My List of Disappointment : Books I Love LESS Than I Hoped I Would


Hello everyone! ♥

It’s been a while since the last time I did a Top Ten Tuesday but this week topic just basically called to me! It’s Ten Books I Loved Less/More Than I Thought I Would. I’ve read 21 books this year but only two of them are 5 stars. This month I haven’t even rated a book 5 stars

Being let down so often inspired me to make a list of books I loved less than I hoped I would. It was a coincidence that this week topic is similar. True story, I swear! 😛 But BEWARE, I’ll be dragging a lot of people’s favorites. It’s okay for you to be upset with my choice, it’s okay if you disagree and want to discuss it, but there’s no need to be angry or fight over favorite books, alright? 😉 Anyway, it’s definitely more than 10. Here you go!

(PS. all the title links will take you to my goodreads review while the full review links will take you to my blog review)


Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys

I’ve seen nothing but praise for this book so without a doubt, I bought it the first time I saw it in the bookstore. I was prepared to cry and be amazed but it turned out to be just an okay read for me! I hate one of the protagonist and his chapters were pointless. Though to be fair, it’s partly my fault because me + historical fiction = not best friends 😂 Full review.

Gemina by Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff

Now before you yell at me, let me start by saying I did not dislike this book! I’m only slightly disappointed! It was 4-stars so I still enjoyed it so much. Buuuut compared to Illuminae, this one fell short for me. I feel like I didn’t connect with the characters as well as I did in the first book. Not to mention that this one was so much more confusing, but less scary 😛 Full review.

What I Thought Was True by Huntley Fitzpatrick

I adored My Life Next Door so much because adorable romance + juicy family drama are my jam. I was so excited to read another book by Huntley Fitzpatrick but boy, I disliked this one so much

The Winner’s Kiss by Marie Rutkoski

Again, I didn’t dislike it. It just didn’t live up to my expectation. I loved The Winner’s Crime a lot it broke my heart to pieces, so obviously I expected the final book to blow me away. It didn’t. This was too technical, too much descriptions of war strategy and the mythology. And due to Kestrel’s condition, I felt like we were back to zero.


The Girl from Everywhere by Heidi Helig

The premise of this series sounds so promising. I mean, time travel, ship, maps, diverse characters, what’s not to love? Unfortunately, the execution was too all over the place. The main character lacks of personality, there was unnecessary love triangle with a boring 2nd love interest, and info dumping 😦 the good news is, the second book was better. It comes out in February 28. Full review.

The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon

Oh God, the disappointment of the year. I know a lot of you love this series, that’s why I picked it up in the first place. Sadly, I hated it. I tried, I’m sorry. I disliked Paige, I hate the romance, I didn’t understand the world building & all the fancy terms, and the only thing I liked was the Seven Seals. Safe to say I wouldn’t read the sequels. Full review.

The Sun is Also A Star by Nicola Yoon

I wasn’t so surprised to know I disliked this book. I’ve seen negative reviews from bloggers I trust and insta love is a red flag for me. But since a lot of people praised this book, I had a little hope that maaaaybe I’d love it. Well, I didn’t. I didn’t like the insta love, it was so unrealistic even if it didn’t feel like an insta love 😦 Full review.

By Your Side by Kasie West

No one feels more sad than I do to see this book on a disappointment list. I’m a die hard fan of Kasie West. I’ve read and loved all her books, except this one. The premise says locked in a library. I was so excited and Kasie’s writing gets better each book, so naturally I had high hopes for this one. It’s the worst of all her books. The characters have boring to basically no personality and the romance was cold. I really wish her next book will be better.


Holding Up the Universe by Jennifer Niven

It’s basically the same case as Gemina and The Winner’s Kiss. I still liked it but less than I hoped I would. I enjoyed All the Bright Places so much and this one fell flat compared to it. It’s less emotional and honestly, kind of boring. Sorry! But I’ll still read anything Jennifer Niven writes ♥ Full review.

Vassa in the Night by Sarah Porter

Remember when I said The Bone Season was the disappointment of the year a few paragraphs ago? Well, I lied. This one is. It’s my first 1-star rating in a long time. I had high hopes for this book because Russian fairy tale? Count me in. Sadly there was so many plot holes, but not enough Russian vibes. There’s basically no world building and the plot was just as vague. I wanted to DNF it so much, and I wish I had. Full review.

Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour by Morgan Matson

Now I feel a bit scared for putting this book on my list because every single person I know who reads this book, loves it. I had no idea why. It was boring and there was no chemistry between Amy and Roger. And to be honest, I didn’t connect with Amy at all. No, I disliked her. I… you know, I’ll just move on to next book before you all get mad at me 😛

The Star-Touched Queen by Roshani Chokshi

I was so intrigued by this book because the premise + cover = to die for, not to mention a lot of bloggers seemed to love it. However, I feel like this book was a ball of beautiful prose with no actual plot nor character development. I’m sorry but Maya was such a weak protagonist. The romance between her and Amar was also so insta-lovey, even if I knew they go way back. I’m still gonna read A Crown of Wished though, because I’m sure Gauri would be a more interesting main character. Full review.


