee and a good book”

You may have noticed that I don’t usually do this kind of post… but hear me out first! A week ago, one of my close friend called and invited me to the opening of Coffee Toffee‘s newest outlet in Bogor. He works for the company so obviously, I was excited to come see for myself! 😀

The place is located around Cibadak, Tanah Sareal. It was pretty far from my neighborhood but I didn’t know many coffee place around there so I thought they picked a good location. Since they seem to be partner with POS Indonesia, the outlet building is joined with the post office. It’s also located on the main road so it’s super accessible

When I first stepped into the room, I was immediately greeted by the cool and calming vibes. The music was also equally calming and it was so COZY! There were several seats, indoors and outdoors, regular chairs and sofas. The lights were both bright and dim, depending on where you sit. I don’t usually hang out in a coffee shop, but as I was sitting there, I could actually imagine myself doing some reading and blogging there. It was so calming and quiet and it allows me to relax.

Pssst… there are plugs on every table and free internet connection. Bring your laptops! 😉

Because it is a coffee place, its specialty is obviously, coffee. They serve various kinds of coffee, the top 5 being several kinds of coffee from Indonesia. They are Toraja – Kalosi, Java – Mocha, Sumatera – Linthong, Sumatera – Gayo, and Bali – Batukaru. I asked my friend about their most recommended coffee aaaand here it is

Signature Coffee

I also got the honor of watching the process of brewing coffee.

I didn’t understand anything about coffee, let alone the process of brewing it, but it was kind of awesome to watch! Aside from traditional black coffee, they also serve various kinds of light coffee and other beverages such as shakes and punch. I order the caramel blend and it was delicious ♥

After that, my friend and I spent a couple hours there talking and catching up about everything, considering that we haven’t seen each other in a while. We did the talking over some foods and drinks which actually taste delicious! They also serve a wide range of food, starting from heavy meals like burger and chicken cordon blue to light meals and desert. Psst… they also serve traditional Indonesian desert! 😀

I also took the time to snap some flatlay shots for bookstagram #obviously 😛

MORE about this place :

  • Since they are partnered with POS Indonesia, the outlet has its own post shop inside where you can send mail, packages, money, and every other post related business. The good news? It’s OPEN until 2 in the morning! Much better than the regular office hour, isn’t it? 😉
  • They have big table for meetings that you can reserve beforehand.
  • Plugs on every table and free internet access! I know I already mentioned it above 😛
  • You can buy your own pack of coffee and store them under your name. That way, every time you visit the shop, you can ask the barista to use your own purchased coffee.
  • Affordable prices ♥

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7 thoughts on “Coffee Toffee: The Perfect Place for Reading, Blogging, and Hanging Out

  1. This looks aaaamazing and delicious.😍 I live in a town that has SO many coffee shops it’s almost ridiculous haha. (And all with free WiFi!) I haven’t actually ever done blogging/reading in one though, because I need 100% quiet or I get distracted. But I like the idea of blogging in a cafe!!! It just seems SO AESTHETICALLY PLEASING.😂 AHem. Excuse me.😂

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