Well, I feel like this list has turned into a rant and my tone is getting more and more bitter. Not my intention, but kind of inevitable when talking about books I dislike 😛 to brighten up the mood, here are some books that I love MORE than I expected! It’s my good surprise list ♥


The Crown’s Game • I’ll Meet You There • Six of Crows • Illuminae


Alright everyone, those are 12 books I loved LESS than I hoped I would (plus 4 books I loved more than I expected). Do you see any of your favorites on the list? Or do you not like them as well? What books do you love less than you expected? Don’t forget to link me to your TTT so I could check it out! ♥

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58 thoughts on “My List of Disappointment : Books I Love LESS Than I Hoped I Would

  1. YESS to By Your Side and Star Touched Queen.I don’t read YA Contemporary a lot but after hearing the praise about Kasie West books,I tried this.But this was too bland and unoriginal for me and I dropped STQ two times and it’s still on my currently reading shelf 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ohh so you still haven’t finished TSTQ? Hahaha it was difficult for me to go through too, I think I skimmed read the last few chapters hahaha 😂 I hope you don’t lose faith in Kasie West’s writing! She’s honestly my favorite auto buy author hahaha but By Your Side was definitely a let down 😦

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I have to (kind of) agree with you on Salt to the Sea. I’m a huge fan of Ruta Sepetys and while I still liked the book, it wasn’t as good as I was expecting. It’s definitely the weakest out of her three novels, in my opinion.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Nahhh for me it was because I simply didn’t like the book 😂 hmm I don’t know, if you’re into over fancy world building & romance between a teenage girl and ancient being (not to mention her master) then you’ll probably enjoy The Bone Season hahaha also it’s better going into By Your Side with as little expectation as possible 😛


  3. I actually haven’t read any of these yet. I’ve heard that a lot of people felt let down by Kasie West’s By Your Side. I haven’t gotten a chance to read anything from her yet, but I recently picked up The Fill-In Boyfriend so hopefully I can change that soon. I do have a few of the others on my TBR list tho! We’ll have to see how it goes, I guess. lol Great list! Hope you have a great week

    Liked by 1 person

    • By Your Side was her weakest book to date so yeahhh it was disappointing 😂😂 I like The Fill In Boyfriend but my favorite Kasie West’s book would be PS I Like You, with Split Second next in line 😛 anyway I hope you enjoy it and have a great week too ❤


  4. Have to agree with Holding Up The Universe. I had such high hopes for it because All The Bright Places literally took my breathe away. I just felt like she was trying to cram too much into one novel and it just fell flat.
    But like you said; I’ll still read anything she writes 💕

    Liked by 1 person

  5. So sorry Vassa was a big miss for you. It seems a lot of readers did not connect with it. It was a big win for me. I think I am odd like that. I fell in love with it after reading the original Russian Folklore. The rest of these I have yet to tackle. I may avoid some haha.

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  6. Wow, I’ve seen The Crown’s Game on the disappointment side of at least 5 different Top Ten lists today, so it’s cool to see you liked it more than you expected! I have to agree with you on Vassa and TSTQ – they just didn’t roll with me and fell flat a lot quicker than I thought they would. I just received By Your Side in the latest Uppercase Box, I’m sad to hear it’s her worst book! I’m still going to give it a shot because I’ve read nothing else by Kasie West, but hopefully it doesn’t ruin my opinion of her. Great list this week!
    My TTT


    • Ahahaha I noticed! I think I enjoyed it more because I was prepared to dislike it! I’ve seen so many negative reviews of it before I started reading so I went in with very little expectation but it turned out I really enjoyed it 😛 aww I hope you enjoy By Your Side and even if you don’t, I hope it won’t turn you away from other Kasie West’s books ❤

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  7. I wholeheartedly agree with you regarding liking Six of Crows and Illuminae more than expected. Those two made my list too! 😀 I haven’t actually read any of the ones that let you down a bit — kind of sad to see Gemina up there, but I’m not surprised after the remarkably high standard set by Illuminae. Great list!

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  8. By Your Side made my disappointment list as well! Which is indeed such a pity, because I loved every other Kasie West book I read. I still loved it, but it’s like you said, the characters have basically no personality. And to be honest, the whole ‘trapped-in-a-library’ plot was way less awesome than my mind made it up to be 🙂 I haven’t read The Sun Is Also A Star yet, but I’m also wary about the insta-love… Maybe I’ll still pick it up someday though, who knows…

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Salt to the Sea will be a required read for me next school year, so I’ll be interested to see how my thoughts compare with yours when I finish it! Holding Up the Universe and The Sun is Also a Star are on my TBR as well.

    YES, SOMEONE TO BE MY CO-BLACK-SHEEP ON THE GIRL FROM EVERYWHERE. I was expecting incredibleness, and, while I did enjoy the writing and the concept, I found many parts to be confusing and cheesy. I still enjoyed it, but it wasn’t the book of the century that plenty seemed to think it was.

    Six of Crows is one of the books I liked less than I thought I would (sorry!), as well as The Raven Boys and Game of Thrones. Awesome lists!

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ohh really? That’s awesome haha I think it’s suitable for educational read, considering it’s based on history. Hope you enjoy it more than I did 😀 OH YES! I thought I was the only person who don’t like the girl from everywhere :’) noooo to be fair hahaha I had low expectation for SoC so it was fun to see it turned out amazing 😛 same with The Raven Boys! I was expecting more from it


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  11. I agree/disagree with a few of these. One that stands out is Vass in the Night. I WANTED TO DNF IT SO BAD TOO. But I had an arc so I felt like I couldn’t lol It was just too weird. And yes, there wasn’t enough Russian vibes, at all! Fun post 🙂

    Molly @ Molly’s Book Nook

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  13. I’m sad that you didn’t love The Winner’s Kiss as much as you wanted to. And Amy & Roger! 😦 I adore that book. We can’t all love everything. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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